Cal receiver Keenan Allen enters NFL draft


Cal’s Keenan Allen, a junior who has a chance to be the first receiver selected in next year’s NFL draft, has made it official: He’s going pro.

Allen confirmed today through the school what has been widely expected, that he is skipping his senior season and entering the 2013 draft. Allen probably would have gone to the NFL anyway, but when Cal fired coach Jeff Tedford, it virtually guaranteed Allen would leave. (Cal reportedly hired Louisiana Tech’s Sonny Dykes as its next head coach today.)

“I have always dreamed of having an opportunity to play in the NFL, and my time at Cal has helped me get to the point in my career where I believe I am ready to take that next step,” Allen said. “I am thankful for my experience at Cal and am excited about what the future holds.”

This year’s crop of senior wide receivers is considered relatively weak, but Allen and Tennessee’s Justin Hunter are the two juniors who look like first-round picks. Hunter has so far declined to say whether he’ll enter the draft, but he is expected to. (The two most talented receivers in college football, USC’s Marqise Lee and Clemson’s Sammy Watkins, are both true sophomores who won’t be eligible for the NFL draft until 2014.)

The 6-foot-3, 210-pound Allen is Cal’s all-time leader with 205 catches and is third in school history with 2,570 receiving yards and seventh with 17 touchdown catches.

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  1. Maybe when it comes to these college guys you could also list their major and if they graduated.

    It may seem completely irrelevant, but I know if I was a coach, if I had two prospects of equal or near equal talent to choose from I’ll choose the engineering graduate over the film studies non-grad every day. One shows intelligence, commitment, willingness to put in the hard work and possession of self-discipline.

    While the other guy shows a lot fewer of those ‘intangibles’.

    Besides, what fan doesn’t want to know about the guy his team is looking at and those they ultimately draft.

  2. Too bad there’s not a 3-and-done rule in basketball. I love how football doesn’t allow Freshmen to declare for the draft.

  3. Stevenfbrackett, what an idiotic comment. I do agree that the student that gets a degree is smart in the long run because he’s 1.) taken advantage of a free education and 2.) set himself up for a job outside of football should his career not pan out in the league. As far as the part about someone taking the easy road. Lets think about where some of these athletes come from and why they’d choose something in which they can remain eligible and leap to the league as soon as they can. Not everyone comes from a good background and some of these athletes have been blessed enough to be given enough athletic ability to make millions of dollars and help provide for their families. At the end of the day, that could be the reason they take easy classes to remain eligible.

  4. Pretty sure Allen single handedly facilitated Tedford’s firing, I mean his salary and wins wasn’t a very nice ratio, but Allen dragging in his half brother Maynard didn’t help the case. If Cal had a true QB, or a starting caliber college QB, Allen could have easily made a case as a top 10 pick. For any team drafting his guy, he’s basically a bigger slower Desean, a complete headcase. Allen = cancer.

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