Rex says Sanchez decision has “absolutely zero” to do with money


Jets coach Rex Ryan says the fact that his team has millions of dollars tied up in a long-term contract for quarterback Mark Sanchez has nothing to do with his decision to keep Sanchez as the starting quarterback.

At a press conference a few hours after Ryan informed the team that Sanchez will start Sunday against the Jaguars, Ryan was asked how much Sanchez’s contract has to do with his status as the starter. Ryan answered, “Absolutely zero.”

Ryan also denied that Jets owner Woody Johnson had put any pressure on him, saying that Johnson always tells him only that it’s his call who to play.

“I don’t get any pressure from Woody,” Ryan said. “I’m fortunate. I have a great relationship with my owner, with Woody. We have conversations — open conversations — all the time. We can say things to each other and all that. But where I’m real fortunate is from the day Mr. Johnson hired me, he said it’s 100 percent my decision on who plays and what their role is. And that’s it.”

So why did Ryan decide to go with Sanchez? Ryan said it’s simple: Sanchez gives the Jets the best chance to beat the Jaguars on Sunday. And Ryan said the decision is “one I feel great about.”

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  1. Only three head coaches in the history of the New York Jets franchise had a winning record:

    Bill Parcells 29-19
    Al Groh 9-7
    Rex Ryan 28-20

    That tells you something!

    Oh by the way….It’s ALWAYS about MONEY!!

  2. Of course money has something to do with it.

    But it’s something else, too: POLITICS. In other words, who was drafted higher, who gets paid more, who’s “your guy” and who’s “somebody else’s guy,” etc.

    When a GM goes to sell an owner on a certain player and asks for $40 million of the owner’s money to get that player, then the GM becomes married to that player. If the coach & GM admit he’s a bust, they’ll be looking for new jobs.

    When politics takes over, you’re done.

  3. Sanchez is the best of 3 weak options. You can accuse Rex of creating a circus, but just imagine the circus it would have been if he started Tebow in Jacksonville?

  4. Can we quit with having to listen to anymore Jet’s rubbish. Every week we have this QB nonsense, enough is enough. No one cares except Jets fans, and even half of those are completely fed up. Ask Fireman Ed how he feels???

  5. Why are we still hearing about this team ? They are going nowhere. Nothing to see here, MOVE ALONG !!!

  6. The fact that he says he “feels great” about the decision to play Sanchez is proof that you cannot believe a thing he says right now.
    The only possible reason for playing Sanchez is the fact that he is a head case and benching him now will lose him forever. But how much longer can Rex pretend that Sanchez is worthy of the starting job. Jets fans must be beside themselves…

  7. Rex, here’s the problem. When you acquire a rep for bluster and previously saying things that are obviously not true, you lose all credibility, especially when the new statement is a head scratcher on the surface (really, if you believed what you said here, why did you play McIlroy last week?)

    I’m afraid you have passed the point of no return.

  8. Can you please stop reporting every single tiny story about the Jets. I’ve recently been looking for NFL news elsewhere because a 5-7 trainwreck is talked about ten times as much as teams like the Texans, Patriots, Broncos etc…

  9. Great! Thanks Rex. You just locked us all up for another few years of complete misery with this dreadfull exuse for a quarterback. Let Sanchez go and cut your losses just like they do in baseball! No one is going to want to go see this team play next few years with Sanchez at healm and that translates into thousands of empty seats and millions lost in attendance. Way to go!

  10. it has nothing to do with money, it has to do with cap space and rex’s inability to draft and develop qb’s leaving the jets without a single nfl qb on the team.

    the jets are already over the cap for next year and will have to let some players go just to make it under the cap, guaranteeing the jets field a team that is no better then this year’s debacle.

    as a pats fan couldnt be happier how jets management and coaching have destoyed any hopes of even being a an 8 and 8 team next year

  11. Sanchez plays because if he doesn’t Tebow will play, and that’s a mess and set of pressures Rex and company don’t want. (And against Jacksonville, the Jets might win, with any of the three at QB.) Sanchez plays so they can assess him and know where they stand going forward; the season is lost in any case.

  12. You say “I feel great about this and that” or “Mark gives us the best chance” etc…all the time. So what have you got to show for it so far?


    Where’s the 2nd trophy already? Looks like we’ll have to wait until another ‘new’ coach comes in and takes the reins.

  13. There’s more than meets the eye with this story. Continuing to start one of the weakest players in the league at his position proves that winning football games is secondary to some other element.

  14. Rex just appears to really be willing to go down with Sanchez – and down with the whole ship.

    I don’t think McElroy is necessarily the answer, and I assume that either Geno Smith or Matt Barkley will be a Jet (and starting!) at this time next year, but Sanchez is a known commodity at this point, and that commodity is “below average QB in the NFL.” Maybe McElroy is Chad Pennington 2.0, which would be a damn sight better than Sanchez. You can’t know unless you play him.

  15. I really don’t know what Rex sees in this guy. Based on last Sundays game it looked like the rest of the team doesn’t want to play for Sancchez.

    We have an easy road to the end of the season, give McElroy the experience and a chance.

  16. What if Sanchez throws another few INTs? Same thing? Pull him, let McElroy possibly pull a do-able win over the Jaguars, and then start Sanchez the next game again?

    This kid should be treated like any other professional athlete. One thing the first Hard Knocks made clear to me is that they handle him with kid gloves.

  17. Ryan said the decision is “one I feel great about.”

    I believe him.


  18. Lucky for Rex, playing the Jaguars gives them the best chance to win, regardless of whoever is taking the snap.

    You’d have to pretty gullible to believe that contract extension (and guaranteed $$$ in 2013) has zero to do with keeping Sanchez a starter.

  19. Rex is a players coach. Somebody has to give him the right players to make him a winning coach. Questioning his every move as though you guys know more than him is just stupid.

  20. Fire Rex.

    Had a chance to let Sanchez sit and learn for a bit from sidelines and compete for the job next year. Would have benefited Mark. Delusional.

  21. it looks like the talking heads and sport reporters in NYC will get rid of Rex, Mr.T and Sanchise.

    this is how it is, why do you think Parcells got fed up and why Belichik resigned as HC of NY JETS

    oh boy!

  22. The contract may not be a reason if Sanchez plays but it will be a reason why Tannenbaun gets fired.

  23. Why does everyone keep trying to pawn Tebow off on Jacksonville? What have they done to deserve that circus?

  24. I can tell you why the Jets are sticking with The Sanchize. They want to tank the season to get the high draft pick in next years draft to find Sanchez’s replacement.

  25. cuda1234 says:
    Dec 5, 2012 3:17 PM
    Why does everyone keep trying to pawn Tebow off on Jacksonville? What have they done to deserve that circus?

    that’s tebow’s hometown; the owner thinks tebow can put some money in his pockets. And it’s the Jags after all… they can’t really slip any further

  26. I think it’s more of Ryan trying to get his guy to succeed You’re cool Rex but it just might be time to let your guy sit on the bench.

  27. He’d get murdered by everybody for saying it was about money. That’s a no win question in today’s media.

  28. He is trying to improve trade value for Sanchez. He has to recoup losses on Sanchez and the pick in the trade for Tebow.

    Actually, Tebow puts the Jets in the best position to win. While I will wholeheartedly agree that he IS NOT the best QB on the Jets, he is a player that figures out how to win.

    He also can take a beating that neither other QB can take on that team.

  29. Time to crank up the vacuum cleaner and clean house!! This is a joke – best chance to win??? Leads the league inTO’s in the red zone. He has gotten worse and worse and it’s not changing!!

  30. Didn’t Rex feel like he was going to win the Super Bowl his first three years?

    I have a feeling too. I feel at Rex has ran his course in NY. Would be great if we can demote him to a Defensive Coach, Mr. T demoted from GM to only a bean counter and Sanchez into a 3rd stringer who can sit back and learn. (Why not, he is going to make the money either way) and only play if our starter gets hurt. I doubt he could beat out most NFL caliber starters.

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