DeAngelo Hall on crutches, says he’ll play Sunday


The Redskins secondary will be without cornerback Cedric Griffin for the final four games of the season after he was suspended for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing substances.

Given that blow to the team’s depth on the corner and the importance of the remaining games to the team’s chances of making the playoffs, the last thing they need is an injury to another player at the position. That makes the sight of DeAngelo Hall on crutches a concerning one for the team.

Hall was using crutches when he joined 106.7 The Fan for an interview on Tuesday — host Chad Dukes provided a picture — after hurting his ankle against the Giants on Monday night. Hall tried to put any concern to rest by saying that he plans to play against the Ravens this week, which helps explain coach Mike Shanahan saying Tuesday that the team suffered no serious injuries in the contest while Hall was hobbling around on crutches.

The Redskins will need him to be on the field and as close to full strength as possible because Jerome Murphy, Richard Crawford and D.J. Johnson represent the extent of their other cornerback options at present. One could be thrust into Griffin’s nickel role if the Redskins don’t sign another option and the Redskins would surely prefer not to dig any deeper into the depth chart.

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  1. Looks like the Skins will have to bring CB Buddy Jackson off the practice squad to replace Ced. I don’t care what anyone says about D Hall, the man has heart and plays his heart out and a VT product too. Hail!

  2. You’re right; he does have heart. The problem is that he’s not the brightest pickle in the barrel.

  3. Imagine how much BS we would get to endure from logical IF the skins ever got to a WINNING record???

    I really enjoy the laugh every morning though. It’s like the class clown that everyone knows is a joke except the clown himself. Haha

  4. I’m curious about those who are bashing D Hall. Do you know the guy? Have you even met the guy? Well I have, not only during the off-season workouts, but I’ve also had two conversations with the guy. Not only is he one of the last guys out there signing autographs at the OTAs but he gladly talks to his and the Redskins fans. He’s actually a really nice and humble guy, nomatter how the media portrays him. So people stop thinking that the picture the media paints of him is actually the guy he is. And until you actually have met him or know him stop bashing the guy. How can you talk crap about someone you don’t even know? Not to mention you guys couldn’t even carry his jock strap.

  5. The Cedric Griffin suspension is NOT good. He was becoming a nice part of a resurgence in the defense. Now Hall on crutches? I can only hope this is a ploy by Shanny and Hall for the Baltimore game.

  6. True, D Hall is a bit of a hot head between the lines, but he gives the team a lot, so I’ll live with the boneheaded penalties once in a while.

    His attitude fires up the team (on both sides of the ball), something the ‘Skins desperately need (RGIII hasn’t taken on the leader’s mojo just yet)

    He’s a solid B+ grade corner in a league w/ few A’s, and he takes time to teach and communicate w/ the younger secondary guys. He’s a class act off the field

    I hope he stays a Skin for the rest of his career.

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