Alshon Jeffery, Devin Hester return to practice for Bears


With wide receiver Earl Bennett possibly out for the Chicago Bears match up with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, the return of Alshon Jeffery and Devin Hester to practice on Wednesday was a tremendous positive for the battered Bears.

Jeffery has missed six of the last seven games for the Bears with multiple injuries. Jeffery fractured his hand in October and missed four games before returning for the Bears game against the San Francisco 49ers three weeks ago. His return didn’t last one full game as Jeffery went down with a knee injury that required arthroscopic surgery.

Hester missed last week’s game against the Seattle Seahawks after suffering a concussion in the Bears first match up with Minnesota two weeks ago. The return to practice for Hester is a positive step in being able to play this week against the Vikings.

When Bennett went down with a concussion Sunday, the Bears only had three healthy receivers they could turn to in Brandon Marshall, Eric Weems and Dane Sanzenbacher. Chicago could get a big boost in getting Jeffery and Hester back on the field this week.

Jeffery has 16 catches for 199 yards and two touchdowns in six games for the Bears this season. Hester has 18 grabs for 203 yards and a touchdown.

15 responses to “Alshon Jeffery, Devin Hester return to practice for Bears

  1. NOW PLEASE… Put Ashlon Jeffery on the other side from Marshall and make defenses account for Marshall.. Forte.. Jeffery and let Hester return kicks & punts mostly. Cutler can take the Bears to the Superbowl if the O-line can keep him on his feet. BEAR DOWN!!

  2. @ chi01town… Right on brotha! Not sure why this coaching staff wants to start Hester at WR? A Jeffery & Marshall tandem places much more pressure on a defense than that lunkhead Hester. He can’t even return kicks well nowadays!

  3. It won’t matter, Packers are still going to finish out 4-0, sweep the division for two years in a row, and win the division.

    Maybe if they’re lucky the bears can still squeak in the #6 seed…


  4. You can bring in Jerry Rice as WR and it won’t matter…its all Coaching…Lovie/Tice are really bad at preparing the team for a win. Predictable Offenses.

  5. Doesn’t matter at this point – Cutler is in full “I only have eyes for Brandon” mode, just as he was in Denver.

  6. packfaninchitown says:
    Dec 6, 2012 7:54 AM
    It won’t matter, Packers are still going to finish out 4-0, sweep the division for two years in a row, and win the division

    And go one and done in the playoffs again.

  7. Lovie is good as a defensive coordinator but the NFL is a passing league now and Lovie still works on a smash mouth defense approach with someone else to worry about scoring.. The defense starters are getting old and unless the Bears are playing the Jags, the Titans or the Lions when they get behind by 10 or more it’s toast time. All this talk about the o-line has been going on before Cutler got here yet nothing has been done about it.

    The Bears are headed for many more years of indifferent mediocrity (meaning not really terrible but not Super Bowl qualifying performance) because being any better does not put any greater amount of dough in the McCaskey pockets. George Halas must be doing 500 rpms in his casket right now.

  8. Bears still need recievers(grade):
    Marshal= Outstanding
    Hester =Fail
    Jeffery= Incomplete (cannot stay on field)
    Davis = D (needs a bushel basket to make a catch)
    Bennett= D (injuried too often)
    the rest= not starter quality

  9. Packers fans getting bold because they are tied with Chicago for the north. the last 4 games have to be played and aint nobody gone lay down for greenbay. Everybody knows they gone pass the ball because they cant run it. defenses will pin they ears back and go after Rodgers. and here comes Ndonkeykong and the 40 dirt bags.

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