ProFootballTalk: Gruden-Raiders reunion?

Rumors are swirling that Jon Gruden is talking with the Oakland Raiders for their potential head coaching vacancy. Would this move make sense for both parties?This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Gruden-Raiders reunion?

  1. Wont that be like 7 coaches in 7 years..Sometimes you have to look past the coach and wonder about the product on the field and who’s putting these teams together. Davis is gone so there’s no excuse..hire a GM and some scouts who know TALENT and quit drafting the fastest player #1 every year

  2. there is a saying once a raider always a raider, but that only applies to guys that were true “raiders”.

    chucky is a raider” so roll out the black carpet if he wants back.

  3. Al Davis may be gone, but he and his last hire left us with track stars, a nightmare cap and 4 late round picks. There’ll be no excuse if the goofy drafts continue, but I’d say one starter and two solid backups out of that last draft are signs of that legit GM already being place.

  4. Gruden has unfinished business with oakland. This guy is a true raider at heart. This is the only job he will take. Now that Mark Davis is in control, he saw those empty seats and now a part of his hertiage came out. If he knows he can get Gruden, Mckenzie and Allen will be out, maybe as soon as tomorrow nite when they get blown out by Denver

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