Mike Tomlin announces Ben Roethlisberger will start on Sunday


Ben Roethlisberger is back.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin confirmed today that Roethlisberger, the quarterback who has missed the last three games with rib and shoulder injuries, will be back in the starting lineup on Sunday against the Chargers.

“He has been above the line in all areas,” Tomlin said of Roethlisberger’s performance at practice this week. “Really, the only question we can’t answer is taking a hit. Obviously that will be answered in the stadium on Sunday. I am extremely comfortable with his ability to work the field both vertically and horizontally. He has great velocity on his ball. We’re ready to go.”

The question about Roethlisberger’s ability to take a hit is a significant concern because of reports that Roethlisberger’s rib was broken in an area that another hit before it was fully healed could risk puncturing his aorta. But if the Steelers’ doctors cleared him to play, they’re surely satisfied that his rib injury is sufficiently healed that that’s no longer a risk.

And so Roethlisberger will be back, as the Steelers fight to stay ahead of the Bengals for the AFC’s sixth and final playoff spot.

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  1. Lock it up! Playoff spot is sealed. And wouldn’t surprise me if we won the AFCN. Ravens are about to crumble down the stretch. Like they normally do!

  2. We don’t have to win out to make playoffs. Just have to beat Bengals at home in week 16 and go 10-6. Heck 9-7 might do it!!

    Michael David Smith: This is correct. If the Steelers beat the Bengals Week 16, they only have to go 2-1 in their other three games to clinch the playoffs.

  3. The drama queen is back. Not since Steve McNair has an NFL QB made such a big deal about “being tough” and playing through injuries….like he’s the only QB in the league who goes through this. What he is, is the only QB in the league who does it through the media.

    Let the suck up begin.

  4. Rar Rice unleashed the Curse of theTerrible Towel. They won’t win another game this year.

    Steelers win the AFCN, and the Bengals pull a Wild Card.

    The Ravens? They get to keep a dirty Terrible Towel as a momento.

  5. Sounds good, let him start. He gets hurt again NOW so even if they do clinch the playoffs they dont get past the Wild Card. They need to be at home watching the Super Bowl with everyone else.

  6. ravenator says:
    Dec 6, 2012 3:54 PM
    When they lose to the chargers what will the excuses be. Wait arent they in second place?


    Where were you on Sunday after the Steelers beat the Ravens?

  7. I can’t believe steelerben is getting thumbs down for saying “never count your chickens before they hatch.” Wise fans take games one at a time. The only thing we should be thinking about is San Diego. It’s the players trying to anticipate their brilliant scoring runs as they watch the Jumbotron who end up fumbling the ball short of the goal line. Right now … we’re in a good place. Let’s just be glad for that.

  8. imthedudedude says:

    “They will lose against the chargers and cowboys.”

    And lose to the Browns. Again…

  9. Ravens are sad. They got schooled by Charlie Batch lol, a dinosaur who played like a high school QB against the Browns for crying out loud!

    Ravens fans, keep being jealous that Flacco is no Big Ben. Just admit he’s one notch better than the other clown QBs over the years: Kyle Boller, Troy Smith, Jeff Blake, Chris Redman, Anthony Wright, Elvis Grbac, Tony Banks. What a joke hahahaha…

  10. Lock it up! Playoff spot is sealed. And wouldn’t surprise me if we won the AFCN. Ravens are about to crumble down the stretch. Like they normally do!


    Steelers cannot win a tiebreak scenario with the Ravens. At the very best, they would lose in the 4th tiebreaker of conference record (Ravens already have 10 conference wins, while the most the Steelers can reach is 9).

    To win the division, Steelers will have to win it outright by winning 3 more games than the Ravens with 4 to go. The Ravens only need to win 2 more games to close out the division. Unfortunately, I think they will.

  11. @griblets after last week I could easily see the Ravens losing 3 games to the Redskins, Giants, Broncos and Bengals. The way each of those teams are playing lately and since they are each playing for their playoff lives (except Broncos who are looking for a bye) thats a real tough schedule. Bolts, Cowboys and Browns? Not so much.

  12. Here is the truth of the matter coming from a die hard Pitt fan. If Pitt quits fumbling (and that is a big if) and our defense plays at the level that they have played during the last quarter of the season, any team that Pittsburgh meets is going to have to play a perfect game to beat us. Pack a lunch whoever plays Pitt, cuz it’s going to be a long day!

  13. Ben shouldn’t play unless we get behind and remember C-Batch beat the elite Flacco led ravens. After Sunday we will be one game out of first place and the ravens will be starting their usual late season decline.

  14. As a ravens fan it cracks me up hearing all of the “ravens will crumble” talk. I agree that the ravens are less than impressive and are probably a one and done team this year but just remember that the steelers have only beaten 3 teams with a winning record this year. Also suffered losses against the winless at the time raiders and a 1 win titans team, and that was with a HEALTHY Roethlisberger. And say what you want about flacco, but the man has a winning record and has won in the playoffs. Elite? no, but nowhere near a bum either. Not trash talking, just stating facts. So here’s to some good fortune and health and hopefully round 3, in baltimore!

  15. The Ravens are indeed in first place, but that unexpected, deflating, exasperating loss Sunday put a damper on their post-season expectations. They may not admit it, but that loss hurt as much as that end zone incompletion last year in Foxboro. Now they realize they’re not an elite team, they will lose on the road in the playoffs, and Joe is not the QB that will get them over the top.

  16. The question about Roethlisberger’s ability to take a hit…

    Don’t worry, he’s playing the Chargers.

    Signed, Sad Charger Fan.

  17. What’s more embarrassing? Losing to the Raiders, Titans, and Browns? Or losing to a 3rd team, 38 year old QB (at HOME)???

  18. Lets try NOT to play down to the competition boys, NO NFL game is a gimme…considering the history as of late there seems to be an ugly pattern of playing bad to struggling teams..lets change that Sunday!!!!

  19. Ravens best football played this year is in their rear view mirror. A 38 yearyear old third team QB made their defense look old and slow last week, and a second team QB with broken ribs would havehave beat them the first game except for a pnt return TD. Steelers defense smoothered mighty Joe Flacco and that high powered Raven offense both games and every Raven fan knows that. Steelers are the better team rught now by a mile.

  20. steelers fans dont care about Ben’s long term health, they just want the playoffs, too bad they will fail!! huh 6ringsofdooshery?

  21. Hopefully the Browns will means something so we can ruin your dreams. Take em down twice, especially with Big Ben. Lets not talk about the turnovers, it’s part of the game. Right? End of story. Go Browns..

  22. Thank goodness! The anxiety associated with watching our offense the last few weeks will finally be gone.

  23. Hey Steelers fans, how many lombardis do you have??? How many??? I don’t think you’ve mentioned that… Seriously though you have to recognize that 4 Championships were in the 1970s. I’m guessing many of you weren’t even around to experience those championships or are a typical bandwagon Steeler fan and couldn’t even name which year those championships took place. You are the most annoying fans ever. Who takes a home field prop like a terrible towel every where you go and wave it around like an idiot??? You’re the only fans that feel the need to scream and yell and tell everyone, “hey! Look at me!! I like the steelers!!!” NO ONE CARES.

  24. Truth is Ben was ok to play last week from a health perspective, but he and the team wisely did not put him up against Baltimore, who would have been gunning for him the entire time.

    Finally, key people getting healthy and good decisions being made, just at the right time. Don’t count my Steelers out of anything just yet!

  25. Charlie Batch has one good game left in the tank and one more week for Ben to get even closer to 100%.

  26. @ravensdominate,

    where do we draw the line ? From the date the Ravens franchise was established and go forward ? The last 10 years ? The last 8 years ?

    Steelers still come out on top in any range above, even excluding the Superbowl victories from the 70’s.

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