Russell Wilson’s late heroics help make him offensive player of the week

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Russell Wilson’s gotten a little lost in the discussion of rookie quarterbacks thanks to the lofty draft positions and on-field exploits of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, but he’s put together a fine first season in the NFL.

He had a particularly good day in Chicago last Sunday. He threw a touchdown pass to Golden Tate with 32 seconds left in regulation to give the Seahawks a lead that the Bears were able to turn back into a tie with a quick drive for a Robbie Gould field goal that sent the game to overtime. Wilson ran for 28 yards and completed all three of his pass attempts on the team’s first overtime possession, which ended with a 13-yard touchdown pass to Sidney Rice. It was a big win for the Seahawks in the playoff race and a big win for them after several previous failures to pull out close games on the road.

Wilson finished the day completing 23 of 37 passes for 293 yards and added 71 rushing yards for good measure. All of that was enough to make him the NFC offensive player of the week for the first time this season.

It’s also the first time in a long while that the Seahawks have been able to claim a winner of the award. Running back Shaun Alexander was the last Seahawk so honored, way back in 2005 during a season that ended with a Super Bowl berth.

24 responses to “Russell Wilson’s late heroics help make him offensive player of the week

  1. Start giving this guy credit, he’s a tremendous athlete and a very savvy QB for a rookie. He will be great if he can persevere.

  2. 2nd highest passer rating in the NFL week 6-present. Highest “QBR” rating in the NFL week 6-present. Dude’s on a roll, not much of a rookie anymore.

  3. Wilson deserves Rookie of the Year. No one handed him the job the way they did with Luck and RG3. He came into the league and the Seahawks were ridiculed for selecting him by guys like Mel Kiper. No one is talking about his height now. He had to beat out Matt Flynn. Give the kid and the Hawks their due. Wilson has earned everything and is now established as a top franchise QB. He put his team on his back Sunday and lead them on two game winning drives the length of the field.

  4. How was Adrian Peterson not the offensive player of the week? Russell Wilson had a good game but also relied upon his teammates for success. Peterson was a one man wrecking crew averaging 10 yards a carry for 210 yards with the Packers hell-bent on stopping him and ignoring the passing game.

  5. This guy can play reminds me alot of drew Brees not just because of his size but I think he can be just as good as him he does have Ice running through his veins the guy is tough an nothing phases him has alot of confidence will be a great QB in this league

  6. Love to see him get the recognition. I hope people will start talking a bit about him more in the media and get him what he deserves. Doing more with less thats essentially what russel is.

  7. The fact that Wilson is being completely pushed to the side of ROY talk is a sham. IMO Wilson and RG3 should be the conversation.

    Luck is good and will be a great NFL QB, but he’s 29th in the league in passer rating and has thrown more INT’s than Wilson and RG3 combined.

    I’m in no way putting Luck down but this idea that yards = great QB play is worthless.

    I would put RG3 above Wilson, and Luck below both of them.

    Unfortuantely Wilson doesn’t have prototypical QB measurements, plays in South Alaska, was a 3rd round pick (aka steal of the draft), and doesn’t need to be the whole show on Seattle’s offense.

    Mike Sando on compared the performance of Luck and Wilson vs. common opponents this year, and it wasn’t even close in favor of Wilson.

  8. No doubting that kid’s talent. Who else could throw an INT that wins the game for his team?

  9. oreo51 says: Dec 5, 2012 11:56 AM

    “Wilson has earned everything and is now established as a top franchise QB.”

    That’s my nomination for ridiculous homer take of the month.

  10. As a long time Seahawks fan. The thing that really gets me stoked is the fact that, looking back through the franchise history of the ‘Hawks, I don’t remember ever being as excited about the on field production of a QB we drafted. Everything about this kid says class. A lot of folks complained about his size, but the mental aspect of QB play is paramount. Everyone concedes that Peyton has lost a step physically and yet he’s having an incredible year because he is mentally tough and a student of the game. Those same word describe Wilson. I am not ready to call Wilson the next Manning, but I am excited about the possibility.

  11. The first of what could well be many in weeks and years to come.

    The thing is, the Seattle offense has been mostly conservative, only opening up when it needs to, like when trailing New England by 13 with nine minutes to play, or behind the Bears with 3:40 to go. With the possibility of Sherman and Browner getting suspended, Seattle’s defense may give up more points in coming weeks. If this happens, the offense will open up even more. IIRC, Sunday was the first time he’s thrown more than 30 passes in a game; if he has to throw 40 or more to keep up with a team that’s scoring a lot, he may put up the kind of big yardage numbers that get other QBs bigger headlines.

  12. After the win against the Jets in Week 10, CHFF asked “Where’s the hype?” and stating that Wilson, “is in the midst of perhaps the greatest streak of rookie performances in NFL history”.

    Looks like the hype is now getting started.

  13. Adrian Peterson didn’t help his team win. AP may not even be MVP, since nothing he can do can help his team.

    Keep in mind that sometimes a RB gets a ton of yards for exactly that – their team has no other option. I did say “sometimes”, and I personally think AP is the best RB ever.

  14. oreo51 says ” No one is talking about his height now.”

    First of all, I agree that he’s playing extremely well and should definitely be in the conversation about rookie of the year (if not at the front of that competition)… But if you watch every Seahawks game, like I do, you will realize that EVERY game announcer mentions his height EVERY single game. It’s ridiculous. The guy is out there making plays happen and throwing awesome shots down the field and the media just loves to drown that out with their talk of how short he is.

  15. Did anyone else hear Skip Bayless diss Wilson, saying basically “He’s short, if you keep him in the pocket, he can’t hurt you.”

    Mike Sando over at another website has since pointed out that Wilson’s rating in the pocket is actually HIGHER than his rating outside the pocket. Proving once again what everyone already knew: Bayless is an idiot.

  16. Well-deserved for Wilson, our D was ill-prepared for his scrambling ability, and he did a fine job in the clutch.

  17. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Wilson is an intelligent, mature young man with excellent qb skills. His future is bright.

  18. Wilson deserved it, he played against some of the top D’s in the NFL and has had his team in every game as a rookie. He just does not panic even under pressure he attack the line of scrimmage with his legs but always looking to pass. His improvement from game 1 is mind blowing and has work ethic pushes his team to play hard for him.
    Yeah the only person that mentions his height is Tim Ryan and he’s called 3 or 4 Seahawk games this year. Clearly the guy is talking with no substance because I watch every game and he has maybe 4 batted balls on the year total. Wilson in the 3rd round and Bobby Wagner in the 2nd, both of them are steals of the draft.

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