Broncos start fast in Oakland


Everyone figured the Broncos would have an easy time on Thursday night in Oakland. In the early going it appeared that everyone was right.

The Broncos jumped out to a 7-0 lead after marching down the field for a touchdown on their first possession, then increased the lead to 10-0 with a field goal on their second possession. The Broncos’ third drive, early in the second quarter, also ended with a field goal to make the score 13-0. The Raiders’ defense sacked Manning a couple times, but when Manning had time to pass, the Raiders had no answer.

On offense, the Raiders got a huge play when Carson Palmer hit Rod Streater deep for 58 yards, but they got nothing out of it when Palmer was intercepted by Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey after that.

Things got even worse for Oakland when safety Tyvon Branch, the best player in the Raiders’ secondary, left the game with an apparent ankle injury. The Raiders are going to need to turn things around in a hurry to avoid this one getting ugly.

20 responses to “Broncos start fast in Oakland

  1. How long are the Raiders going to stink? Its been over a decade now, is the ghost of Al Davis haunting them?

    On another note how bad is the AFC West? The Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers are all terrible. Denver has a good team but there isn’t a worse division in the league then this.

  2. I’m facing Peyton Manning in the first week of my fantasy football league’s playoffs. It’s essentially a death sentence.

  3. Funny how Brady and Manning are starting to hit their stride in December.

    As long as both those guys can walk, their teams are always there.

    With Brady, it’s Kraft and Belichick in the background. And Manning..I dunno….just a bucket of guts…and he brings it wherever he plays.

    And I hated that cat when he played for the Colts.

  4. This is quite possibly the worse raider team ever.only problem with being here at three game is you can’t change the channel or turn it off.

  5. Look at all the problems Von Miller creates. Even when he doesnt get a sack, holding penalties all night. He would have 4-5 sacks in this game if he wasnt getting held every play.

  6. Eight in a row for Denver. Yet another 10 win season for Peyton. If NFL GM’s knew what an impact he’d make there would of been even more pursuit of his services.

  7. As a Colts fan I haven’t got to see Peyton play much this year as we have been watching his replacement settle in. ( that’s a whole other story) I have to say after seeing him tonight Peyton looks as good as he ever has. He always had a knack of making other players around him look better and it is obvious he is still able to do that. Anyway, good Luck to all Bronco’s fans. Enjoy your legendary QB and I do so hope we get to play the Bronco’s in the playoffs. Can you imagion the ratings for that game? It will be very strange because normally there is so much hatred between teams during playoffs but because it’s Peyton Effing Manning and he still has so many fans here, I’m not sure what the response will be. I am thinking when Freeney and Mathis meet at the QB after they knock him down they will extend a hand to help him up. Maybe not.
    GO BLUE?

  8. What the hell is wrong in Oakland? How many times did Mayock point out “bad technique”? They look so disorganized every week. It’s like they’re not ready to play. It’s like they don’t watch any film or they don’t practice.

    No TDs in the first Q, 10 games in a row. One drive longer than 6 minutes in 13 games.

    It’s bad for business. I find that I am losing interest in football. The same guys making the same bonehead mistakes, week after week.


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