Schwartz slams Titus Young one more time on way out


If you had any doubts about Titus Young’s future with the Lions, you can pretty much consider them cleared up now.

The Lions had previously exiled him, and then placed him on injured reserve. But today, Jim Schwartz took napalm to any planks that remained on the bridge connecting player and team.

According to Anwar Richardson of, Schwartz said Young will have knee surgery: “Unless he doesn’t show up for it.”

That smoke you see over Michigan is from the crater that used to be Young.

Schwartz hasn’t been shy in the past about conflict, but ripping into players still on the roster (even parenthetically) is a bold move. It’ll buy him some cred among the Lions that care, and presumably didn’t care for Young’s mutiny.

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  1. It’s a shame, he blew a perfect opportunity to succeed alongside the best wide receiver in the game in one of the best passing offenses in the league. There is no room on a roster for a guy like that. Have fun in the CFL Titus

  2. Titus Young’s NFL career may be over, all thru his own doing. IMO, he certainly hasn’t established himself enough to be a “we’ll overlook that” player.
    More importantly, what he did in Detroit, with the full intent of harming his own team, likely won’t play well in the minds of 31 other GM’s and Head Coaches.

  3. Life Long Lions Fan Here.
    Know too much about this team.
    Here are the facts.

    Schwartz is awesome. Good coach. The problem is and will continue to be the G.M. Mayhew is a very poor drafter. With even a couple of the 2-5 round picks panning out over the last 4 drafts Schwartzs weakness wouldn’t be on display cause we would actually win games comfortably. No secondary. No DE’s. Drafting WR’s too early. The list goes on and on. If the G.M. was better we would all be talking about how good of a coach Jim is. It is incredible how much damage one bad egg like Titus can do. If Broyles was in sooner…like in the Packers game….we probably win 3 in a row against Green Bay, Texans, and INdy. Instead we lose three because of the harm that little cancer did. Jim should have smoked the kid out sooner….but I have to believe I would have done the same thing and tried to get the most out of Titus.

    Go Jim. Go home Mayhew.

  4. Good riddance. It was a clue there was an ego problem when he added ‘SR’ on his jersey this year. Titus ‘JR’ is an infant, the fans weren’t going to get confused. We get it, you’re the big boy. Wait, whaaa?

  5. comparing Young to Suh isn’t fair. Suh by all accounts is a hard worker and gets along with teammates. Young seems to live on his own planet. Honestly I’m more bummed about Broyles getting hurt…that kid really wants it and played decent football the past few games.

  6. Young is at fault for sure, but can anybody else see him deflecting attention away from himself? He is as much to blame for the loins immaturity as his players are. After all he is supposed to be the one in control, and anyone who has watched a lions game can see that he has no control over the team whatsoever.

  7. I’ve been following the NFL since I was about 7, which is almost 40 years now. That’s the most brutal thing I can remember hearing a head coach say about a player.

  8. Really? I thought the smoke was Schwartz’s career going up in smoke. He won’t be around to make a decision on Young in the off season after he gets fired so I’d say Young has a better chance than Schwartz of being here next year.

  9. LOLions …..

    Titus may be a problem but he wasn’t (evidently) when Schwartz & his comrades drafted him. Nor was he an issue heading into season 2012.

    This is just more evidence that the LOLions need to clean house (new hierarchy) & start over. May as well do it after the 2012 season. It’ll happen no matter what, sooner than later.

  10. goraidersgospurs says:
    Dec 5, 2012 1:42 PM
    I like how the coach just lost any trade vaule for him, same for Raiders & Rolando!!!

    This could be the dumbest post on this story. So you believe Schwartz lost any option to trade this fool because of his comment. As opposed to the acts of the player who intentionally sabotaged his own team. You contend no other coach in the NFL would have had any idea about what had happened if Schwartz had just kept quiet. You should be an honorary member of the Jets coaching staff with idiotic comments like that.

  11. I don’t understand the calling for Schwartz to be fired…especially from fellow lions fans. He’s the best coach we’ve had in forever, he’s brought the lions out of the gutter, they’ve outplayed the teams they’ve lost too about 5 times now and they could easily have 9 wins. It takes time for a team who is used to being below .500 to become a perennial playoff contender. Schwartz is a great coach and he has command of that locker room. Just because Titus young is selfish and nick fairley makes bad decisions. Mayhew is the one that drafted those guys not Schwartz

  12. Young is an easy target and perfect for Schwartz to lay down the law………..but he won’t do that for the other malcontents on the team who have embarrased the Lions over and over again.

  13. Coming out of the draft I thought the Lions got a good deal taking Titus Young in the middle of the second round. To me it seemed they got first round talent for a second round pick. I knew he had baggage taken from the NCAA, but I thought that his immaturity would subside quick after realizing he had an opportunity of a lifetime… I was wrong. Dead wrong. Now I am so glad my team passed on this kid.

  14. I wouldnt say Titus Youngs career is over just yet. Had he behaved this way on a well respected team with a well respected HC like New England or Baltimore then maybe.. But he did it in Detroit. No surprise a hot -headed HC didnt kno how to discipline a hot-headed young athlete. If Titus Young can learn to shut his mouth and keep his hands to himself there are enough bad teams in this league for someone to give him a shot.

  15. The sad thing in all of this is that it wouldnt surprise me if another team signs him out of desperation

  16. Schwartz is going to be fired because his teams have no discipline. I mean he has no discipline (see: throwing the challenge flag). Take it from a Bucs fan, changing from an undisciplined coach (Raheem) to a more stringent coach (Schiano) has made a world of difference. It will for the Lions too.

  17. trollhammer20 says: Dec 5, 2012 2:16 PM

    I’ve been following the NFL since I was about 7, which is almost 40 years now. That’s the most brutal thing I can remember hearing a head coach say about a player.

    Imagine if the internet was around when Parcells was ripping guys in the 80s. Locally, we heard a good bit (not all of it), but the things he said would make this comment by Schwartz seem like high praise. Young started this season off on a diva trip and spent all season doing this to himself.

  18. “I like how the coach just lost any trade vaule for him, same for Raiders & Rolando!!!”


    Young “Sr” killed his chances of having trade value when he lined up wrong on purpose.

  19. To try to resurrect his carreer, Young needs to:

    Check into a celebrity rehab center (if they’ll let him in – he’s not a celebrity).

    Go on Ellen (she the new Oprah, right?) to say he’s conquered his demons.

    Otherwise … he’s got a fine future in oil change technology. The kid had a winning lotto ticket and he blew it. Pretty sad, but it’s his own fault.

  20. I agree with “malekmj” on his basic sentiment that the GM is the first problem, however he oversimplifies it and makes it sound like there aren’t other major problems to be concerned with although replacing him with a new GM would indeed solve the vast majority of our problems which go way beyond him just being a poor drafter.

  21. I’m apparently in the minority of Lions fans who think Schwartz has done a pretty good job. Granted the last four losses have been absolutely some of the most painful in my 30 plus years rooting for the Lions, but sometimes a team needs to take a step backwards to take a step forward. I’m confident this team will rebound next year; they’re too talented to lose this many games. And good riddance to Titus Young.

  22. trollhammer20 says: Dec 5, 2012 2:16 PM

    I’ve been following the NFL since I was about 7, which is almost 40 years now. That’s the most brutal thing I can remember hearing a head coach say about a player.
    Dick Vermeil telling Larry Johnson to “take the diapers off” wasn’t real nice, either. You are old enough for that.

  23. The Titus-meltdown is a good example of the coach’s abilities much as the player’s. Really good coaches in team sports aren’t necessarily great strategy-folks, they’re good people-managers. Guy like Phil Jackson is ideal example. He got folks the likes of Dennis Rodman to produce, kept divas like Pippen and Jordan or Shaq and Kobe et al playing as a team. That’s a great coach for great talents.

    Weak coaches let divas get out of control, lose the team when the team is losing. Lose people like Titus or Suh when frustration sets in, or disappointment. And that’s something newbs in the NFL – fresh off college careers where the winning was so much easier – have a hard time adjusting to, and that’s when the coach really counts.

    Antics from the likes of Titus and Suh are from hitting consistent adversity for the first time on the field in their lives, and they don’t know how to handle it. Neither does their coach.

  24. MVP43,

    You and I agree, Schwartz did make a tough call but how about disciplining others. Or looking at the defensive coordinator who gave up 10 points in 4 mins. Prevent defense only prevents your team from winni ng. I know were looking at draft picks now but Gunther sucks. We played better with cover 2 or man to man. Colts game wasn’t the first he handed cuffed the players. We can look at our only playoff game in the last 12 years he blew. Maybe you step in and see what most of America is watching and stop doing Prevent Defense and we cool. If you don’t basically we lost already.

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