Brian Urlacher double-dips on horse-collar fines


For the second week in a row, Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher has been fined for a horse-collar tackle.

And it’s starting to add up.

According to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times, Urlacher will be fined $31,500 for last week’s tackle of Seahawks running back Leon Washington.

Urlacher was fined $15,750 for one on Vikings running back Adrian Peterson the week before.

He won’t get a chance at the trifecta any time soon, as Urlacher could miss the rest of the regular season with a hamstring injury.

UPDATE 12:01 p.m. ET: Jensen updated his previous report, clarifying that the fine schedule calls for doubling for a second offense, but that the league can choose to go above or below. Urlacher was actually fined $21,000.

9 responses to “Brian Urlacher double-dips on horse-collar fines

  1. Boooo! GODdell is RUINING the game with this nonsense!! You’re SUPPOSED to drag people down by their spine and destroy their legs and back in one go!! This is the NFL not the King County 10-12 year old slow pitch softball league!!

  2. At least Urlacher didn’t get concussed. That way he could lie about it and go right back out there. He’s done it before and will do it again.

  3. This fine is ridiculous. Urlacher has been one of the top money makers for the NFL over the last 12 years and this is the thanks he gets? Way to kick a guy when he’s down Roger… The NFL should be ashamed of themselves.

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