AP “interview” with Belcher’s mother doesn’t add much

Getty Images

Other than the 911 call that she placed after her son shot Kasandra Perkins nine times, Cheryl Shepherd hasn’t spoken.

She has now, to the Associated Press.  But the tweet and the headline from the AP write a check the “interview” doesn’t cash.

Though it technically counts as talking, Shepherd didn’t say much.  She told the AP she had a “beautiful relationship” with Kasandra Perkins, that Shepherd hasn’t been eating or sleeping much since the incident, that she has been working on funeral arrangements for her son, and that the three-month-old baby girl who has been orphaned is doing “fine.”

While it’s more than nothing, it’s not really an interview in the classic sense.  It’s a brief, perfunctory exchange that doesn’t advance the ball.

And it probably would have been more prudent to let Cheryl Shepherd complete her mourning before even trying to talk to her about the horror that she witnessed and the profound grief she is now experiencing.