Rodgers says Packers are still discussing loss to Seahawks

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When Week Three of the 2012 NFL season ended with a Monday night game between the Packers and Seahawks that ended with a horrible call on a play that has become known as the “Fail Mary,” we all knew that the undeserved loss for Green Bay and the undeserved win for Seattle were destined to echo in eternity.  Or at least into the postseason.

And with the Packers currently tied with the Bears at 8-4 and the Seahawks currently a game ahead of a 6-6 scrum for the six seed, it continues to loom over the playoffs.

As a result, the Packers are still talking about that game, 10 weeks later.

How can you not?” quarterback Aaron Rodgers told ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning, via  “We’re all human here.  That was obviously a difficult moment for us.  We’re hoping that we’ve put yourself in a position right now where that’s not going to have an effect on things.  We’re not going to use that as an excuse.  We have four games left and everything is right in front of us, with a chance to win out, and not only be division champions[but also] also a potential first-round bye.  But in some of those quiet moments, of course, you can’t help but think about it.”

For Green Bay, the loss that should have been a win could be the difference between winning the division, or securing a first-round bye.  Indeed, if the Packers were 9-3, they’d still be within striking distance of the Falcons for the first overall seed in the playoffs.

For the Seahawks, it currently feels inevitable that the victory will be the difference between qualifying and not qualifying.

In the end, the Packers and the team that finishes No. 7 in the conference likely will be the ones talking the loudest about the situation.

133 responses to “Rodgers says Packers are still discussing loss to Seahawks

  1. Who cares? That’s like saying Brady still remembers his game against the Giants in the Superbowl. It’s in the past, forget about it and move on.

  2. Must to have had money on the game to still be discussing it, further proof that the whole 24 hr rule is just BS.

  3. It is so dumb to play this game with records, it drives me crazy. You can’t say the packers would be 9-3 because you don’t know how the rest of the season would play out if they were given a win there. Also you can’t say the seahawks would be 6-6 if they were given a loss there… Because a loss there could make the seahawks come out more fired up against the rams the next week and win that game and they are still 7-5, or they win/lose different games. Wins/Losses effect locker rooms in different ways and you don’t know how the rest of a season for a team plays out after a team wins/loses games. So trying to play what if with records makes no sense and isn’t based in reality.

    But as a seahawks fan I admit we stole one there, but move on. It wasn’t like it was a playoff game and it ended the packers’ season.

  4. Wow really?


    I’ve seen worse calls decide a game many times by the real officials. How many times have we seen a phantom PI call decide a game?

    Just because it was the replacement officials you’re gonna use it as a crutch to cry about your misfortune?

    Grow up.

  5. I know a lot of people think that Aaron Rodgers is a whiner and a diva (which I think is ridiculous) – but I find his interviews to be very candid and refreshing. He never seems like he’s just giving the company line when he answers questions. He’s open and honest, even if it’s not always the best answer from a PR standpoint.

  6. How can you not? Its easy, just dont. As a team leader step up and tell your teammates to drop it. Like his play alot but starting to realize that Rodgers is pretty sensitive and whiney.

  7. I know from the comments section that Packer fans have not forgot either. It was a terrible call but there is nothing you can do now. I’m a Niner fan and the division would be locked up if not for that game, but with 4 games to play just go out and win. GB still controls their own destiny.

  8. Get over it. There are PI penalties during the season that are just as costly. Shouldnt have run the ball three straight times when you were backed up. The the first down HOF QB…….

  9. He really has a point. 9-3 looks a lot better than 8-4 right now with bears also at 8-4. It could easily be the difference between a division title or a first round bye and a wild card game on the road.

  10. Next time don’t put yourself in a position where one questionable call can cost you a game.

  11. 11wheatd says:
    Dec 5, 2012 10:06 AM
    Who cares? That’s like saying Brady still remembers his game against the Giants in the Superbowl. It’s in the past, forget about it and move on.

    No, it’s in the past if it were LAST year. This still has ramifications for THIS year. Glad I could help.

  12. Still using the “we beat ourselves” excuse for the other losses, too, Rodgers? Move on an drop it. You sound like an oversensitive whiner and nobody (but Packers fans) wants to hear it anymore.

  13. Brees and Rodgers have really shown a lack of leadership throughout their respective teams problems this year. Did you ever hear Tom Brady publicly dragging out team problems that were 10 weeks old? Did he continue to whine about how unfair spygate was ? What about Peyton and his teams problems? No, because they understand its a distraction and it undermines what you are trying to accomplish in the upcoming week: winning.

  14. Tate caught the ball! He has two hands on the ball and two feet on the ground when the Packer DB is in the air. Tie goes to the receiver! Let me know if you need to see a still shot. I will gladly send it to you. As for Rodgers and the Packers, build a bride and GET OVER IT!

  15. Did he discuss how if the DB had done his job and swatted the ball down instead of going for glory with the INT, then they would have won the game?

  16. This is part of what drives Rodgers. He remembers when he is wronged / slighted, and he uses it as fuel to perform. Nothing shocking here…

  17. i knew this guy (Rogers) was a loser. If they are still talking about it they won’t win anything. It’s his job as the leader to get them to move past it.

    Brady, Manning, Roethlisberger, Brees, etc. would all have there teams focused on the next game.

  18. Just love to stir that pot, don’t ya. The very idea that you all still talk about this is JUST as laughable as me saying the Seahawks should have won the Superbowl in 2005. Get real people.

  19. Who does Rodgers think he is crying over something after so much time, Drew Brees?

    “WAH, the refs finally made a call that didn’t go my way. I can’t handle being on the other side of a wrong call for once.”

  20. As a seahawks fan who got the same response after SBXL … Aw poor babies. Maybe if you’d played better and scored more than 12 pts you wouldn’t have been in position for one error to beat you.

  21. It’s silly to compare this to Brady worrying about a loss to the Giants in the superbowl since this “loss” still has the ability to affect the Packers playoff chances.

  22. Its nice that the Packers can blame someone for blowing a call so they don’t have to blame themselves for failing to score a touchdown in the first 59 minutes.

  23. Packers/Aaron Rodgers haters. Aaron is not a whinner He was asked about the game in an interview, he answered the question honestly. The topic never comes up other than when its brought up by the media. He’s at the podium every week following the games, he doesn’t bring up the subjct out of the blue on his own. Where you people get this idea is beyond me, you obveously live outside the Packers media area and just have this idea in your heads.

  24. As if they’re the first team to ever get hosed on a bad call. It’s funny to watch the “media darlings” expect everyone else to care.

  25. This is absurd. Every year there are games decided by questionable calls or situations in which playoff positioning is effected by what-ifs. The Seahawks-Packers situation has only received so much attention because it was the culminating event in the absurd referree lock-out, it was seen on national TV, it was the final play of the game, and it was obvious to everyone watching that the call was questionable. But it was not alone among games this season that could have been altered by subjective calls — in fact, it wasn’t even the only game that weeekend.

    The Packers played a horrible game and were largely outmatched by the Seahawks defense. There were myriad what-ifs in that game that could have altered the outcome; many of which would have favored the Seahawks had the calls gone differently.

    The teams should be complaining that the NFL ever put the replacement referrees in that situation — but the Seahawks won the game because they out-played the Packers and were in position to win when it mattered. The Packers found ways to lose that game and suffered that consequence.

  26. It is such a stupid comment when people say they should have put themselves in a better position to win the game. They were in a perfect position to win the game but the refs made the wrong call that cost them a win. This is the NFL, it is not that easy to win on the road, especially Seattle. GB made adjustments in that game and fought back to take the lead in that game. They did not play that great but they did NOT deserve to lose.

  27. This funny if they are still talking about it because most teams are focused on their next game up. If Packers beat the Hawks that day, many Hawks fans and players would be angry because of ridiculous calls that helped Green Bay score. Packers players have whined in the media about every loss they have had. We had terrible calls all game versus the Bears and found a way to win. Guess it pays to be solid in all 3 phases of the game not just 1. Go Hawks!

  28. The only thing that bothers me is that the Media put away their microscopes when the regular officials came back. They had a perfect opportunity to show that the regulars are NO BETTER, in fact in many ways WORSE than the replacements and they let it go. That I think is an affront to their profession and shows a lack of serious journalism from sports media.

  29. Won’t matter. The Pack has more going for it than the Bears and will take the division easily unless the Lions stomp them.

  30. The Packers wouldn’t have been in that position, had about 4/5plays earlier the ref didn’t call a b.s. roughing the passer on the Pack in which Hayward intercepted the ball. Game would’ve ended there. So why don’t you ppl. move on. I hope the Packers run the table & stick it to Goodell & bring another Lombardi back to Title Town. Go Pack Go

  31. Seattle is 3-1 vs. the vastly overrated NFC north. And that includes a win over Green Bay. You are what your record says you are.

    I’m very hopeful we get to play this one again vs. GB, to shut them up for good. At least when NE lost in Seattle this year, the fans had a little class and took it like adults.

  32. Give me a break. They didn’t lose to Seattle on that play alone. They didn’t have to lose to the Colts either. The Packers have entitlement issues. I wonder if Philbin was who really made that team go. He was in GB for 9 years and he’s really helped Miami given not much talent.

  33. The funniest part about all this is the Packers wouldnt have even been ahead on the scoreboards if the refs hadn’t made a mistake on an earlier play.
    Why is the phantom PI flag, on the failed 3rd & 8 in the fourth quarter, that allowed the Pack to go get a TD rather than have to punt not discussed equally as much?

    You want to take that error away too Aaron or is it just the ones that don’t go your way?

    14-12 or 7-6. take your pick Aaron, either way you lose, so quit cryin.

  34. As a Packer fan I can’t lie, I still find myself talking about it too….despite knowing it is best to get over it.
    I was at that game and I think that way that it ended and how the officials handled everything after the original call makes it that much more memorable and hard to move on from .
    That said, lets try and work past it boys….a very upset and hungry Lions team is coming to town and all they are thinking about is their lose on the last play of the game.

  35. Anyone who watched the Seahawks – Bears game this weekend would know that the regular officials are just as capable of terrible, game-altering calls. And Mike Carey is generally regarded as one of the best referrees in the game. They made some terrible calls that could have changed the game. Yet there is no outrage nor a commensurate level of complaining in the media.

  36. Cut Rodgers some slack…. he gave a candid and honest answer to a question. ANYBODY would think back on that game from time to time.

  37. The rest of the league just can’t stop thinking of what watching games might be like if we weren’t stuck watching a constant barrage of discount double chuck commercials.

  38. I find it odd that this one game alone is singled out as a sure win for the Packers and loss for the Seahaws but for the call on the field.

    Admittedly it was the end of the game but I thought the call against the Lions on Thanksgiving day was a much worse call on its face. I saw it live and I laughed that the official didn’t blow the whistle when the running back went down. The replay confirmed the runner was down knee, arm, arm. By contrast, the Tate play in the endzone for the Seahaks looked close and even Mike Tirico says, “It’s a simultaneous possession.” It should have been reversed but it was not awful on its face.

    While Jim Shwartz should not have thrown the challenge flag (maybe that changes people’s view of things), review is only precluded by the NFL’s arbitrary rules wherein they review all socres and turoners and allow challenges but somehow if you mix the too, we cannot allow it. That is still on the NFL and the product they are putting out there.

    Fact is a much worse call on Thanksgiving day that was allowed to stand cost the Lions a game more so than the call against the Packers.

    It is all part of life frankly but I don’t get the obsession with the Packers-Seahwaks play.

  39. Ill agree golden tate did commit PI on his catch. Golden tates touchdown would’ve a mute point if packers didn’t get that phantom PI call on kam on 3rd and long on their TD drive. Funny how the media and packer fans forget that.

  40. The only thing worse than having to listen to Erin cry again was the way Pete Carroll acted after the ref made the call.

    Disgusting on both counts.

  41. I can understand Aaron Rodgers being bitter 2 months later. That has to be the worst call in the history of sports. Those replacement refs should never be allowed to ref another Pee Wee league game. Not a big Packer fan but I really thought Goodell was going to reverse the results of that game, which he should have. At the very least, instant replay should have reversed it.

  42. Aaron Rodgers has followed in Brett Favre’s footsteps by being a smart, tough, effective QB & winning a SB for GB.

    Unfortunately, this year has shown us all that more & more, Rodgers is following in Favre’s footsteps by becoming a selfish, whiny, entitlement-minded diva who is all too happy to schmooze with the referees & officials when the calls go his way, but acts like a 2 year old when they don’t.

    Guess those years on the bench watching Favre taught him the bad along with the good.

  43. When did Aaron Rodgers become the biggest whiner on the Planet? He sounds like an uptight miserable human being. I thought hippees from chico are supposed to be chill? I cant believe this but I’m starting to miss drama queen Farve. The whining of Rodgers is unbearable.

    Aaron, you’re a superbowl wining QB, MVP and Multimillionaire playing the greatest GAME on the planet as your JOB!! Smile a little and stop being such a jackass.

  44. I love how people equate a bogus PI call around mid field that didn’t directly result in a score with an end of game missed interception call that directly put 6 on the board. Wow, How dumb can people be? Really dumb it appears. They also forget the bogus roughing the passer call that took away an int that would have sealed the game for the Packers AND the bogus PI on Shields later that drive. And I for one hope the Seahawks come to Lambeau for the playoffs. Not a chance they win that one.

  45. madpunter88 says:
    Dec 5, 2012 10:48 AM

    Couldn’t disagree with you anymore.

    Look at that stats – first half was terrible, but 2nd half, Green Bay scored on 3 different possessions. TD + 2 FG’s…they lost the game because of a terrible call. Their defense got jobbed on calls during that last “drive” that was hand held by the refs…otherwise GB dominated the 2nd half and PUT THEMSELVES in position to win the game. Seattles offense did nothing up until then, and like I said, Packers offense was able to muster together 3 scoring drives.

  46. It isnt about GB and Seaattle at this point. It is more about teams that are or may be bumped by Seattle for a playoff spot.

    It is bad enough that the call was so obviously blown, but what is wworse is that teams might get lleft out of a playoff spot because of it.

    Imagine this scenerio. Seattle makes the playoffs by that one game. They win the whole thing. Not saying Seattle hasnt played well enough to bee where they are, but one game might mean a lot.

    Hopefully that game doesnt even add into the equation come the post season. It’d be a travesty if we ended up having to listen to stories about this for another decade.

  47. I can understand that it’s a talking point. But does anyone remember that Jerry Rice fumbled right before TO had the catch II in the 1998 playoffs with the real refs and its one of the reasons Holmgren brought instant replay to the competition committee? It happens. Shut up and play! After all the games decide the champion. One play doesn’t make a season but a mediocre offensive line and three backup running backs will ruin it.

  48. A lot of Seahawk fans crying about bad calls this past weekend here. I’m sure they’re not talking about the blatant push off by Golden Tate on their 4th quarter scoring drive that helped them take the late lead.

    Still… Bears fans will point to what the TEAM could have done to win that game, not the officials. Missed tackles down the stretch. Major Wright not catching a ball that hit him in the hands. Bennett’s big drop in the endzone. Man… I hope the Bears get a mulligan against the Seahawks in the playoffs if we are fortunate enough to get there.

  49. boy you packer fans are ridiculous as you played crappy the first half of the game so many sacks so you yourself lost the game not that last penalty.
    Get over it and we will beat you come play our turf.

  50. Teams get screwed all of the time by poor officiating. Some get over it and some don’t. Somewhere Don Shula is still seething over the use of a snowplow before a field goal at the old Foxboro Stadium about 30 years later.

  51. Here is a simple truth for sad whiny losers all over the football world. Football games aren’t won or lost on one play. Get over it. I liked Aaron Rodgers before the Seattle game. Not so sure anymore. His commercials are pretty good as commercials go. And I just don’t know what to say to people who think Pete Carrol and Golden Tate should have had a good cry after the game. Except maybe ‘I hope you get back to the real world someday.’

  52. Of course the Packer players are still crying…..ever since Rodgers took over at QB of that team, thats all they do….cry, make excuses and say the “beat themselves”, never giving any other team any credit for beating them like a humble, classy organization should. Only ones who cry more than the Packer players is their whiny, crying fan base.

  53. This is like a drunk in a bar telling the same story over and over. The Seahawks literally beat the crap out of the Packers in that game. The great Aaron Rogers was lucky to walk out of there on two feet. The ref said he made the right call, the replay official said he made the right call, the NFL said he made the right call, every person that investigated the call frame by frame has said it was the right call. The only people that won’t let it go are people that want to judge the call without the facts of the rules being applied. I really can’t wait for a Seahawks-Packers playoff game, then it will be settled.

  54. the game the Packers should be looking at is the one with Indy… We were in control and let one slip away.

  55. I’m not sure how this is whining? He was asked a question and said he still thinks about it. I still think about the 4th and 26 they gave up to Philly in the playoffs years ago from time to time. SO? You remember that kind of crap. Lot of holier than thou keyboard commandos on this forum talking about leadership and manning up. Funny. Probably typed from your Ipad while you’re getting a pedicure.

  56. It was a lot more clear right at the time that no PI was committed which led to a GB TD than that Tate hadn’t caught the ball. That was a worse call on the field.

    But the Pack will continue to whine and cry, even though without the poor officiating, they’d have never even taken the lead, because our defense simply dismantled your supposedly top notch offense.

  57. Every week Rodgers goes and does a show. He’s always good for a few soundbites or tidbits.

    It gets posted here, then haters come out and whine about how he is crying. Even though hes just answering questions honestly.

    I got news for you all, this will not be the last you hear of it especially if Seattle sneaks in. They may have did the Wild Card more wrong, than the Packers, when its all said and done.

    If your favorite team doesn’t get in to the tournament, because of it, I don’t want to hear any crying, because of it.

  58. Full Disclosure: I am NOT a Packers fan. I’ve hated them since 1964.

    Whining aside, the point that always seems to get left out is, they were jobbed by the ACTUAL replay officials, not replacement replay officials.

    How could they not get that call right on replay? Was there pressure by the replay officials to side with the replacement refs?

  59. Boy, Aaron Rodgers is the biggest whiner in the league. That’s not even to mention that the call was right by the rules, even if the rule itself is stupid (much like the Tuck Rule is stupid, but the call in the Pats/Raiders game all those years ago was correct).

    Rodgers and the Packers need to adjust their tampons and man up. Play better in the first place and you aren’t left to the mercy of a bad rule being correctly interpreted at the end of the game.

  60. Get over it already, this happens all the time. The real refs constantly make mistakes that cost games or give the suggestion it may be rigged.

    Seahawks Steelers superbowl.
    Another game regarding the Steelers and a goal line touch down.
    Uncalled Pass Interference on the final play of the Eagles Cardinals Championship game.
    ..Tuck Rule.

    We can go on forever.

  61. this is getting old,was it the right call or wrong call doesnt matter,there were bad calls both ways,you have to play through it,i know it was last call of game,but the packers were suppose to be the better team,they just didnt do what they needed to win the game,the packers should won that game but didnt not because of bad calls but because they couldnt get over the bad roughing call,just like the hawks couldnt get over bad calls in the sb.enough is enough

  62. Whenever I need a good laugh, I come on here and look for stories about the Packers and chuckle at all of the Packers haters…… good stuff guys, good stuff!

  63. so sick of hearing about this. im a bills fan, we get screwed every week with calls and im sure browns, lions and raiders fans can relate as well. one call, move on

  64. Keep in mind that these questions are asked to Rodgers on his weekly radio show and it’s not like he’s just volunteering this information without it being asked to him. He has a good enough relationship with the radio show that he doesn’t pull any punches and is honest to a tee. While many people will act like he’s whining, he’s just keeping it real. As far as I’m concerned, the Seahawks beating the Bears last week cleans the slate in terms of the MNF game earlier this year.

  65. Funny how packer haters come out of the closet to rip on Rodgers? Compare his stats to your QB! If you can’t admit the pack got screwed, you know nothing about football!!

  66. So packer fans crying about multiple calls and saying their gripes are legitimate. But if hawks fans bring up any bad calls we’re the whiners? Game was horribly called both ways. Packers only TD drive at end of game assisted with a phantom PI call on 3rd and long.

    Would love to see packers and hawks meet up in the playoffs.

    And for the poster who says roger should’ve reversed the call and given the packers the win. Lmao! SB in 2005 was a sham should roger reverse that one too?

  67. And when they lose in the playoffs they will find a way to blame the Seattle game. Shut up Green Bay.

  68. …and Seattle is still fuming over bad calls in SB 40.

    As a longtime Packer backer, I’ve grown tired of this group of Players and what is looking more and more like a sense of entitlement. Aaron Rodgers and the gang just can’t show up and expect wins…it doesn’t work like that. Despite the questionable call @ the end of the game, GB was woefully outmatched and outplayed in Seattle. I’m tired of Ted Thompson’s lack of interest in spending money on the O-Line to protect his QB.

    It’s time for this team to move on and it’s time for Rodgers to loosen up.

  69. Don’t you haters realize how you’re controlled by the media? How many of you have actually listened to Rodgers at a post game interview? When the Pack wins, he praises his fellow players for the job they did and the excellent coaching staff. When it’s a loss, he puts it on himself, doesn’t throw his team mates under the bus. A good example is the 60 minute segment on him where he said afterward that he was disappointed that the MACC fund that he is active in wasn’t given any attention. Do you know what the MACC fund is? It’s not about Aaron Rodgers, it’s Midwest Athletes against Childhood Cancer and the organization raises large amounts of money, yet it got turned around that Rodgers felt slighted. It’s media spin people, and I am sure it happens everywhere, we form our opinions by how the media reports it. Just remember, if they can’t stir the pot, they won’t keep their audience!

  70. mrplow3 says:

    “I’ve seen worse calls decide a game many times by the real officials.”

    Stop lying.

  71. BTW.. every team each week can point to a poor call or two. This one just happened at the perfect time to be thrust into focus.

    And it will not end this season.

  72. lambeaurules says:
    Dec 5, 2012 12:58 PM
    Whenever I need a good laugh, I come on here and look for stories about the Packers and chuckle at all of the Packers haters…… good stuff guys, good stuff!


    That’s funny because whenever I need to feel better about my life I take a drive through Wisconsin!

  73. I can seethe Green Bay fans continue to whine but not a professional athlete. It is probably time for Green Bay to invest in a good sports psychologist so the team can move on. This should concern the fans because Aaron continues to have issues with a legitimate call that was upheld by all parties. The bottom line : it was a good call ,get over it.

  74. folkcrusader says:
    Dec 5, 2012 12:11 PM
    This is like a drunk in a bar telling the same story over and over. The Seahawks literally beat the crap out of the Packers in that game.


    wow… just wow….

    That’s why Seattle needed a hail mary and a lot of help from the refs right? Because Seattle was “beating the crap” out of Green Bay?

    The Giants beat the crap out of Green Bay, but not Seattle. Seattle lost but for the new type of touchdown the replacement refs created where the receiver catches the defender who catches the ball.

    Not one honest person here could say that if it happened to their team they still wouldn’t think about it every now and again, much less if you actually played on that team. Rodgers was just being honest.

  75. C’mon Seahawks fans don’t sit there and say that wasn’t a pick you got the win but clearly wasn’t a td Tate is trash as is the whole offense in general

  76. I love how people completely discount the bogus PI call on a drive that was otherwise completely shut down by the Hawks that led to the Packers even holding the lead as if its meaningless. Sorry the Packers were essentially gifted a score, should have never had the lead, and then lost it to another bad call.

    You don’t get to sit around and bemoan one call but not the other just because the latter fits a popular, though stupid narrative. The Hawks thoroughly handled the Packers and if you take away bad officiating, would have won anyways, they only lose if you pick and choose which calls to reverse. The PI call was much worse on the field than the catch, sorry.

    Don’t whine about your illegitimate lead getting blown by a bad call.

  77. All I know is that Rodgers has more Super Bowl rings than the Eagles and Vikings combined. He’s WINNING with half of his team on IR. No matter how much you whiney Eagle and Viking fans whine, you still have no Super Bowls!! Now that makes me LOLOLOL!

  78. Seahawks fans have no room to talk telling packers fans to get over it…these are the same people still crying about super bowl 40

    Well in all fairness that was the SUPER BOWL and not a game in week 3. BIG difference there.

    Especially when it’s the first for the franchise that doesn’t exactly have a long history of winning.

  79. Does Seattle even have fans? Thought those were just people Paul Allen hires in the stands. Next to Jacksonville, this is the most random NFL team. No Pedigree. No tradition. I’d have to laugh in the face of anyone who calls themselves a passionate “Hawks” fan. They’re just blah

  80. “Seahawks fans have no room to talk telling packers fans to get over it…these are the same people still crying about super bowl 40”.

    Says the fan who had no problem with the Packers making the playoffs in 2010 as the #6 seed (and winning the SB) due to Officiating errors in a game against Minnesota.

  81. All the other teams in the NFC North wishing they were half as good as Green Bay right now. Even with the 10 or 11 guys on IR for the season the Packers have. Maybe one day your teams will get there. Maybe.

  82. toooverbearing says: Dec 5, 2012 11:56 AM

    A lot of Seahawk fans crying about bad calls this past weekend here. I’m sure they’re not talking about the blatant push off by Golden Tate on their 4th quarter scoring drive that helped them take the late lead.


    Just because Jennings complained after getting beat and Meyers commented that Jennings wanted PI doesn’t mean it happened. Jennings and Tillman were attacked all game when they tried man to man (100 yards and TD each Rice/Tate), should really stick to cover 2 if you don’t want secondary to get exposed. Bears couldn’t tackle to save their life at the end of the game. Outside of Marshall, there isn’t much of a threat to top tier defense just look at the teams they have lost to if you don’t believe me.

  83. Give me a break lawlok. That bogus PI call did not put points on the board. The Sea Chickens D still gave up the TD on their own. The bogus TD call at the end of the game directly put points on the board. Good grief. It’s not even close to the same. And I don’t think flexnfx watched the same game I did. Seattle dominated the first half and the Packers dominated the 2nd half. Neither team deserved to win/lose on a bad call. And there ‘s not a person alive outside the sea chicken fans and possibly some Bear/Viking fans that believe that was a catch. They’re all blinded by idiocy. Everyone also conveniently forgets Golden Taint clearly committed Offensive PI to even get in position.

  84. I think the problem was that the refs blew two calls on the same player on the same play.
    Having said that, it stings a lot less now. And in the Christmas spirit…
    Let’s just face forward and move in the same direction. Go Pack Go!

  85. It’s unfortunate that people are too dumb to actually READ the article! He was asked a question on a radio show, and he answered it. That’s it.
    He also has a weekly radio show where many of these “whiner” comments come from.
    He’s the best QB in the NFL. If you don’t want to see a lot of media coverage on the guy, then you’re out of luck.

  86. “That’s funny because whenever I need to feel better about my life I take a drive through Wisconsin!”

    I agree. Beautiful terrain, tons of golf, great hunting, fishing, and outdoor opportunities, great food, tons of beer and people without a robotic, manufactured, arrogant, dullness always makes me feel better.

  87. Packers are now on top of the NFC North thanks to the Seahawks beating the Bears on Sunday, yet they’re still complaining about a razor thin judgment call made back in Week 3?
    The ungratefulness is very disappointing.

  88. “Beautiful terrain, tons of golf, great hunting, fishing, and outdoor opportunities, great food, tons of beer and people without a robotic, manufactured, arrogant, dullness always makes me feel better.”

    It also looks to be the home of the run-on sentence.

  89. So you want the Hawks in GB for play offs,better be careful what you wish for think you would learn from last year

  90. “It also looks to be the home of the run-on sentence.”

    The fact that I’m an idiot is not Wisconsin’s fault.

  91. tokyosandblaster says:
    Dec 5, 2012 4:52 PM
    Sorry… Sorry, my last post SHOULD have read

    “Packers > Every other NFL team.

    Everyone knows it.”

    My bad.

    Except the Giants.

    And Colts. And Niners. And Seahawks (and no amounting of crying or excuse-making will change that).

    Packers aren’t even the best team in their own division anymore. They’re just in denial about it.

  92. “We’re gonna get the ball, and we’re gonna score.” Sound familiar Seahawk fans? Al Harris thought otherwise. We would love to host you guys come playoff time but I doubt you’ll make it past the 1st round considering your road woes. Thanks for winning at Chicago though. They are who we thought they were!

  93. gochargersgo says:
    Dec 5, 2012 10:17 AM
    “going to laugh really hard if seattle sneaks in and knocks GB out of the playoffs”
    I’m already laughing at the chargers being irrelevant …..again.

  94. nbcruinedpft says:
    Dec 5, 2012 5:19 PM
    tokyosandblaster says:
    Dec 5, 2012 4:52 PM
    Sorry… Sorry, my last post SHOULD have read

    “Packers > Every other NFL team.

    Everyone knows it.”

    My bad.

    Except the Giants.

    And Colts. And Niners. And Seahawks (and no amounting of crying or excuse-making will change that).

    Packers aren’t even the best team in their own division anymore. They’re just in denial about it.


    So, teams aren’t as good as a team they lose to? Surely, then every super bowl winner ever has to have gone undefeated, right?

    I’m betting they all did, because you seem so smart?

    If the Packers aren’t the best in the division, who leads the division?

    Can’t wait for this gem.

  95. As a Seahawk fan, it would be my biggest dream come true for Seattle to play the Packers in Green Bay in the playoffs.

    The Packers played Seattle when our offense was still trying to find a rhythm, and Wilson was struggling. The only reason that score was so close was because Carroll and Bevell still had the training wheels on Russell Wilson. For the last few months, Wilson has been on fire and it’s been our defense allowing other teams to stay in the game. We’re a different team right now.

    And like others have said, Wilson isn’t a whiner like Rodgers. He’s seen a lot of bad calls and blown plays, and watched our defense give up points like crazy and let teams back into games we should have won. He still goes out there, with ice in his veins, and drives us down the field EVERY time. I can’t wait to hear these Packer fans making excuses when Wilson beats them fair and square in the final minutes of a playoff game in their own house. And trust me, if we meet up in the playoffs, you can bank on Wilson keeping it close to the last second. He’s done it all season long against every team we’ve played.

  96. Jennings made a mistake and the Packers lost.

    A well-coached player would have slapped the ball down instead of risking an interception try.

    Maybe the Hawks will see the Packers in the post-season and we can clear this thing up.

  97. by the way, 50 + competitive individuals that share a locker room for months during the season – I’m sure they’ve gossiped about everything by this point in the season…

    So Rodgers calmly saying, “Yep – We’ve discussed that controversial game that instantly entered NFL folklore.”

    …how that is considered “whining!” ?

  98. They like whine with their cheese in Wisconsin. If Aaron has a problem with the way that game turned out take it up with the replacement refs and the league office. Just quit your crying already and act like a grown man.

  99. Seahawks fan who was at the game in question.

    I think for the general health of competition Rodgers should get over it… the way any team that’s ever been plagued by a bad call, including the one I support, needs to get over it.

    But I get the statistical importance of this particular call, and understand why GB and other teams chasing the Seahawks right now, are looking back at it with scorn. It wasn’t just a botched call (and a missed offensive PI call), it altered the most important statistic in the game: W-L.

    I sit and scream at bad calls every Sunday, and forget them by the end of the day. This one stuck around a little longer because it did have possible ramifications.

  100. Blah, Blah, Blah. Go check the video. It looked like a botched call, and I thought so too. There has to be two feet down for possession. Regardless of what you think you saw, go look at the video and photos. 4 hands on the ball with two feet on the ground, Tate’s two feet, Jennings’ were still in the air. Stop there…….Tate is the only one with possession, period. Play it as many times as you want, he is the FIRST person with possession. Once that occurs, the ball never gets taken from him, even if a hand gets pushed off of the ball, the ball never leaves his hands, period. First legal possession of the ball goes to Tate. The ball never leaving his hands, TOUCHDOWN. For those of you too close minded to go back and look at it with an open mind, instead of a biassed one, there is no hope for you. If this one lives in infamy, lets talk about 2005 SB, when the officials actually came to Settle’s training camp to apologize for purposely making bad calls that left the official sleepless for 6 weeks because of what he did!! THAT was a travesty that everyone seems to have forgotten and just tell us Seattle fans “Too bad”. Well with this Packers game, “too bad for you, but it was the right call”! And another phrase we hear all too often in Seattle, “Get over it”.

  101. The team who is a game out of the playoffs this year will be the sour team at season s end…Like the Vikings or Bears…the one s who are hating on the Packers now……then again The vikings are,,and always will be Super bowlless

  102. Remove all supposed bad calls from this game (not just the ones that benefit your team), and the Seahawks still would have won. Besides, TickWillis’ explanation above is the correct one. Get over it GB. And too friggin bad for any team that misses the playoffs because of this, because they don’t really deserve to be there anyway, now do they. Sick of hearing about this crap still!

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