Dockett apologizes to Rhodes, confirms reason for argument


On Sunday, an on-field incident occurred between Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett and Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes.

On Monday night, we reported that the Cardinals planned to let the Jets score late while leading 7-6 and driving toward the Arizona end zone, in the hopes that the Cardinals would then force overtime via a touchdown and a two-point conversion.  We also reported that Dockett objected to the plan.  Strenuously.  We further reported that Dockett eventually may his point by spraying it, not saying it, spitting in the face of Rhodes.

According to the Associated Press, Dockett said Wednesday that he has apologized to Rhodes for a “very heated argument” sparked by the plan to let the Jets score.

“It’s something that I don’t believe in, something that I didn’t understand,” Dockett said.  “It was frustrating at the time.  At the end of the day, I am never, never going to lay down and quit.  I’ve been playing football for over 20 years.  I’ve given this organization, I’ve given Florida State, I’ve given my high school everything I’ve got.  I love the game.  I play with passion and I’ll never quit.”

He’ll never quit, but he’ll apparently spit.

It’s unclear whether Dockett addressed the spitting allegation.  Rhodes has denied it, in an email sent by a franchise that as we understand it is trying hard to keep a lid on this one.

Our source insists that the spitting happened.  And, really, if Dockett did something for which he had to apologize and for which he reportedly will be disciplined and none of the various FOX cameras picked up any pushing or shoving or punching or kicking, the only reasonable explanation is that Dockett spat/spit/whatever.

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  1. It’s not about quitting, it’s about playing with strategy Darnell. Some guys in baseball hit sac flies or bunt in order to help the team win. The name of the game is the team’s interest, not individual stats. If you only need a single to win the game then go for a single and don’t swing for HR just because that’s the best thing you can always individually do with any single at bat.

    It’s part of the strategy of the sport to give yourself up in strategic situations. In chess you sometimes surrender your queen for positioning to make a kill shot. It’s about understanding the rules of the game and it would be nice if there were points scored for always making a great tackle, but that’s not how this game works. Sometimes clock or possession is worth more than TD prevention stats.

    So don’t quit on the team by going against the grain of how this stuff works. And you chose to quit by trying to accomplish an individual goal that conflicts with the team’s goal. That’s not professional or acceptable to the fans, your teammates, your coaches, or your employer. ONLY TO YOU!

  2. Dude come to the 49ers !!!and u will win!! look who we have willis,bowman,aldon,justin,whitner,goldson…
    we have winners who will fight with u in the trenches,,,

  3. Dockett did earn himself the nickname “Fartbox”, maybe the offensive emanation came from the other end.

  4. The Cardinals quit the minute Whisenhunt decided to play Lindley over Skelton in that Atlanta Falcon game.

    Sorry. Someone has to say it.

  5. Darnell Dockett is a tool ; always been , always will be . I remember when he leaned on Hasselbeck’s throat with his forearm . The guy is a dirty player and doesn’t care about anything besides his stats . Spit in your own teammate’s face ? What a jerk .

  6. I’m sorry, but if a man spits in my face he could no longer come in my presence anymore, and I don’t think I’m some tough guy or bad ass. I don’t care how “emotional and heated” the situation was, spitting in someone’s face in the lowest form of disrespect that you can show them in my opinion.

  7. Bull frog on both counts.

    A touchdown and a 2 point conversion for a QB who
    couldn’t lead his team past two FG’s? Dockett knew better #1, and he wasn’t a quitter #2.

    The decision to “lay down on the play” was wrong and Dockett knew it. I applaud his loyalty to the team.

    The “spitting”? Players wears mouthpieces; if you engage in a loud conversation spitting around the mouthpiece occurs by nature.

    Show me a video clip showing Docket reached into his facemask to remove the mouthpiece to aim spit at Rhodes and I’ll change my opinion.

    You can’t aim spit around a mouthpiece.

  8. im sure if it was Suh spitting in someones face there wouldnt be this many thumbs down on comments sayin dockett is a dirtbag for this move……………………………………

  9. “Never lay down”?… He’s been playing football all his life and doesn’t understand what the coaching staff was trying to do to get the ball back with time left. Perhaps watch last years a Super Bowl to understand championship football strategy. Fool.

  10. The Cardinals quit the minute Whisenhunt decided to play Lindley over Skelton in that Atlanta Falcon game.

    Sorry. Someone has to say it.

    If it wasn’t for the fumble TD Arizona would of beat the Falcons
    And even with the loss they showed how a great D can make Ryan look
    Like a 3rd stringer

    Sorry some1 had to say it tard

  11. kingpel says: Dec 5, 2012 9:44 PM

    The Cardinals quit the minute Whisenhunt decided to play Lindley over Skelton in that Atlanta Falcon game.

    Sorry. Someone has to say it.

    Been saying it since the minute Whiz yanked Skelton out for missing Larry on that TD pass. For them to start Lindley against an aggressive defense like the Rams, and AGAIN against the one unit on the Jets that is watchable — their defense — showed he was tanking.

    I’ve also said that Dockett has lost more this year than he ever did at Florida State (Noles fan here) and to see a team constantly tank and waste all these great players’ prime years, including himself, has to push you to your breaking point. Everyone has that point. This nonsense with Lindley is enough to make anyone do uncharacteristic things.

  12. Let’s see, named party to the incident says it didn’t happen. Anonymous party not part of the incident claims it happened. Anyone with a year of high school journalism knows what to report but lets stick with the most sensational story.

  13. I think the real story is that the Cardinals called a lay down on defense and the Jets STILL didn’t score.

  14. Re: “It’s the Cardinals. Who the hell cares?”
    A: It’s news and it’s relevant to football fans. If your QB can’t score you don’t give up points.

    Re: “Dockett figured out that the offense is terrible so I don’t blame him. It didn’t work anyway.”
    A: Ditto.

    Re: “Let’s see, named party to the incident says it didn’t happen. Anonymous party not part of the incident claims it happened.”
    A: Ditto. “Spittle” probably flew from the argument, but even Rhodes say Dockett didn’t spit on him.

    Spitting in face conclusion: Likely never happened, was sensationalized by media.

    Opinion: That coaching decision was as lame as benching Skelton then arrogantly refusing until this very day to put Skelton back in against the Seahawks. You don’t tell your team to lay down and let the other team score, it’s a “loser decision”.

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