Pierre-Paul: Drew Brees is “much easier” matchup than RG3

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In their last two games against the Giants, which came in 2009 and 2011, the Saints have put up 97 points on their way to two blowout victories.

Despite that, defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul thinks this week’s date with New Orleans will go better than Monday night’s meeting with the Redskins. In particular, he thinks it will be “much easier” for the defense to face Drew Brees than it was to match up with Robert Griffin III in Washington’s 17-16 win.

Pierre-Paul cited the lack of the option in the New Orleans playbook as the biggest reason why things are so much easier and it generally makes sense that a defense would rather face a more traditional offense, even one that has put up the numbers the Saints have put up over the last few years. The Giants defense has had problems with offenses of all stripes this season, though, and Pierre-Paul called the defense “a little soft” while making the case that the team needs to make a statement.

“As a defense, like, we have to make a statement. We haven’t made a statement ever since, I’ll say, San Francisco. Well, I’m lying, because we did beat up on Green Bay quite a little bit. But, ever since then, we haven’t made a statement. We’ve just been losing,” Pierre-Paul said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “And we’re all not playing together. When you’re a team, on an organization like this, you’ve got to play together as one. Otherwise, you’ll keep going downhill.”

The problem for the Giants hasn’t been coming up with good performances in “statement” games. Their ability to win games with their backs against the wall is fairly legendary at this point. The problem has been avoiding getting there in the first place.

Antrel Rolle thinks the team is too nice and JPP calls it being soft, but it might just be time to call it Giants football and be done with it.

35 responses to “Pierre-Paul: Drew Brees is “much easier” matchup than RG3

  1. I think it’s a really short sighted and frankly dumb of JPP to speak of Drew Brees as almost a second-tier QB. Don’t give him any extra incentive to torch you.

  2. JPP have you seen what Brees does to you bums every single time we play??? Dude shut your mouth, Brees is going to eat your sorry defense alive! If we didn’t lose to the 9ers last year in the playoffs you wouldn’t have last seasons championship. You would’ve had to play us in New Orleans, and yea we own you bums every time. especially in the Dome. I love it when people run their mouthes before games, they never back it up. WHO DAT

  3. Brees leads the NFL in TD passes, with 31. And he’s definitely going to rebound after that 5 pick game last week, a bad idea by JPP to give him more motivation

  4. how happy cant they be?
    The Giants are facing the quarterback who holds the single-season record for passing yards in a season, leads the NFL with 31 touchdown passes this year and is second in yardage, has never lost to the Giants in four career starts and has never even thrown an interception against them, and a perennial Pro Bowler. And they’re exhaling with relief.

  5. Wouldn’t call it running his mouth,he’s just saying he doesn’t have to worry about the option. Only has to worry about getting to brees in the pocket. Come on now people

  6. Hmmm…that’s funny. The Giants haven’t beat the Saints since 2005, the year before Drew Brees became a New Orleans Saint.

  7. God I despise Redskins fans. Y’all have plenty to be excited about with RGIII, but until you guys win a playoff game (when did THAT last happen?) all of your bluster is unwarranted really. Skins could just as easily end up 7-9, as they could be 9-7.

  8. And you Saints fans must be illiterate. JPP, didn’t insult the Saints by any means. All he said is that as Defensive Lineman, he’d rather face a conventional offense instead of an option offense that constantly makes the DL guess run or pass (which WAS runs brilliantly I might add).
    If Drew Brees drops back, 97% of the time it’s a pass, 3% it’s an RB draw. When RGIII drops back its 50/50 between pass and option run.
    Furthermore if any of you actually watched the interview JPP specifically says that Brees is a top-5 QB and doesn’t make winning necessarily any easier.

    Stop whining

  9. I don’t think JPP meant it as a diss. But as a D-Lineman, they HATE a mobile QB, or a QB who’s on the move and not stationary in the pocket. So he probably meant it was more frustrating to defend RG3, not to say that one was better than the other.

    That being said, who cares about the Sants O vs Giants D matchup? The Saints D is the worst defense in the history of the NFL. The Giants (and any other NFL team) can do anything they want and win 50-40.

    Until the Saints get a defense, nothing else matters. They’re just playing for stats

  10. dadeyemi – really? You’re are going to judge a whole subset of people based on the team they like? Interesting. That says a lot about a person.

    That said, Giants fans are REALLY highly annoying, but I do commend JPP for acknowledging the best quarterback IN THE LEAGUE.

  11. I agree skins fans need to calm down. Ive been a redskins fan all my life and yes this year feels like its better but we are still .500 and with a real tough matchup sunday. Having said that JPP is taking Drew Brees a little too lightly….

  12. It’s true from a D Lineman’s perspective…RG3 is a nightmare to defend period….But another 200 pounds to your body if you are the person reading this and try and chase a guy who is faster than the speed of light.

  13. As a Giants fan I knew the Skins had a good chance at winning. We need some better linebackers that can stop the run and get to the QB if we’re going to stop a 3D team like the Skins.

    However, the Saints are very much 2D without Sproles. Arguably 1D without a solid oline. They’re very traditional right now and it all comes down to the guys up front. I think we should have no problem rushing the passer and stopping a subpar ground game.

    It’ll be a good game, but i think the Giants can win this if they stay disciplined and contain Jimmy Graham.

  14. He may not be the best NFL quarterback (Brady, cough…cough…), but Drew Brees may possess the biggest upside of any NFL quarterback. JPP and the Giants should hope they don’t see THAT Drew Brees.

  15. @dadeyemi

    What Skins fan bluster are you referring to? The one comment on here that can be attributed to a Skins fan is from a well known troll. Subtract the troll where is the bluster?

    I am a Skins fan and I am grounded in reality, not bluster. The Skins are 3 years into a complete roster rebuild. And while there are signs of improvement for the Skins toward being a consistent playoff team, they are still another good offseason or two away from that. True Skins fans realize that and know to be excited about the possible future of the Skins, but be cautious based on the all to recent past of futility.

    And to answer your question, the last time the Skins won a playoff game was in the 2005 playoffs. Its been a while.

  16. People reality check.

    I don’t like the Giants, and typically I think that JPP has a big mouth, however this time is a little different.
    He is saying that Brees is an easier matchup not a lesser QB.

    Brees is one of the best QBs in the league, however he can’t run like RGIII. In the 2 games that the Giants played the Redskins, those linemen and linebackers were running more than they had in multiple other games combined. That is what he was talking about.

    The Giants line thrives off playing teams like the Saints, the Giants secondary not so much.

    As a Redskins fan, I am ecstatic that in every game we at least have a chance to win, when we are used to knowing that our team for years have fought to take defeat from the hands of victory time and time again.

    Are we SB champs, or the equivalent, nope. Do we have hope for the future, oh heck yeah.

  17. Plain and simple the Giants are built to stop the pass but they cannot stop the run or an athletic quarterback. Given the Giants remaining schedule they might be in trouble.

  18. As a lifelong Giants fan, I shake in my boots when I hear the word Saints, Eagles, Seahawks , Redskins, Cowboys, Browns, Ravens, Steelers actually the only words I dont mind hearing are Patriots, 49ers and Falcons. This should be another 40-50 point blowout in their favor, maybe more if they feel like rubbing us fan’s faces in the dirt some more. We couldn’t even score against the horrendous Circus team the Redskins, what makes you think we can score against the Saints?

    PS. Everytime Bob3 snaps the ball they should play circus music lol, which way will he go which way will he go.

  19. Hey, JPP ~ Which quarterback scored a rushing TD on you in week 11? Oh yea, Drew Brees. Shook Rolle in the open field, LOL.

    364/4 TD/0 Int vs Giants in 2011

    Good luck, JPP.

  20. It is easier to game plan for the Saints than it is to game plan for the Redskins. The Saints run a conventional offense and Brees is not running at Olympic track and field speed.

    It is certainly not easy to play against Brees because he can hit a one and a half foot square window. You can execute your game plan perfectly and he can still beat you with his accuracy.

  21. Not sure why everyone is saying the Giants can’t stop athletic QBs or that the Redskins are a bad matchup for the Giants D.
    They only gave up 17 points to them. I bet if you asked Coughlin he’d take that every week of the season.
    RG3 played well, but the Giants’ penalties is the reason they lost.

  22. contraisloosebuthole says: Dec 6, 2012 12:15 PM

    Plain and simple the Giants are built to stop the pass but they cannot stop the run or an athletic quarterback. Given the Giants remaining schedule they might be in trouble.

    We all know the season is over for us, and will end with a loss to the Dirty Birds in Giants stadium. We cant complain though we had a good run with Goober and they 7 man front of all defensive ends lol. 2 Superbowls, cant complain I guess. Teams are game planning and building their roster specifically to beat us. Redskins, Philly went to Athletic QBs, like you said, to neutralize the pass rush and the Giants either get the pash rush or suffer a blow out loss. Our Safeties and corners are embarrassing and our middle linebacker was eating cheetos on the couch before stepping into that role lol Whats to be expected?

  23. I wiah people would stop saying Skins fan run their mouths because the truth is that we don’t,You don’t ever hear a REAL Redskins fan saying that we are going to the SB this Year. We always say we hope we don’t suck this year. Now we finally have a real QB and we can be excited about our future.

  24. Sounds like a genius to me…like Brees needs more incentive after coming off his worst game of his career,be careful what you wish for Mr Pierre!

  25. skins1970 says:
    Dec 6, 2012 2:15 PM
    I wiah people would stop saying Skins fan run their mouths because the truth is that we don’t,You don’t ever hear a REAL Redskins fan saying that we are going to the SB this Year. We always say we hope we don’t suck this year. Now we finally have a real QB and we can be excited about our future.
    Better have a chat with that local dude, he’s saying the Skins are unstoppable and going to the Super Bowl.

  26. They also did that on that fast track. At home.

    They seem to never have to face us here in the elements. It will be 47 and raining on Sunday. We’ll see about all that 97 points talk. Brees will be running for his life like he was against a much lesser line in Atlanta last week.

  27. nolatrust says: Dec 6, 2012 9:29 AM

    Hmmm…that’s funny. The Giants haven’t beat the Saints since 2005, the year before Drew Brees became a New Orleans Saint.

    … and that was the last time the Saints played us here. And THAT GAME was scheduled to be played in New Orleans, if not for the hurricane. They are not the same team in real football elements, which they will be playing in on Sunday.

    That’s what’s funny (and borderline curious, scheduling-wise), how they never play us here.

  28. Hey giants fan but eagles own us so I’m an eagles fan you are not a giants fan so please go be an eagles fan they need support! What jpp was referring to is that with Bree’s you don’t have to play assignment football ! Meaning your not playing the option/pistol….not that drew brees is easier to play!!!!

  29. Saints fans, it’s a complete shocker that you read this article, didn’t comprehend it, and immediately took it as the Giants are insulting you.

    I must say, I’m SHOCKED..

  30. All of you that comment on jpp don’t get that he didn’t come out trash talking ! A reporter asked him if he thought an offense like the saints is easier to game plan than one like the redskins run. This is what these reporters do they ask a question that could produce a provocative answer then take only what could stir the pot. If this snip it was taken from a San Diego charger you never would have known.but since it’s new York it’s 10 times bigger than anywhere else. Just like Chris snee being asked of redskin owners outburst about the giants! When he answers the question you people say he’s a loud mouth who’s only playingbcuz his coach is his father in law! When the truth is snee never gives more than a 3 word answer and could careless about any of it

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