Mike Zimmer: Dez Bryant reminds me of Michael Irvin

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Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been on quite a roll lately.

He has 29 catches for 475 yards and six touchdowns in his last four games, three of which have been Cowboys wins that have kept them in striking distance of the Giants in the NFC East. It’s the kind of consistently strong performance that the Cowboys have been hoping to see since Bryant joined the team and it has the guy charged with coming up with a plan to stop him this weekend thinking about another Cowboys wide receiver who made in impact in the No. 88 jersey.

“He really reminds me in a lot of ways of Michael Irvin. The way he can go get the football, his acceleration, his run after catch, his strength, you know Michael was great. He used to push guys off. Dez seems like he has great strength when running routes in press,” Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer said in an interview on KESN, via the Dallas Morning News. “He’s made some unbelievable catches on back shoulder fades that (Tony) Romo has thrown to him. In the Redskins game, he caught that ball and ran about 65 yards. He turned on the jets on that one. I think he’s a tremendous football player. They have a lot of talent there.”

It’s not the first time that Bryant’s drawn Irvin comparisons. They’ve come from his exploits on and off the field, although the Cowboys obviously hope there’s more of the former than the latter as his career unfolds.

The Bengals defense has been playing well during the team’s four-game winning streak, although that’s mitigated a bit by the fact that the last three of those wins have come against the Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers. Bryant and the Cowboys will provide a stiffer test for Cincinnati in one of the few games this weekend with major playoff implications for both teams.

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  1. “Mike Zimmer: Dez Bryant reminds me of Michael Irvin”

    Just hopefully not in his personal life. I wouldn’t wish tha on anyone.

  2. What Dez is doing cocaine now? I loved Irvin at the U, hated him with Dallas because of what he could do to a team, especially my Skins. Dez on the hand, no where near the Playmaker. Heck, Dez isn’t even at Miles Austin’ level yet.

  3. The thing that this kid has most in common with Irvin is the patented illegal push off move. Oh…and the fact that his personal life is a disaster.

  4. in what way ? as a offensive pass interferer, or as a womanizing junkie. worst selection to the hall of fame ever.

  5. Dez Bryant reminds Mike Zimmer of Michael Irvin? Really?? When did Dez Bryant make a court appearance wearing a full-length mink coat? I must have missed that one.

  6. Dez isn’t in the same league as Irvin. Michael Irving was one the hardest workers on the Cowboys. Irvin spent hours on hours after practice learning routes and conditioning. Dez, on the other hand still doesn’t know the playbook after three years on the team. For game day, Dez doesn’t even bother to tuck in his shirt. He looks like he plays; sloppy. The only thing Dez has in common with Michael Irvin is the #88 and he doesn’t even deserve that.

  7. everyone is a comedian now a days. How about they are both tremendous playmakers that attack the ball like wide receivers and tremendous runners after first contact. Dez is playing lights out right now and he isnt even close to how good he will be when he learns the game more thoroughly and runs better routes

  8. Cowboys fan here.

    Dez is playing well, in the last four games this year. That’s roughly 1/4 of a season. Mike (whom I hated as a player) played well almost his entire career.

    Mike was a very hard worker, had incredible practice/film study habits, and was an effective leader in the locker room (when he wasn’t stabbing his teammate for a disagreement on Irving’s barber skills). Dez is a vocierous follower, who appears to be riding his talent, instead of cultivating his natural ability.

    When Dez is on, he is pretty amazing and talented. But sadly, when he is on, it usually brings into focus (for me) the question of “why isn’t he like this more consistently?” And the answer is simple: he just doesn’t put in the extra time and effort to perfect his craft.

    Dez is a very talented WR, no doubt. But unless he starts putting his time in at the film room, or practicing fine tuning his routes, he just isn’t going to join the ranks of Andre, Fitz, or Megatron (or whatever you consider the best WR’s to be).

    As or the Bengals game….I would love to tell you that I have confidence Dallas is going to win. Unfortunately, watching them barely beat the browns, lose to the Skins, and then barely beat the Eagles, I can only tell you I expect Dallas to play a close game but in the end lose.

  9. He would be even better and more like Irvin if Garrett wasn’t either the HC of OC for this team. Garrett rarely calls slants – Irvin’s forte. I still think what could have been if he didn’t put his hand down on the line vs. the Giants, plus all of the other turnovers. Another victory vs. the Giants would have been a 2 game swing and another division win, plus the other 2 losses that Garrett caused. Dez still has work to do, but the Cowboys needs to move away from Garrett as well.

  10. I like how during the Bengals 4 game win streak everyone crushes them for the last 3 games. No one mentions that first game was a 31-13 dismantling of the New York Giants.

  11. “joetoronto
    Dec 6, 2012, 9:49 AM EST
    Not really, I haven’t see Dez stab someone in the neck with scissors yet.”

    The sky is falling! Joe commented on a Bengals article without bashing them. I must be dreaming

  12. Zim reminds me of the worst D-Coord. Doesn’t know how to use his young talent. plays favorites. Watch the boys blow them up. Bengals aren’t young enough on D to hang with them.

  13. “Except Irvin has played in and won meaningful games.”

    Irvin’s got that over the Eagles, too.

  14. Dez Bryant will never be the Leader Michael Irvin was and will never bring the Intensity that Michael Irvin brought. Ya hes a fun football player to watch and could even turn out to be really good. But Micheal Irvin had it all. A football mind. And Dez Bryant will never have that, at least not 2/4 of What Michael Irvin had. No one can do what Micheal Irvin did. Good hands push people off.. Ya ok. You got me there. 1 more thing. learn to run some routes Dez. Lets go Dallas!

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