Madam to name high-level NFL client on Dr. Phil


Someone at the league office is going to be getting coal in his stocking for Christmas.

A woman who has admitted to running a Manhattan prostitution ring says she plans to disclose next week on Dr. Phil’s show the names of big-name clients.  The first, according to the New York Post, will be a high-level NFL executive.

“There is going to be a giant name dropped — actually, a couple of them,” Anna Gristina told the Post.

Gristina was asked if that’s “giant” with a capital “G,” which drew a laugh that has been described by the Post as “mischievous.”

“Everyone’s going to have to watch Dr. Phil,” Gristina said.  “I will tell you that one of the names is high-level [NFL] management.  Then there’s an older [football] player who’s still very well known.  Tune in to Dr. Phil!”

Gristina, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to one count of promoting prostitution, currently is on probation.  She received permission from a judge on Wednesday to travel to L.A. for the taping of the Dr. Phil show.

The taping happens next week, and the show will be aired roughly a week later.  It’s unlikely that the name of the executive will remain secret for long after the name is disclosed to the studio audience.

69 responses to “Madam to name high-level NFL client on Dr. Phil

  1. “Dr.” Phil, the bastion of psychological credibility. Remember when he went off the deep end to try and get the Britney Spears interview? Anyways this woman is a criminal, thus a liar, so why believe what she has to say? Odds are “Dr” Phil is paying her.

  2. Its going to be someone we’ve never heard of but his life will be ruined because everyone’s right to know is more important than his right to exist.

  3. My guess; Woody Johnson or Mike Tannembaum of the Jets. They seem like the kind of guys that would do that, which would explain why their team sucks. Too much time in brothels, not enough time scouting talent.

  4. One of my favorite movie quotes (other than anything from Shawshank & Green Mile) is from Four Brothers, “You don’t pay a “pro” to “do” you…you pay her to LEAVE. Shame these “pros” can’t keep their mouths closed. Unless these high level people didn’t pay then they got paid for their provided services and, as in my line of work “transaction complete”. Services rendered, payment for services…done.

    Whomever the name she drops is I hope he doesn’t apologize taking a James Harrison-like stance.

  5. Why does anyone care about this? He wants something he is willing to pay for, she has something she is willing to accept money for. Consenting adults getting what they want. Legalize it, make it safe, regulate it, and tax it.

  6. Please be Goodell, that would be the ultimate chistmas gift to football fans (and the players).
    It doesn’t seem like there would be any other way to get that clown out of power.

    As far as the older player goes, what’s betting Giants great LT (original) is on her books.

    I see HUGE money exchanging hands between now and the taping, meaning no name ever gets exposed.

  7. This should be interesting. I won’t watch it, but twitter will definitely be sufficient. I know this has zero chance of happening, since she said a high level executive and an older NFL player, but how crazy would it be if she named Tim Tebow? Skip Bayless would have his head explode!

  8. Steve B says:

    It would be so awesome if the name revealed was John Mara.
    If it is, The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person will fine the Saints and/or Redskins. It’s what he does.

  9. The older player will probably be Joe Nameth and honestly who cares about players sleeping with women? Big deal. Anywho this will only be intriguing if John Mara is named because he likes to portray this holier than vow image of the Giants and himself and generally just thinks he has all the answers for everything football. Of course if roger goodell is named I think all football fans would get a good laugh.

  10. I don’t care what name is revealed but I find it funny that Dr. Phil, who’s supposed to be a psychologist helping people, uses his show to reveal big names for ratings. Seems like an ethics issue.

  11. quote”Looks like roger got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Karma”
    It wasnt his hand and it certainly wasnt a cookie jar but sweet non the less.

  12. Hopefully Scott Pioli, 2-10 for some reason can’t get him fired so maybe this could… I just wonder if the Belcher incident will give him free pass for another year. Though it shouldn’t, they were 1-10 before, now they’ll get motivated, win out or something stupid and Hunt will be duped into keeping everyone.

  13. Goodell and Jerry Jones in a three-way, with Dan Snyder watching? What a disgusting thought but it sure would make for good conversation.

  14. I’m praying that it’s Roger Goodall that is one of her clients. But this is just a way to shake someone down for some additional money.

    But it would be so great if it were Adolph Hitler Goodall. Then he would have to step down..and the world would be a better place.

  15. Gristina is a redskin fan, and she said that if Mara takes away that cap penalty, then she will not reveal his name on Dr. Phil. What are you going to do Mara…….

  16. Why do people keep naming the owners of the Jets and Giants when the article specifically says it is a league executive?

    And why are people saying Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow when the article states “older” NFL player?

    And I agree with the people on here who say to legalize it. If it were properly regulated, there could be confidentiality agreements involved and we wouldn’t have to worry about people’s lives getting ruined.

  17. BTW, if it’s Robert Kraft, Roger Goodall will personally go take her out before the show ever tapes…between mowing Kraft’s lawn and washing his fleet of cars, that is…

  18. “Now this is what I call “Pay for Performance” with Intent to Injure a prostitute” Not if it’s Favre, he couldn’t hurt anyone with that little thing.

    But I bet it comes out the guy just likes to fondle feet.

  19. “There is going to be a giant name dropped — actually, a couple of them,” Anna Gristina told the Post.

    Ahhhh, more shills for the show. Probably never heard of these names yet to be disclosed.

  20. myopinionisrighterthanyours says:Dec 6, 2012 9:21 AM

    I think it’s going to be Roger Godell and De Smith.

    With a face like his, I’d bet Maurice Smith has to pay for it, even having all of the money he’s stolen from those he’s supposed to represent.

  21. When did it become OK for paid sex workers to start revealing their clientele?

    I always assumed that transactions of this type came with an expectation of anonymity.

  22. He who casts the first stone…………… The madam in question was given a $2M bail and sat in Rikers. She has been sentenced to 6 months in jail and 5 years of probation.

    This is absolutely insane! Prostitution is as old as time. If New York were so worried about it; make it legal, have health standards, and tax it. For crying out loud people; she is a Mom to 4 children. I don’t have an issue with the business she runs and clearly she has made a good living.

    I don’t know that I agree with her speaking about former clients, however, her business is over with and she is going to make what money she can while the fire is still hot.

    For those that are so holier than thou and look down their noses at these women; go to hell. They are trying to earn a living and raise a family like anyone else. She didn’t murder anyone! She isn’t amongst the numbers of people on welfare or draining state benefits.

    For those that were clients; it is there business and not one to be flaunted in the media spotlight. You and I will never know what their marriages or relationships are and what drove them to seek out these services. They owe no one an explanation for their actions except for those that it directly impacts; aka their family.

    Ravens Lady

  23. It would be MOST awesome if this does indeed pinpoint Goodell. Then maybe we could finally be rid of this PEST.

  24. Dr. Phil turning into Jerry Springer

    Very nice of Phil to do this right before the holidays and mess with folks lives

    So a convicted fellon is going on TV to drop names and we are going to take her at her word?

    And all of you upstanding folks wish its this guy or that nice real nice.

    I am sure you are all upstanding folks who have never done anything wrong.

    I could careless if they need to pay to play so be it just hope the chicks where hot

  25. On any other day, I wouldn’t care, but because it is going to be broadcasted, I can’t help but wonder who it is. I personally don’t see an issue with Prostitution, there could be safe ways to help regulate it. Hell, the state of washington and colorado legalized weed, F that, imagine the tax revenue you could make off sex.

  26. She may as well come out and say it was us fans since we’ve been the ones getting screwed by ticket prices, referees, concession prices, and annoying TV commentary.

  27. Don’t get your hopes up: The “older player” is probably some third-string punter that got cut in training camp ten years ago.

  28. Here is a place where the government could focus on saving money. There is zero reason why tax payer money should be spent on criminalizing what happens in the bedroom between consenting adults.

    Whoever the names are should be a so what issue. So a couple of players paid some agency who paid a girl for sex. Who got hurt? No one.

    That names are going to be dropped. Please. Is there any doubt that a huge percentage of pro sports players have hired an escort at one time or another? And who cares if they did as long as no one got hurt and the girl is legal age and consenting.

    People need to get a life.

  29. I’m not familair with the story but apparently she’s already on probation, which means it’s been in court already. If the names didn’t come up then, it won’t now…or if it has, the person’s name were of no significance to the NFL world.

  30. “I will tell you that one of the names is high-level [NFL] management. Then there’s an older [football] player who’s still very well known”

    Older player = Brett Favre. Guaranteed.

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