Peyton Hillis calls Joe Thomas “crazy ex-girlfriend”

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Yeah, this isn’t going to end well.

A day after Browns tackle said Chiefs running back Peyton Hillis became a bad teammate while looking for a new contract, Hillis dismissed Thomas as a stalker.

According to the Associated Press, Hillis said Thomas was like a “crazy ex-girlfriend” who refused to move on.

Browns tackle Joe Thomas got the ball rolling yesterday, accusing Hillis of selling out the Browns in his quest for a new contract, saying he was “basically refusing to play” last year.

“Joe Thomas, he can have his opinions all he wants,” Hillis said. “It’s kind of like a crazy ex-girlfriend, you know? It’s been over a year. Get on with it.”

He also said it was easy for Thomas to take shots at him when “you get paid $100 million by one team,” referring to the eight-year, $92 million contract Thomas signed last August.

Of course, referencing the contract he obviously was looking himself for doesn’t help him look like a sympathetic character here.

41 responses to “Peyton Hillis calls Joe Thomas “crazy ex-girlfriend”

  1. So in other words, Hillis did not deny the truth of the allegations?

    I used to love Hillis when he played for the Broncos and I absolutely despised McDaniels for trading him away, but now I see they’re much better off without him. Great job, McD, you finally got something right!

  2. Lol @ Peyton Hillis calling anyone else “crazy.”

    After all the knuckleheaded stunts he pulled when with his Browns team, Hillis should just shut his trap and be thankful he has a job in the NFL. Especially one that doesn’t involve shouting the words, “get your hotdogs here!”

  3. 92 mil contract or not, this just confirms everything Thomas said. Not like it needed conformation.

  4. Hillis! Serious question brother! What have you done last year, or this year, besides sit out half of each season? And you wanted a big contract? C’mon man!

  5. Joe Thomas gets handed $92 million for doing his job but criticizes Hillis for trying to get even a fraction of that money?

    Hillis ran hard and strong and took on every tackler and to say he was wrong for trying to make a decent amount of money for the effort while praising an over-rated Joe Thomas is hypocritical.

    If Hillis had any other 1100 yard rusher in the NFL with his strength and size he’d have been handed a few million and a year or two contract.

    Only one reason he wasn’t and you all know what it is, just like Hillis does.

  6. I can’t wait for him to say something corny to D’Qwell Jackson. Cleveland hates you Hillis. You and LeBron are peas in a pod… other than the fact that he isn’t a flash in the pan one year wonder.

  7. Yeah, Thomas gets paid all that money because he actually plays every game the Browns have had since drafting him and goes to the Pro bowl every year.

    He had one DECENT year. Oh poor baby, you have strep throat and can’t play, Alex Mack payed a game with freaking appendicitis and had it ripped out after the game.

  8. The guy who turned down 26 million and cycled through 4 agents in one year (all who screamed “TAKE IT!”) is worried about Joe Thomas’ money.

  9. Apparently Peyton Hillis is still faking injuries in hopes of getting a huge contract, because he’s already missed 3 games this season due to injury.

    An alternate theory is that he simply gets injured a lot. But why believe that when you can believe ridiculous stories about him wanting to join the CIA?

  10. So you are going to call the 5 (soon to be 6) time pro bowler crazy, when you had one good season, a madden cover, and nearly retired to join the CIA? Yeah I can see why you’re paid $3 mil. and he is the highest paid OT in NFL history.

  11. Joe Thomas, perennial Probowler, has never missed a single snap. Peyton Hillis, backup Rb, missed half the season with an alleged sore throat. Yeah, I think JT has the right to question peoples toughness, and is worth what he’s being paid.

  12. I liked it better when players shut-up about ex-teammates. Personally, I don’t care…Millionaires complaining about other millionaires.

  13. I don’t fault hillis. It’s a business and its all about money. I don’t go to work if I don’t feel I’m paid enough and neither should he. If the browns felt they were overpaying him they would cut him and have no 2nd thoughts.., people think this is a game and all players should be loyal.. It’s not, it’s a business

  14. Outstanding!!!

    Let it go Joe. Peyton Hillis is not exactly a model of rational thought.

    It’s pretty bad when Hillis can refer to you as the crazy ex & it sounds true!

  15. davekezer says:

    “Guys who care more about money than they do the game don’t last too long in this league.”

    Seriously? It’s not about the money?

    What planet are you from?

  16. Payton Hillis is an animal. I wish he was on a team where he could be the featured back, getting 30-40 touches per game. If he were to be in that situation, I guarantee you he’d be a 1,500 yards, 10 TD back.

  17. There is nothing more asinine than 2 OFFENSIVE players from 2 different teams talking smack to each other. What is the point? They’ll never be on the field at the same time.

  18. chriscoz21 says:
    Dec 6, 2012 7:22 PM
    I don’t fault hillis. It’s a business and its all about money. I don’t go to work if I don’t feel I’m paid enough and neither should he.

    I work harder to try to earn a raise if I feel I’m not paid enough. Classic right vs left.

  19. Hillis got exactly as he deserved. If he would have given the effort in his contract year that he gave in the prior year, he would have made the cash he wanted. Instead he chose to quit on his team because he felt entitled. Now he is playing with another one year deal after he turned down 26 million. Karma Bro!

  20. Play for the contract you signed and shut up. When your contract is up, sign a new one.

    Hillis is acting like a Union, Liberal Democrat.

  21. Bottom line Thomas will more than likely be in the Hall of Fame when he is done playing, and Hillis will be long frogotten so quick talking smack Hillis you are not half the player Thomas is? nor will you ever be. This dude was a problem in Denver and Cleveland, so its defiantely not him its everyone else.

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