Greenway should get super duper fined for asking fans to get “super duper drunk”

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As the Vikings prepare to host the Bears in a game that will go a long way toward determining whether they’ll have a domed stadium’s chance in a blizzard of making the playoffs, linebacker Chad Greenway has a request for the home team’s fans.

Hopefully, they’re super duper drunk,” Greenway said recently, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  “So drink liquor, not beer.”

Since the game begins at 12:00 p.m. CT, how can a fan get “super duper drunk”?

“I would say morning drinking,” Greenway said.  “Why not?  You could pull an all-nighter.  Then you’d have the drunk, tired guys who will really be obnoxious.”

Last year, Pats quarterback Tom Brady made similar but far less over-the-top remarks in the days before a late-afternoon kickoff against the Chargers.

“Yeah, start drinking early,” Brady said at the time.  “It’s a 4:15 game.  They have a lot of time to get lubed up, come out here and cheer for the home team.”

The Patriots promptly issued a statement with tongue clumsily planted in cheek, explaining that Brady “wants everyone to drink a lot of water, stay hydrated.”

Binge drinking remains a serious problem in our society, and the NFL continues to struggle with striking the balance between selling beer to fans while also ensuring that those fans don’t become sufficiently intoxicated to ruin another fan’s experience at the game or an innocent stranger’s life while driving home.  Public comments from players urging fans to get sloppy drunk become irresponsible in this context, especially since plenty of fans are young and male and more than happy to oblige the home team’s request for folks to be “super duper drunk.”

The league’s best response is simple.  Greenway should be super duper fined, and any player who makes similar remarks in the future should be treated the same way.

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  1. I long for the days when a pro athlete could crack a joke like this forcing a chuckle out of the media and the fans.

    But those days are apparently long gone…

  2. Chad is from South Dakota where we don’t have to mince words to please all of the “sensitive” people out there. Nothing wrong with day drinking!

  3. Because Greenway saying this convinced thousands of people to start binge drinking. It was a funny way of telling fans to show up loud for an important game. Not a big deal.

  4. It’s not like the nfl makes millions upon millions of $ from beer companies who do everything they can to convince us our life would be more exciting if we drank their beer. Maybe they can send his fine in a case of bud light. The guy was just joking; he just wants the fans to be loud for the game. I’m sure he doesn’t want 65,000 wasted people in the stands.

  5. Wasn’t there just a fan who was kicked out of a game for being intoxicated and then was found dead hours later?

    Maybe all the commenters who are spitting at this post should think twice…

  6. So, alcohol companies can basically say the same thing while pre facing their advertising with “please drink responsibly” and it’s fine because they spend billions in advertising dollars? Hypocrisy at its finest…

  7. Good move NFL. Next thing you know, he’ll be suggesting people take the over in the office pool. They need to fine him enough to send a message. Meaning more than the fine for a deliberate blow to the head, but less than the fine for wearing non-sponsored merchandise in a postgame interview.

  8. Fining the guy is a little heavy. However, I’ve stopped going to NFL games because of all the “super duper drunk” obnoxious dudes there. Also, from I have to pay less, I have a better view, and I can switch to a better game if the one I’m watching turns out to suck. No wonder teams are having trouble selling out.

  9. I have to get “super duper drunk” after the game in the closed confines of home after watching Ponder try to pass off as a QB the last couple of weeks.

  10. Somehow, I get the idea that if getting drunk or being drunk at the game were that big of a deal, the NFL wouldn’t allow beer sales at the games.

    Just sayin’

  11. Can’t say anything in this kindergarten country of ours without someone getting offended and whining about it. And as far as a fine goes..guess thats the soultion to everything huh? Because fines in the NFL are fixing everything. Just aske Ed Reed.

  12. Fine is a little out of hand..lawyers are so uptight.. that being said , drunk Viking fans would be ahorrible idea. They are already going to boo Ponder on his first incompletion and now you want them more fired up?

  13. packerfan1000 says:
    Dec 5, 2012 7:32 PM
    Wasn’t there just a fan who was kicked out of a game for being intoxicated and then was found dead hours later?

    Maybe all the commenters who are spitting at this post should think twice…

    Mmm…packerfan1000, correct me if I am wrong but no one made that guy get totally drunk and he didn’t have to try and find his way home either. It is sad what happened and his brother/or the person with him (don’t recall now) probably should have left the game as well just to make sure he made it home safely.

    This is exactly what is wrong with America. Greenway is just having some fun and joking…hell some teams are so bad (I should want to drink being a buccs fan but Choose not to) that is how they want to enjoy it. In America, it is still about the dollar and the owners and vendors don’t care because they get rich off everyone willing to pay for a product. Not that I agree with the excess prices or high costs, but people continue to show they are willing to pay so that is the cost. People need to grow up, take responsibility for their own choices and actions, quit relying on the government to fix everything and do it all for us, when they clearly can’t do anything for themselves besides lie, steal and further sink this once proud nation and yes, Quinn was right the other day. People need to get off the damn Facebook/Twitter/out of reality TV and unplug from the “Matrix” but that just won’t ever happen. Like sheep being led to the slaughter. Wake up people. More important things out there in this world and we need to let our loved ones know everyday that we are there for them and we care and we need to learn to lead and live our lives through love, not fear. Only then can things truly get better…but I digress…my $.02!

  14. Does anybody not notice the hypocrisy that is coming from BOTH the NFL and the fans?

    NFL: Of course we want fans to be controlled and respectful to help the experience of all in the stadium.

    …but be sure that beer from our sponsors that we make tons of money on..

    Fans: Hey man. Let us do what we want. If we want to drink and get drunk, then we can. It’s part of the experience of going to an NFL game right?

    …until a major incident happens that ends up hurting or killing someone. Then we’ll assume that was just an irresponsible idiot fan (that we’ll judge more harshly based on what team he roots for). We’ll dismiss it as an isolated incident and while complaining for better security and shaming those who get out of hand at events.

    …but don’t touch the beer.

  15. Thats what some people do believe it or not, after working all week and wanna kick back and relax, enjoy the game and escape for a while….

    Jeez louise, chill people.

  16. pastabelly says:
    Dec 5, 2012 7:32 PM
    Tom Brady once encouraged fans to get lubed up. Some uptight people got nuts over that.
    Really? Huh, I think I remember reading something about that before. Now, where was that…?

  17. Give me a break Mr. Moralist. Maybe you’ve heard of this thing that people have called a choice. You can scream get super drunk off the rooftops all day and night but at the end of the of it all, it’s still up to people to decide what they want to do. Also, and this may be the most important part, this game is payed for by Budweiser, Miller, Coors. You really think a guy should be FINED for telling people to drink when in between every possession there’s wall-to-wall beer commercials. Get your head out of the sand. Stupid editorial.

  18. If you ever watched the Vikings, its actually a reasonable request. To have to sit thru that mess for 4 hours stone cold sober is close to cruel and unusual punishment.

  19. I’ve been a teetotaler all my life but because of greenway’s comments I’m getting faced at the game and then going home to kick the dog.

  20. OH no, Greenway is suggesting that adults should drink alcohol a bit earlier than they already do.

    This is obviously quite criminal!

  21. This is the morality of the vikings:

    Encouraging the public to be substance abusers,

    insisting the public break the law regarding public intoxication; Sunday liquor laws,

    encouraging disrespect to ticket holders (viking customers).

    It is bad enough these corporate welfare hounds keep importing criminals into the state of Minnesota,

    now they want to corrupt what little morality exists in the community and their customers.

    Greenway’s immoral and antisocial remarks are disgusting.

  22. Better than LT telling everybody to do loud and getting super doper hyper and wigging out during the game.
    And love this, everyone drink some Budweiser this weekend!

  23. Since when is it the media’s business to determine and encourage money to be taken out of a man’s pocket for something the media members find irresponsible?

    I understand the media should report the story and have an opinion, but to me its crossing the line to propose a monetary fine of any size for trivial comments made by a player. In no way can it be proven that these comments will result in more drinking that will cause out of the ordinary criminal behavior.

  24. There are times when this blog reaches a little too far to find something to be offended by, and there are times when this blog enjoys its self righteousness a little bit too much.

    This is one of them.

  25. No he shouldn’t I’m not even a Viking fan, its ok to get “super duper drunk” just make sure your crew has a designated driver.

    I just don’t get why pro athletes make it seem so hard to get home with a safe ride.

  26. How long until a Bronco or Seahawk gets into trouble for urging fans to toke it up before a game?

    What I don’t get is this: Some people spend $100 for a ticket, then are so wasted even as they’re walking into the stadium, they aren’t going to remeber anything about the game.

    At home, or at Buffalo Wild Wings (which is within walking distance, so I don’t have to worry about driving), oh heck yes, beer me. At the stadium? No thanks. Live football IS The Drug. Nothing else is required.

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