Chad Henne: Jets were eager to sign me as Sanchez’s backup


As Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne prepares to play against the Jets on Sunday, he’s thinking about how close he came to becoming a member of the Jets in March.

Henne confirmed that Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, who coached him in Miami, was eager to sign him as Mark Sanchez’s backup.

Tony called me as soon as free agency opened,” Henne said, via the New York Post. “Obviously Mark signed his contract before that, but they still were interested and wanted to get me in on a visit. But I had two visits already lined up, here at Jacksonville and also in Seattle, so New York kinda would’ve been my third opportunity. But it just didn’t work out. It was more coach Sparano and his offense feeling comfortable with me running that more than anything. Whether it worked out or not, it is what it is.”

It’s fascinating to think how the Jets’ quarterback circus might have changed if Henne were there. Perhaps the Tim Tebow trade never would have happened, and Tebow would have landed in Jacksonville instead. Perhaps with a more viable backup, Jets coach Rex Ryan would have had a quicker hook with Sanchez, and Henne would be starting for the Jets instead of the Jaguars on Sunday.

But either way, both the Jets and the Jaguars would probably still stink.

19 responses to “Chad Henne: Jets were eager to sign me as Sanchez’s backup

  1. Its not unusual for a coach to sign a former player, but is Henne going to follow a coach who is headed out the
    NFL door after 1 season. Sparno will be a line coach next season.

  2. Based on Henne’s body of work as the Dolphins QB the past few season’s I’m sure he was in great demand. I still don’t understand how the Jets thought Sparano was an upgrade from Schottenheimer ? After all you would think that the Dolphins under Sparano were an offensive jugernaut

  3. Tony Sparano practically killed Henne’s career in Miami. Chad was smart enough to head for the hills when he saw Tony’s number on the caller ID.

  4. Henne has had a few really great weeks in Jacksonville, and I give him his credit. But let’s not pretend that signing Henne to the Jets would have waved a magic wand over everything.

    The Jets would still be stuck with Sanchez’ overblown contract. They would still have terrible leaders. And the best QB on the roster would still be Greg McElroy .

  5. The same situation that is going on there now would have happened whether it was Henne or Tebow. Rex Ryan needs to go back to just focusing on Defense. He is in over his head, way over. Without great support from his coordinators and position coaches, Ryan can not get the job done. I think his brother Rob would make a better Head Coach. He seems a little more like his father Buddy than Rex does. Rex is too friendly with his players to get anything out of them.

  6. I think Chad Henne is a top 15 NFL QB if in the right opportunity. He was stuck in Miami with little to no talent,,,he was starting to really put up #’s before he got hurt

  7. I don’t blame him for going to Jacksonville at all. If you’re gonna be the backup for a horrible quarterback on a horrible team, at least he picked the place where no one would notice.

  8. “He was stuck in Miami with little to no talent”

    Talent wasn’t so much the issue as scheme was. Always checkdown, never take a shot, play scared.

  9. Take it from a dolphin fan.. Henne is a starter in this league.. We had the worst offensive coordinator ever in Dan henning.. I can’t tell you how of yet the called a play action pass on 3rd and 12

  10. The Jets HAD a legit back up before they signed Tebow. Drew Stanton. They promised they would keep him at number two, and he signed because the felt like that meant there would be a good chance he’d see playing time. Then the Jets signed Tebow and made him number two (although some would say Tebow has always been “number two”) prompting them to do the right thing and release Stanton even though they paid him a signing bonus.

  11. If Sanchez already had that crazy extention before FA you would have to be an idiot to sign with the Jets if you wanted playing time. He’s basically the unquestioned starter until the 2013 season is over no matter how terrible he is.

    Their GM should be fired for that extention alone.

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