Harry Reid makes a comparison between Republicans and the Jets


If there’s been a story covered more fervently than the Jets’ quarterback conundrum in the last few days, it is the efforts to find a legislative solution in the House and Senate to stop us from going over the “fiscal cliff.”

The two stories converged on the Senate floor Thursday. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, was giving a speech about the lack of leadership on the Republican side in negotiations that began with a meandering section which Sen. Reid used to complaine about the quality of the sports sections in the Washington Post and New York Times. He got around to saying that he likes to follow one football team in particular and he saw parallels between it and the G.O.P.

“And I’ve watched very closely — it’s not one of my favorite teams, but it’s really, really fun to watch — and that’s the New York Jets, New York Jets, yes, New York Jets. Coach Ryan, he’s got a problem. He has three quarterbacks: [Mark] Sanchez, he’s got Tim Tebow, he’s got a guy by the name of [Greg] McElroy. He can’t decide who their quarterback is going to be,” Reid said, via the Washington Post and Politico. “That’s the same problem the Republicans are having. Romney’s gone, but he’s still in the background. We have [Senate Minority Leader Mitch] McConnell and we have [Speaker of the House] Boehner. Who is the quarterback, Mr. President? Who is the quarterback?”

Reid’s commitment to his zinger went a bit deeper to his commitment to following the Jets, who named Mark Sanchez their starting quarterback on Wednesday. If he felt like extending the analogy between the team Woody Johnson owns and the party he supports, Reid could appoint Senator Jim DeMint to the role of Fireman Ed after DeMint announced that he’s leaving the Senate to run the Heritage Foundation.

It’s a shame that the late Jack Kemp is no longer in Washington. Then the Jets could send Sanchez down to D.C. to work on the economy while Kemp came back to the NFL. He’d be awfully old but we’re guessing he’d win more than a votes from the Jets faithful.

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  1. Harry doesn’t realize that he, and the rest of the gum flapping senators and congressmen, are less popular than any of the Jets.

    Football should stay out of politics, and politics should stay out of football. Go away Harry.

  2. Reid is Kotite without as high a competency level. You look up “doofus” in the dictionary and there he is, along with McConnell, Boehner, and Pelosi.

    Kemp would probably be more likely to win a given game than any of the current Jets QBs, as long as he had Cookie Gilchrist to carry the ball. Kemp was one of the best “game manager” QBs of the old AFL.

    Come to think of it, former Congressman Heath Shuler could probably do better than the current Jets QBs.

  3. It’s a shame that the late Jack Kemp is no longer in Washington.

    Well, you have to be alive for that. I think this would have been better as, It’s a shame that Jack Kemp is no longer with us because then…

  4. Oh Harry. He was on target but missed. The problem with both is they have three people claiming they’re the quarterback but everyone of them sucks, and the super religious guy is annoying.

  5. Harry Reid is a jackass.

    Reid is Sanchez. Terrible leader that’s done nothing to earn it, but continually given the position of leader.

  6. Pefrect example why this country is on a big slipperly slope going down!

    Time to get rid of those old grumpy morons that are destroying this great country!

  7. Harry Reid with your track you are the Cleveland Browns! Just go away and go back to ruining our country!!

  8. Woody Johnson supported Romney because he is a Republickin’.
    The Jets are a perfect reflection of GOP management.

  9. Reid should have just noted that if Woody Johnson devoted the same time over the past year to his ballclub that he did trying to get Romney elected–traipsing around Israel with Mitt and all the rest–then the Jets might not be as bad as they are.
    Either that or more focus by Johnson might have meant they’d be even worse.

  10. While the republicans are trying to figure out who the quarterback is, Harry Reid and the President have already decided to punt.

  11. drgreenstreak says: Dec 6, 2012 3:52 PM

    Woody Johnson supported Romney because he is a Republickin’. The Jets are a perfect reflection of GOP management.


    You mean actually making a profit?

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