Tebow will be No. 2 if healthy

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So much for Jets coach Rex Ryan reportedly leaning toward Greg McElroy as the starter on Sunday in Jacksonville.  Ryan isn’t even leaning toward McElroy as the backup.

According to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union, Ryan told the Jacksonville media that local product Tim Tebow will be the No. 2 quarterback behind Mark Sanchez, if Tebow is healthy.

Two weeks ago, Tebow was No. 2 and McElroy was inactive, even though Tebow had two broken ribs.

So maybe the folks who are showing up to see Tebow will actually see him play — especially if Sanchez continues his recent trend of throwing the ball to the guys on the other team.

UPDATE  12:57 p.m. ET: Ryan told the New York media that Tebow will be the backup only if he’s “completely” healthy.

24 responses to “Tebow will be No. 2 if healthy

  1. If I am McElroy, I am telling my agent to get me the he** out of there. He’s obviously never going to get his shot with that team.

    Listen, I’m not saying he’s the second coming of Joe Montana. I’m not even saying he will turn out to be an above average starting QB.

    But living in the NY/NJ Metro area, I get to see every Jets preseason game (not a jets fan though) so I have seen McElroy play, albeit against 2nd and 3rd defenses. I certainly think he’s shown enough to get a chance.

    And stuck behind a Top 10 draft pick and the most famous terrible QB in history, he’s not going to get it there.

  2. Oh, and by the way, for the “all Tebow does is win” folks out there, guess who was the MVP of SEC Championship game in 2009, when Tebow’s Gators got curb stomped 32-13 by Alabama:

    Greg McElroy.

  3. Well, they always said Rex was a defensive genius — he’s well on his way to destroying three Quarterbacks . . .

  4. Hate the Jets, but gotta respect Tebow for not being a distraction while not being given a fair shot to play and see what he can do for them. Anyone or anything can lead that team better than ‘Sanchize.’

  5. Looks for Timmy’s mysterious “rib injury” incurred while not practicing or playing (Was he was bowling with Andrew Bynum?, Did he slip while running shirtless in the rain? Where is the detailed media coverage of this injury?!?) to linger. That gives the Jets a media–acceptable reason to keep him on the bench where he belongs.

    And, no, not everyone in the Jax area is a Tebow / Gator fan. They have Alabama / McElroy fans in that part of the country, too.

  6. H3min123, Give Tebow credit for not being a distraction? With all due respect, you gotta be outta your mind. In all my decades of being a Jets fan i have never seen a bigger distraction. I will give him credit for being the stand up guy, supporting teammate and athlete that he is, but the guy is nothing but a walking distraction.

    Come on now…

    In my opinion though, the whole “completely healthy” technicality seems like a loop hole to me. Another chance for Rex to avoid the Tebow questions and still have time to consider activating McElroy for Sunday.

  7. realitypolice says:
    Dec 5, 2012 12:49 PM
    If I am McElroy, I am telling my agent to get me the he** out of there. He’s obviously never going to get his shot with that team.

    And stuck behind a Top 10 draft pick and the most famous terrible QB in history, he’s not going to get it there.
    Lol. Since when do 7th round draft choices with a total of two quarters of NFL experience start making demands on which teams they want to play for? The guy is lucky the Jets gave him a job. He is barely worthy of a roster spot on any NFL team.

    At this point, if anyone doesn’t think Tebow is the best QB on that roster I have to assume it’s because you have some type of personal grudge against the guy.

  8. @realitypolice …

    I love Charlie Batch and always will. But the Steelers desperately need a young backup QB who has the wherewithal to understand Haley’s offense. McElroy would be perfect because he ran a similar offense at Bama. I’ve been saying all year I’d give anything to get him for Pittsburgh … sigh.

    But maybe it would be better if Rex just started Tebow for a game to get the monkey off his back. That’s what the majority of fans want, and the question will linger until he just puts him in.

  9. I find the Tebow fans funny, do you think the wide receivers playing with tebow like him ? Probably not because he couldn’t hit them if they were wide open 30 yards out. He’s never going to be a starting quaterback in this league. Put Greg Mcelroy in why not see what he can do?

  10. I still think Ryan is doing Tebow a service leaving him on the bench. He can’t win with this team. There are no tools at all on the Jets to give him any sort of chance.

    Sanchez isn’t a top teir QB by any stretch, but with no running game and no widereceivers to speak of what is Tebow going to do better? Throw it to himslef? Run it every down behind a line that couldn’t open a hole in a wet paper bag?

    It would be a great addition to the Tebow mythology to have him come out and turn around the Jets year. But, no matter how great a storyline it would be, it isn’t going to happen.

    Tebow is only even backup to try and get tickets sold with Jacksonville pulling off the tarp. Give the fans some hope that they might just see him. The only way he sees the field is if Sanchez gets hurt and can’t keep playing.

  11. Can’t wait for the game long chants of “Tebow” if he’s even close to the sidelines. If the Jets have any common sense, he’ll still be “too injured” to dress.

  12. As a lifelong Jets fan, this kid should leave. He will NEVER get his chance even though he showed what he could do. 1 series 1 TD – Sanchez had 3 INTS / 1 on the first play of the game…..Rex needs to go

  13. As a Lifelong Jets fan and season ticket-holder, I honestly am not sure how much longer I can take this team spitting in the face of its fans.

    It’s apparent Ryan can’t get over his father/son bond with Sanchez. Now Woody Johnson is mandating Tebow serves as the # 2 so he can market his Jets to the Jacksonville area.

    I’ve previously fought against some of this site’s posters and their overkill Jets hatred, but you guys win – it’s a circus.

    All most Jets fans want is a smart caretaker QB while we build back the LB core and running game. Believe or not, there is some young talent on this team – it’s just a year or two from blossoming. Unfortunately, the front office continues to choke the franchise with their nonsense.

    Since it seems we won’t get McElroy this year, and cant’ get rid of Sanchez for 2013, all I want for Christmas is no more Tebow – it’s amazing you can learn to hate such a good kid simply due to his legion of moron followers.

  14. So, what you’re saying Rex, is that Sanchez will need to break multiple bones, get a concussion, at least one eye poked out and have a deadly case of double pneumonia before you’d put Tebow in.

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