Suh says he’d “never celebrate anybody being injured”

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Ndamukong Suh knows at this point he’s a marked man. At the same time, he’s not sure what he can do about it.

After Colts guard Mike McGlynn accused him of celebrating over injured Colts tackle Winston Justice, Suh shrugged when discussing it with reporters.

“It’s not that I expect it, necessarily, but if it comes up it’s like another day, another walk in my life,” Suh said, via Chris McCosky of the Detroit News. “It’s something I am going to have to deal with and move forward from.”

The league cleared Suh for the shot on Justice, which came after an interception. McGlynn said Suh was dancing over his fallen teammate, though it’s hard to find video evidence of it.

“Since Sunday there’s been tremendous accusations, a lot of things said about me and the particular play that happened between me and Winston Justice,” Suh said. “I am the type of person that would never celebrate anybody being injured. I was celebrating my team playing well. . . .

“I feel bad that it’s even something I had to deal with, but it is what it is. I’ve been an easy target for negative things. I understand it’s part of my life and I am moving past it.”

Of course, as tempting as it is for Suh to make himself a martyr, the reality is he’s brought this kind of scrutiny upon himself by his own actions, and he’s going to have to accept the attention that comes as a result.

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  1. I still don’t understand why no Colt player confronted Suh on the field. You would think McGlynn would get in his face if he was taunting his injured teammate.

    Instead he waits until after the game to say something about it. Speaks volumes about McGlynn…

  2. Also:

    Suh wished Justice well in his recovery.

    “One thing I would like to say,” Suh said, “if he did receive a concussion I hope he heals back up real fast and is back on the football field.”

  3. Still looking for Suh to explained why he got all excited about a moment in a game he couldn’t back up with a win. Thinking you are going to win and delivering a result of a win are what separates a manchild from a man amongst men. We need more of the latter. Also we were 4-7 at that moment too, why is he throwing a party about one good play when now’s not the time to be patting yourself or your teammates on the back.

    You have to get up and ahead of the crowd before congratulations are warranted, and right now and during that play our team was in arrears, we were in debt to the fans for not delivering enough good plays, so we shouldn’t be celebrating like kids out there. Take care of business first, and then brag if you feel the need to brag or party about what you accomplished, which as of now is nothing noteworthy.

    Take that junk to the locker room and do it on your own time, but not when you are a losing team that is underachieving more than every other team.

  4. From the guy who says he was only trying to ” gain his balance” when he stomped on that packer guy who manhandled that entire game. That guy was a back up player too I think.

  5. You people just cannot handle the fact that Suh is really not this crazed man the media is trying to make him appear to be. Learn to deal with it. Eventually you will come to grips with the facts – Suh is not the bad man certain media types want you to believe.

  6. I love the idea that because a team is losing or has a rough record they should stop showing emotion, if that is the case you really have a problem with the team because they do not care about losing. You wants guys that play hard and with some pride every down, regardless of the score or team’s record. Something we are lacking enough of in Detroit at the moment.

  7. Not sure why we keep hearing about this with no fine and no video to watch? Will we be hearing that Suh “might” receive a fine or suspension the next time he makes a tackle and someone gets hurt?

  8. the way i got it was even though the hit was a cheap shot away from the play during the interception, it was technically legal.

    now, suh, if you’ve already marked yourself as a dirty player, and you don’t want people to ask you questions like this, either leave the cheap shot alone or quit complaining.

  9. If Suh is not this crazy guy. then why is it every week he has to defend his actions on the field? Clearly he plays over the edge and gets carried away with aggression towards the opposing team.

  10. “Of course, as tempting as it is for Suh to make himself a martyr, the reality is he’s brought this kind of scrutiny upon himself by his own actions, and he’s going to have to accept the attention that comes as a result.”

    Sorry Darren but its more the media that has created Suh’s negative perception then Suh himself. He made one mistake and stomped on some guy’s arm. Funny thing is Brian Robinson from Minnesota kicked the same guy in the nuts the week before, where is the media attention for Robinson? How come the media isn’t giving more attention to other players that have kicked opponents in the head or other repeat offenders? The answer is because Suh is a big name player and those other guys aren’t. Suh plays hard and because the media has stirred up this image of him as being a dirty player all the sheep start to believe it.

    I used to love this site but over the past six months the majority of writers on here have turned into douche bags.

  11. No video evidence of the hit or celebration, but you’ll find plenty of video evidence of McGlynn getting beat all day(by suh).

    No McGlynn confrontation on the field, but he did cry to mommy(media) after the game.

  12. He didn’t do this to himself…that’s the point no one seems to understand. The stomp is the only thing he has ever done that wasn’t just hard football. If you want your DTs to place the opposing QB gently on the ground like a delicate flower, suh isn’t the DT for you

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