John Harbaugh: Suggs can play through injury, Lewis practicing Wednesday

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When last we left Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, we were waiting to hear whether or not he got the go-ahead from doctors to try to play through the biceps tear he suffered in Sunday’s loss to the Steelers.

Coach John Harbaugh addressed that question at his meeting with the media on Wednesday and the answer is one that should make Ravens fans hoping to see Suggs on the field very happy. Harbaugh said that the injury is a partial tear that Suggs can play with in the coming weeks. He didn’t say that Suggs would be playing this week, but the fact that he could play is encouraging for the Baltimore defense. Suggs will meet with the media later on Wednesday.

That wasn’t the only news involving Ravens linebackers on Tuesday. Harbaugh also said that Ray Lewis will practice on Wednesday for the first time since he tore his triceps in October. Lewis was placed on injured reserve with the designation to return at the time and there’s been a lot of chatter out of Baltimore that he’ll be ready to make that return as soon as he’s eligible in Week 15.

The Ravens haven’t confirmed anything about Lewis’ return, but getting back on the practice field (which he’s been eligible to do for a week) is a big step in the right direction for the longtime Raven.

Suggs and Lewis have not been on the field for the same time for the Ravens this season.

44 responses to “John Harbaugh: Suggs can play through injury, Lewis practicing Wednesday

  1. Good luck with trying to reach and grab an RB or QB as they are running by. At some point you have to realize that the backup at 100% is better than your star player at 50%.

  2. I’m a big time Ravens fan. Always have been and always will. But there are too many problems on this team. i will still root for them , but I think Houston will be the team to beat. Go RAVENS.

  3. Not obviously clear that a not 100% Suggs with a now new injury is going to be better than a very capable back up or that a not in football shape 37 year old returning to the line up will do wonders. Ravens are cracking at the foundation down the stretch.

  4. Say what you want about the Ravens, and they are definitely one of the teams I despise most, but they have some tough dudes on that team. Can’t win with Flacco, but that’s another story. If this game was simply about a team of tough dudes that just shows up and plays, no matter what, they’d have won a lot more championships. Too bad for them it isn’t strictly a game for tough guys, anymore. It’s a finesse game now and that’s not a game, or a league, that the Ravens can win a championship in.

  5. With the ravens porous defense it won’t matter if they have Ray Lewis and Suggs back. Feed Rice the ball or its another choke season. Cam is defiantly done after this year..

  6. The speed of recovery for muscle injures (not just for Suggs and Lewis, but across the league) is way faster than it naturally should be. HGH or something else is in the mix for sure.

  7. Are they so short-handed on linebackers that they think somehow translates into a good thing? I’m pretty sure you need to be effective with both arms to get to the QB or at least be able to get both arms up to defend the pass. I know Suggs already has expressed regret over being mortal and getting old like everyone else but seriously don’t think the chip on his shoulder is worth more than getting as much help as possible to a struggling defense.

  8. Sizzle and Ray Ray, together again. Hey, Ratbird haters, don’t write us off just yet!! Methinks we’ll be around for a while.

  9. Are they doing what is best for them or the team?

    I saw Leftwich run away from Suggs, and as a pass rusher arm strength is just as important as your legs.

    If they make it back and contribute, modern medecine should do a study on these guys.

    Aaron Smith had the same injury in 2010, and 15 weeks later he could not make it back, and he worked hard to play in the Superbowl.

    Curious how they are doing it.

  10. Worse. I hope they keep putting their faith in Flacco. As long as they do, they will never win it all.

  11. Its not Suggs arms that are the problem. Its still his achilles. The guy can barely run out there. Next year he should be able to fully return to his old DPOY self.

  12. As a Raven fan I’ll have to say that the first thing coming to mind having two 1 armed linebackers isn’t deep playoff run.

    Hope they can both play, won’t be shocked if neither is effective. I almost wish the Ravens took some notes from the Eagles and started firing coordinators. Cam and Pees gone in the offseason will be phenomenal.

  13. “Ravens haters can say what they will, but there’s no way you can deny the passion of this team.”

    You’re right, I’ve never seen a WR whine and whinge and beg for a flag as much as Bolden does every single time he misses a catch he should have made (which is often). That takes true passion.

  14. Ravens have no answer except for bizzare luck – which ran out last Sunday. It has been demonstrated that Rice can and has been shut down (40 total yards 3 weeks ago) and Flacco always disappoints when the pressure is high. Now their defense is literally and biologically being torn apart – from the inside. Each of their remaining opponents should now go straight for their scrawny throats and squeeze unmercifully to expose and punish the worst 9 win team in football.

  15. Karlos Dansby has been playing with a torn bicep since week 6. He just didn’t get the media recognition. I’ve read it has made him slightly less physical in the running game but honestly he looks pretty damn good to me.

  16. On Monday night the world forgot Justin Tuck & Jason Pierre-Paul were even in the stadium. Alfred Morris will gain more yards rushing than Ray Rice this Sunday, even if Suggs plays.

  17. Why are we talking about a team that gave up 200 yards pass in the SECOND HALF to a 3rd string quarterback?

  18. jeffa43 says:Dec 5, 2012 1:21 PM

    If they make it back and contribute, modern medecine should do a study on these guys.

    Aaron Smith had the same injury in 2010, and 15 weeks later he could not make it back, and he worked hard to play in the Superbowl.

    Curious how they are doing it.
    Aaron Smith had a torn biceps TENDON. That is far worse than a torn bicep muscle. When the tendon tears there is nothing holding the bicep to the lower arm so you can’t lift anything or even turn your wrist.
    I have had both bicep tendons tear and each took over 12 weeks to heal.

  19. This is the result of using HGH to speed up his achilles recovery. Biceps just don’t tear off both of your arms. Look at the players with this injury and you can see performance enhancer written all over them (Orakpo and Landry to name a couple).

  20. “This is the result of using HGH to speed up his achilles recovery. Biceps just don’t tear off both of your arms. Look at the players with this injury and you can see performance enhancer written all over them (Orakpo and Landry to name a couple)”

    HGH is used for a quicker recovery and to my knowledge isn’t known to cause muscles, ligaments or tendons to rip and tear (the rippin and the tearin). If you wanted to turn this into a steroid comment you may have something.

  21. I thought the ravens were going to be tee shirt champs again , but failure at home against a third string QB doesn’t impress anyone. They will lose the next three games for sure even with the one armed bandit Sizzle. Over rated and fading fast….. Karma caught up with Harbag ..fake kick etc…

  22. Mitch Rogers says: Dec 5, 2012 2:41 PM

    This is the result of using HGH to speed up his achilles recovery. Biceps just don’t tear off both of your arms. Look at the players with this injury and you can see performance enhancer written all over them (Orakpo and Landry to name a couple).


    Are you saying that the use of HGH to speed up the recovery of his achilles contributed to his bicep tear? How? I’m not trolling, I’m curious.

  23. Big Steelers fan here, and I have to say I respect the Ravens more than any other team in the league, but I would love to see how well they can reload. One of the things I love about the Steelers is that they have the ability to develop talent and consistently turn out pro-bowlers (over last several decades). The Ravens, although great, have revolved around Suggs, Lewis, Nata, and Reed for so long I really want to see what the rest of them can do. They have the young talent to be good. I would hate to see the Ravens fall apart when Suggs, Lewis, and Reed leave. It’s the best rivalry in football hands down.

  24. Dr. Mitch lets pretend for a second that you are not privlaged enough to know these players, see their training schedules, or even educated enough to make an accusation on HGH use. Even if these guys are using I find it offensive when arm-chair QB’s think they can just accuse people at will. Get a life.

  25. Wow, I’m shocked to see the raven fans knocking their team, especially their QB. Don’t forget raven fan, you are facing a very depleted skins defensive backfield. Our 3rd DB (Cedric Griffin) is now out for 4 weeks. That leaves only Josh Wilson (slow in coverage), and D Hall (in a walking boot after the giants game), and a bunch of young backups. Flacco will have a field day. This could be a shoot out, but I still think the neutralizer is the Ravens defense. No matter if Suggs, or Lewis plays, they are still good. Also, do me a favor and don’t yell Oh! during the national anthem at Fed EX this weekend. I have always felt that is very disrespectful.

  26. To those that keep saying he can’t play with one arm, you must have missed the AFC Championship Game in Pittsburgh when he had two sacks with a dislocated shoulder in a brace.

    And to those that don’t think having Lewis and Suggs back will make a difference you are just not paying attention. Suggs is much more of a factor against the run than casual fans realize. His prescence has really helped the run defense. And anyone that thinks the team is better off right now playing with a career special teamer at MLB rather than Ray is clueless. Not only is Ray out, but so is his backup. So this will help the defense.

    Will it be enough to get over the hump? Who knows. But there is no doubt this is good news for the blackbirds.

  27. Much respect to cedarstrength. The Ravens will not fall apart. Like the Steelers, it is a great organization, who is one win away from it’s 5th straight playoff appearance. The difference between the two teams – in my opinion – has been the QB, where you guys have a future Hall of Famer (yes, 2 rings in my book gets you in). I marvel at the job that Tomlin has done this year, keeping your team together and competitive, through all of your injuries. Harbaugh has done the same. I’m tired of hearing all of the talk that we lost to a 3rd string QB. He was one of 53 men, and we still faced the #1 defense in the league. Just as we’ve been able to beat Pittsburgh with Ben, knowledgeable fans who were paying attention weren’t surprised that the Ravens lost to a 3rd string QB. Pittsburgh can still run the ball, and they can still play defense. That recipe travels well on the road. Best of luck the rest of the season, and hopefully we’ll meet for round 3 in the playoffs.

  28. To add to the comment above, while Charlie Batch played a fine game and mad some Pro-Bowl level throws he also missed big passes to wide open receivers, somewhat lost i the excitement of Pittsburgh’s win was how well yet another Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line cobbled together another dominating game against a still-stout Baltimore interior defensive line.

    The virtually unmentioned performance of 3rd string ORT Kelvin Beachum surprised a lot of people. Maurkice Pouncey quietly but professionally played the OLG position for the first tim ever while Doug “Bronco” Legurgsky earned hispay playing againg Haloti Ngata and BALs other interior D-linemen.

    BAL was lucky to have retained DE(?) Paul Kruger who was a strong impactful player, especially with his consistent pressure on the Steelers backfeil under pressure.

    In the offseason, and now with all the injuries to Ravens LBer stars, I was stunned to see the Ravens let go of OLBer Jarret Johnson in the off-season. As as Steelers fan Johnson was what we call in Pittsburgh a “Steelers-killer”, meaning he always had a big day against the Steelers and seemed to come of a kind of nowhere to hurt us on offense.

    Finally- i was stunned to see them release Haruki Nakamuri who was a solid, experieced backup DB and punt returner.

    One more last point; Joe Flacco is a highly talented QB, a hard worker, a good guy and a very good QB- but- he doesn’t have any hate or anger or determination, or….call it “killer instinct” in him yet. He’s just TOO reserved.

    I like the kid. I think he can be a champion, but he has to find the fire inside or he’ll allways get beat in big games.

    As a Steelers fan i respect and appreciate what the Ravens hav done and what they’re becoming. They help the Steelers push CIN and CLE to be tougher teams. I ALWAYS fear Ravens games.

    And i hope that when the day comes they beat us in the post-season(ugh..almost chocked typing that) they have what it takes to go all the way. The Ravens deserve a Superbowl appearance as much as any team in the league.

    And in the off-season somebody needs to take Flacco out to a Gentlemen’s Club and then a dicy dive bar and get him in a fistfight:-)

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