Browner concluded he couldn’t win appeal


With Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman fighting his four-game suspension for violation of the league’s policy against steroids and related substances, the team’s other starter at the position has opted to take his medicine for allegedly taking medicine that he shouldn’t have taken.  Allegedly.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Brandon Browner decided that he couldn’t win the appeal, given the procedures to which the league and the NFLPA have agreed regarding drug testing.  Despite concerns regarding the collection process, the rules that apply to internal appeals make it difficult if not impossible to prevail.

So even if Browner didn’t knowingly or unknowingly ingest a substance contain amphetamines — or even if he didn’t actually consume a substance containing amphetamines — he produced a sample that generated a positive result for amphetamines.  Even if it was a false positive or a bad sample or any other irregularity, Browner will miss four games, eventually.

Of course, it would have been somewhat cheaper for Browner to fight.  With a base salary of $465,000, he’ll lose $27,352 per week for each of the final four games of the 2012 regular season.  Sherman, who earns the same base salary, will lose only $20,000 if he misses a wild-card game — and only $22,000 if he misses the division round.

If any of Sherman’s suspension extends into 2013, when Browner and Sherman will each be earning $555,000 in base pay, the suspension will cost $32,647 per week.

The other reality is that, with Browner’s suspension starting now, he’ll be back for the first playoff game.  Sherman, barring an unlikely victory on appeal, will miss at least one playoff game.  But the good news is that the team won’t be without both players for any postseason game.

And it would be naive to think that the team had no role in suggesting this approach or encouraging it.  Without both starting corners, the Seahawks’ chances of winning their first playoff game would have been significantly lower.

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  1. His career has been a good story. I have a feeling he’ll make that money back no problem with his next contract. And this is coming from a Niner fan.

  2. That is not good news that the team will be with at least 1 of their corners. The testing committee found them (soon) to be guilty. Why are they bending over backwards to make it “easier” on the Seahawks? Not because of competition, but because of MONEY. The best way to wrap up the Seahawks illegitimate season is to ban the cheats when it hurts.

  3. The Seahawks will be alright. They play mostly bad passing attacks when Browner/(Sherm if he loses, which is fairly likely I guess) will be out and Pete Carroll’s defensive schemes don’t revolve around the corner position.

    Walter Thurmond III played well last year before a gruesome injury, and has been brought back slowly from the injury and should be ready to go.

  4. what’s the point of having an appeal process if it’s virtually impossible to win or make any ground? Sounds to me like you’re guilty until proven guilty. Not saying these guys are innocent, but what happens in a case where there is a mistake, and yet it’s basically impossible to reverse the decision?

  5. So funny …… goooo pete carol when he gets done with seattle they wont be able to go to a superbowl or have any draft pics lol!!!! not that they will go anytime soon anyway !!!cause the 49ers owns them….and harbaugh love whipping up on carol lol

  6. Players shouldn’t be given a financial incentive to miss playoff games. Further, the financial penalty shouldn’t be dependent on whether it’s a playoff game or not. This doesn’t seem like a difficult problem to solve.

    The Seahawks don’t need Sherman and Browner to make the playoffs. But without Sherman for the first two playoff games, it’s likely he’s done for the year once his suspension starts.

    Presumably, he’s being encouraged to take his suspension now–there’s still time for him to follow Browner’s lead. I know it’s more costly to Sherman this way, but I don’t think you should ever take a playoff appearance for granted.

    Lastly, cut the crap out. Very disappointing, and totally unnecessary. It’s Seattle for crying out loud–have a triple-espresso and call it good.

  7. Sherman, who earns the same base salary, will lose only $20,000 if he misses a wild-card game — and only $22,000 if he misses the division round.
    If only if I made that amount of money weekly…

  8. how poor/well the seahawks play without them could be a good bargaining chip for either side come contract talk time. both players are underpaid for their services

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sherman does the same thing tomorrow! I’m pretty sure the Seahawks staff has investigated themselves what may or may not happen & must likely gave Browner some advice so he’d be five with everything, in time for the playoffs or week one next year. Browners is a beast!

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  10. Joey49er you sound like a 13 year old whos in love with Harbaugh and obsessed with Pete Carroll like every other 40whiners fan. When the Seahawks do beat the 40whiners, we won’t pull a Harbaugh and whine about “playing to physical”. What a fkn baby!!

  11. Dwight Hicks of the 49ers used cocaine…the 49ers signed Hollywood Henderson but he took drugs and committed sexual assault…Jeremiah Masoli and marijuana…Wesley Walls and steroids and human growth hormones…the 49ers have had drug problems for decades but nobody calls them cheaters. Some of those guys are from Bill Wals’s era but he’s not a cheater. Players make dumb mistakes.

  12. Lastly, cut the crap out. Very disappointing, and totally unnecessary. It’s Seattle for crying out loud–have a triple-espresso and call it good.
    I’m not sure what “it’s Seattle for crying out loud” means? As if they suck? And how original! A coffee joke! Yes because everyone in Seattle drinks coffee.. ? Maybe we should start referring people from Dallas’s as “potato chip eating” people since Frito-lay is based there.

  13. This guy is a cheater!! and why appeal when u know ur guilty,guilty,guilty,guilty!!!!!! carols probaly giving the drugs to him the hes a cheater too!!

  14. Anyone all up in arms about this better hope the league never gets its wish and starts testing for Human Growth Hormone, because it’s highly likely your favorite 260 lb LB or TE who runs a 4.4 40 is going to wind up missing some time.

    And we’ve all seen how much integrity the NFL suspension process has in the bountygate investigation. Put it in front of a real court, it’s tossed out in a matter of minutes.

  15. joey49er says: Dec 5, 2012 8:47 PM

    .and harbaugh love whipping up on carol lol


    I guess a whupping in your house is winning by 1 score. Next up Century Link field without one of our starting corners or maybe both, I still see it being a battle with Hawks having the edge in a close one.Division rivals usually play solid games but 49er fans quick to forget they were punching bags for the NFC West nearly a decade. Selective memory I guess.

  16. Hope Sherman has a case……….Legitimate case and one that has a chance of proving him innocent. If not much of a chance, he should do the right thing and accept the standard punishment as soon as possible so that the Hawks can have the best chance of succeeding in the playoffs…….assuming they make it…….

    I further hope they don’t ingest any banned substances in the future… fact; I hope the rest of the team learns from this as well…….

    Go Hawks!

  17. If the allegations the Team got involved, else would expect from a bunch coached by the likes of Cheat Carroll?

  18. This is so funny to me! Over and over, I didn’t do it. Then sure enough, after they play the bears he confesses. Next four games are easy opponent (minus San Fran)….sounds fishy.

  19. If the seahawks planned it, why not have both of them start the suspension now–they’re far more likely to beat the cardinals with neither corner than to win a playoff game with Sherman out.

  20. I don’t keep up with the Seahawks so I probably have no business saying this, but Browner seems like such a better person than his counterpart. Sherman is a douche.

  21. Looks like Sherman and Browner had simultaneous possession of a stash of Adderall (or horse roids and they don’t want to admit it).

  22. I hope every single Seahawk is healthy when the Packers and their injury riddled roster beats them in the playoffs for the second time this season.

  23. As a Niner fan, I’d much rather Sherman and Browner were playing when the Niners go to Seattle. Because now, if the Niners win up there, the excuses will rain down like non-stop Seattle drizzle.

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