Rolle: Giants need to bring out a little more “dog”

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The Giants were effusive of their praise of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III in the days leading up to their game, a little too much so for Antrel Rolle’s tastes.

During his weekly appearance on WFAN, Rolle said he had to tell some teammates it was fine to show respect, but show it after the game.

“I think we need to start giving more credit after the game as opposed to before the game,” Rolle said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “Personally, that’s not anything I’ve been too fond of. Do I respect my opponents? I respect them. You know, I’ll give credit when credit’s due. But I’m not going to kiss anyone’s butt before the game. That’s something that I’m never, ever going to do as long as I’m playing the game of football.

“I think we just need to get back to being a little nasty, having a nasty attitude, get a little bit more dog in us, and go out there and play the game.”

If they were dogs Monday, it was a well-manicured poodle, as they looked the part but were pushed around by the Redskins, allowing 207 rushing yards and failing to get a single sack.

Now, they’re just a game clear of the Redskins and Cowboys with four games left, with a schedule that includes trips to Atlanta and Baltimore.

Rolle said “at certain times we did get pushed over” by the Redskins. That’s why he wanted his team to “play the game physical, play the game tough, play the game hard, and we’ll give hugs and kisses after the game.”

They’ve shown they can beat the best, having already handled the 49ers and Packers, but they need to bring that kind of “dog” against lesser teams, or they’re not going to have a chance for a late run.

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  1. Yeah it really worked out last year when you said you’d beat your opponent 99 out of 100 times. How about you just keep your mouth shut altogether and play?

  2. Rolle is right. RGIII isn’t going anywhere either. Giants need to have a man dedicated to Griffin and when he’s a runner in the option his job is to plant Griffin into the turf. If Griffin is a runner – he’s fair game — Put him in the ground every time. They will stop running the option after the ribs, shoulder, and head start to get a little ouchy.

  3. You will respect RGIII and the Redskins weather you like it or not. Make all the excuses you want but when it comes down to it, RGIII will always be the best talent on the field with a great supporting cast. Welcome to the RGIII Era, where if you aren’t with him, you are against him and will lose. Period.

  4. The Giants have proven over the past several years that they are more than capable of losing to the worst teams, beating the best teams, and everything in between. And when they lose to a mediocre team (not picking on the ‘Skins… they were the better team but they’re certainly not at the top of the heap), team members are quoted as saying “We need to play better” and “We need to finish things”. Tom Coughlin gets mad. Ad nauseum, rinse/repeat, etc.

    Been a Giants fan a long time. Thrashing the Packers and then losing to the Redskins was the death rattle on their season. Seen it over and over again. Oh well. It’s about this time of year I take down the Giants flag anyway.

  5. I think Rolle needs to think before he speaks.

    The players were giving praise and respect where it was due. However, if I remember clearly, they were talking about how they needed to try and contain RGIII.

    Most of the defense remembers how lucky they were to win the 1st game. It came down to who made the last play, and the Giants O did.

    Not to mention, those players could’ve been trying to make the Redskins overconfident (many were), or trying to become under dogs as the Giants always play better as underdogs.

  6. until they can learn to not play down to their opponents, the giants will never be a top-tier team. even though the spankings of SF and GB suggest otherwise, when you cannot beat teams like washington and philly, you are not among the NFLs elite.

  7. Majority of the time when Rolle speaks like this the Giants listen and win. He’s very correct, Giants have a tendency to play weak at times, remember last season QBs fear the Giants because the Giants were putting QBs on the shelves (I am not saying hurting someone is alright) but in QB’s mind was oh crap, if I snap this ball I could get hurt. Now that thought isn’t there because they need the D is playing weak. If you can get the QB playing scare, he will rush the pass and throw more incomplete balls or more picks.

  8. I am beginning to think logical is RGIII’s mother or boyfriend. Dude just keep quite till he wins something. Yeah the guy looks good but if he keeps it up and gets hit like he has been he will be as good as Mark Sanchez in a few years.

  9. Giants have all the parts, but they’re something in the formula. It’s like having all the best ingredients for a dish, but forgetting to put a little salt in it. Maybe Rolle is right.

  10. bkostela says: Dec 5, 2012 9:36 AM

    until they can learn to not play down to their opponents, the giants will never be a top-tier team. even though the spankings of SF and GB suggest otherwise, when you cannot beat teams like washington and philly, you are not among the NFLs elite.
    So then who IS elite?

    New England? They lost to AZ at home!
    San Fran? 0-1-1 against the Rams.
    Houston? They lost to GB, who lost to the Giants, who you are saying is not “elite”
    Atlanta? Call me when they win a playoff game.

    You get my point. By your logic, there is no “elite” team.

  11. YES! thank u rolle… im gettin so sick of tuck going on every time he can just to completely engulf RG3 fortitude region. its sickening as a giants fan to see.. yes we all now RG3 is a beast and gonna be great..u dont have to mention it everytime… again thank you rolllee

  12. RG3 is good, but it’s the scheme/system that’s winning.
    Why didn’t the Giants bump the WRs at the line???

  13. Rolle is a great team motivator and did the same thing last season! I agree they need to be nastier! But I have no problem with osi saying brees is great! He is! But osi actually said he would rather build them up to tear them down than say they r garbage and give bulletin board material! Bottom line can’t forget these reporters ask questions to get a comment out that they can paraphrase and use to sell papers! Good luck gmen now go rip Brees apart!

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