Terrell Suggs calls himself a game-time decision

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Earlier on Wednesday, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said that linebacker Terrell Suggs had been told by doctors that he could return to the field after suffering a torn biceps last Sunday.

Suggs stopped short of saying that he absolutely will play against the Redskins this weekend, but said that sitting out the rest of the season was “not an option” he’s even considering. A determination about his status for Sunday’s game will come down to how well his arm responds during the week.

“We kind of live by the creed, ‘If you can breathe, you can play.’ But we just got to check it,” Suggs said, via the team’s website. “We got to see how it holds up throughout the week. It will definitely be a game-time decision on Sunday. If it’s a possibility I can play, then I’m going to play.”

Suggs said that he’s aware of the risk that he could make the injury worse by playing and that it is one he accepts if it means he’s on the field. It’s the second serious injury Suggs has battled this year. He tore his Achilles in the offseason and returned for the seventh game this season, quite a bit faster than anticipated.

7 responses to “Terrell Suggs calls himself a game-time decision

  1. Suggs: ‘If you can breathe, you can play.’

    Must have been holding his breath the whole time he was sitting out with an achilles injury.

  2. What are they feeding (or injecting) those guys in Baltimore. Suggs should have been shut down with both of those injuries, and now Ray Lewis is practicing? Hmm…….

  3. As a steeler fan I know all to well the “hero mentality” aka Ben. Playing well with that injury will not be easy against a running team like the skins. You can’t hurt the team because you cannot lose anymore games with us breathing down your neck. Denver is coming, New York is coming and finally a road game in Cincy . Three losses that put you behind your big brothers….. LOL. Use your head grasshopper in a wise manner or you miss more than the playoffs.

  4. I appreciate the toughness, Mr. Suggs; however, you’re a liability on the field if you’re playing with a torn bicep.

  5. Must have torn the proximal biceps tendon. This is one of 2 tendons that attach to the shoulder. The biceps still has function, surgery not required. 10-15% loss of strength in the arm is all. If he tore the distal biceps tendon, where it attaches to the elbow, he would be out for the rest of the season and would need surgery ASAP to re-attach the tendon.
    I know because i tore both- fixed one, living with the other, still playing flag football at 46.

  6. If Suggs wants to play that is up to him. Should he hurt himself further and never return to form that is on him also. As a steeler fan i don’t care one lick either way. As a football fan Suggs needs to sit and get healthy. Ultimately it is his decision on whether he thinks this is the year they make the super bowl. If they don’t and he permanently injures himself then that is the choice he made and will have to live with.

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