Jenkins says Washburn spoke highly of coaches

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In the wake of the abrupt termination of Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn, reports surfaced that Washburn openly disrespected former defensive coordinator Juan Castillo by calling him “Juanita” in front of players.

Eagles defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins undercuts that notion.

“Wash with his personality, he’s just a fiery person,” Jenkins said, via Tim McManus of  “If you really know him you know he’s a good-hearted person, he speaks highly of all the coaches when he talked to us, so we never sensed anything like there was anything personal or anything like that.”

Jenkins also believed Washburn was good at what he did.

“Wash was a good coach. He just wanted the best for us,” Jenkins added.  “People may not agree with his ways or saw what his goals were for us — I’m talking about people from the outside looking in — but Wash was a good coach.  He had us motivated and playing hard.”

None of this means the reports of problems between Washburn and Castillo are inaccurate.  Jenkins arrived in Philly not long after Washburn, and thus there’s a chance that Jenkins had as much or more of an affinity for Washburn than any other coach in the organization.

Or maybe Jenkins hopes that if he doesn’t parrot the talking points he’ll get cut and then land a chance to play for a contender.  Or maybe the Jaguars.