Sanchez thinks Rex was sending a message

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In past years, Jets coach Rex Ryan would send starting quarterback Mark Sanchez a message by giving former backup Mark Brunnell some first-team practice reps.

This year, Rex opted for a different approach.

Sanchez was benched after throwing three interceptions against the Cardinals.  And Sanchez now says that the message has been received.

“I think he was more or less sending a message,” Sanchez said Wednesday, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “It’s well received.  I know.  I got it.”

As he takes his job back, Sanchez sees the glass as both half full and half empty.

“It was probably the worst and best experience of my life,” Sanchez said.  “Hopefully you learn from it and move on and never look back.”

Sanchez definitely seemed to be trying to learn from the experience, furiously scribbling notes onto a clipboard, which prompted a smart-aleck tweet that was retweeted more than any other PFT tweet ever has been retweeted.

Still, the Jets have 8.25 million reasons to stick with Sanchez.  That’s what they owe him next year, regardless of whether he’s the starter, the backup, the third-stringer, or the personal punt protector — or whether he’s even on the team.  His pay is fully guaranteed with no offset; even if the Jets cut him and he gets $8.25 million next year from someone else, the Jets will still pay Sanchez $8.25 million.

With the $120.6 million salary cap not expected to go up much if at all, that’s too much money to spend on a guy you’re not using.  So the Jets have to spend the rest of this season working toward making him good enough to be the starter again in 2013.

After 2013, the guarantees go away.  And Sanchez possibly will, too.  Until then, they’re stuck with him.

27 responses to “Sanchez thinks Rex was sending a message

  1. The message? A kid who’s never played one down of NFL quarterback inspired more confidence than a former top-5 pick. Your career is over Mark, accept it.

  2. So who is going to give a “message” to Rex?
    Woody? oh wait… Who is going to give a message to Woddy? oh wait… what message?

  3. Shoot, Woody makes 8.25 mil just selling a week’s worth of toothpaste.

    I don’t see money being the main reason for not cutting Sanchez. In fact, I don’t see any reason other than a few sharp playoff wins for not cutting Sanchez.

  4. As for next yr, maybe the Jets can trade him to the Raiders for their next 1st rd pick. The Raiders are pretty stupid and love them some USC QB’s to stockpile.

  5. The Jets gambled and lost. They thought if they surrounded Sanchez with All-Pros and quality free agents in his first few years, they could win a Super Bowl. They didn’t. Now they’re stuck with expensive older players and a QB who is overpaid and isn’t good enough to carry the team on his own. Welcome to salary cap hell.

  6. That’s exactly what’s wrong with him. He needs a “message” to realize not to throw INTs, fumble the ball or to miss open WR’s by 15 yards.

    Of course sending him a “message” to “be a good QB” is the same as telling my cat “Be a dog”

  7. “It was probably the worst and best experience of my life,” Sanchez said

    how can being benched be described as the best experience of your life???

  8. The $8.25 million will play absolutely zero into the decision who starts next year or not.

    To think otherwise displays a profound lack of understanding on how the NFL works.

  9. And what kind of message does Rex send to the other 52 players and Jets fans when he sends MS back onto the field?

  10. i thought rex sent the message a long time ago, finally mark sanchez just figured it out.

    that’s is the qb that’s represent the jets.

  11. Oh a benching will turn him into a qb. I get it now, having a hard time remembering Brady and Manning benched, but it must have happened a LOT. Should bench him another week to get him to the level of an acceptable 3rd stringer.. Tebow’s been benched all year.. I bet he’ll look like Marino now, throw him in, lets test this theory.

  12. It’s not like the Jets would be the first team to have to eat a lot of money by making the right choice to move on from a bad player. He’s been given enough time to prove himself, he just doesn’t have what it takes.

  13. Until that lazy qb is benched and loses some serious income, no amount of message is gonna help. Rex confuses potential with actual performance. Plenty of people in the world with potential and one hit wonders.

  14. I think the funniest thing is how shocked he was by being benched. Peyton Manning should be shocked by being benched, not the 31st rated QB in the league.

  15. There is no reason to rush him back. Let him take a step back, learn from the sidelines and bring him back if McElroy struggles. Either way, Rex should never ever guarantee anyone (or anything) a starting job. Make them earn it every day.

    How are the Seahawks doing with their 8 million dollar back up? Pretty good, cause they are going to the better player, not the biggest salary. Sad to see Jets take the low road.

  16. Give McElroy a shot the guy doesnt have a strong arm but he can win and make good smart passes and thats all rex needs with a decent defense and good run blocking oline. Mark was a bust pick, its time to get over it and cut your losses. Maybe they get a shot with alex smith this offseason.

  17. We Pats fans love the jets – you can always count on them to screw up and you can always count on them for laughs – especially when you’re sitting around after a good Thanksgiving day feast, and you can count on them to be so far behind the Pats at halftime that you can just go go bed – those little touches mean a lot.

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