Report: Spanos will fire both Smith and Turner


For months, if not years, it seemed like the A.J. Smith/Norv Turner situation was an either/or for the Chargers.

It appears it’s going to be both.

According to Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego, the decision has already been made by Chargers owner Dean Spanos to fire both his general manager and head coach.

Sources told Acee that Spanos decided on Turner’s fate “at least a month ago,” but has only recently “resigned himself to the fact that Smith can’t be kept in the current environment of plummeting performance and fan unrest.”

The fact he hasn’t done so yet is more of a preference to wait until the end of the season rather than an acknowledgement the Chargers still have a chance.

Acee reports that director of player personnel Jimmy Raye is the apparent replacement for Smith, while Turner’s replacement isn’t known yet.

The Chargers will owe Smith $4 million for his remaining two years and Turner $3 million for the final year of his contract.

Smith joined the team in 2002, Turner in 2007.

83 responses to “Report: Spanos will fire both Smith and Turner

  1. Well at least Smith still has some time to use his exceptional people skills to talk Spanos out of firing him… oh wait…

  2. The only coach who would come to San Diego is one who is desperate for a coaching position on a completely bad team, or a coach who just lost his job and be picked up on the cheap.

    My initial guess would be Andy Reid, but if there’s potential for him to actually get a bigger contract elsewhere, he’ll take it and the Chargers will sign either their special teams coach or defense coach as the next head coach.

    The one thing that will not happen, is the Spanos family spending quality money for a quality coach. The last time they brought in a quality coach, they fired him after going 14-2 handing the franchise the best regular season record they’ve ever had, and the very first time the team ever went 8-0 at home.

    That’s right, THEY FIRED THAT GUY.

    I’m a Chargers fan, why? I don’t know at this point

  3. Don’t celebrate until your new coach is named, San Diego. Andy Reid is the alpha version of Norv Turner.

  4. every time this happens i daydream for a bit about what it must be like to be “fired” knowing you will make millions of dollars the following year(s) without lifting a finger. can’t really be too tough of a pill to swallow.

  5. On the Chargers side, is Jimmy Raye part of the Smith/Turner poison or is he highly thought of as a personnel guy

    On the Giants side, if any of the FO people under Reese gets a GM job somewhere, AJ Smith could have a landing spot.

  6. It seems like a lot of people on the internet think Norv Turner is a good offensive coordinator. Personally I think he was lucky and had great talent in Dallas to win those Superbowls in the 90s.

    Thumbs up if he’s a good O-Coordinator
    Thumbs down if he was just lucky

    Thanks, have a good weekend.

  7. If a team is smart, they’ll hire him as an OC and an OC only. That’s the only shot Norv has of being relevant in the NFL again.

  8. This should worry any team in the afc west as the only thing holding this team back is competent decision making and coaching. Anyone other then these 2 clowns will help improve this team

  9. This is great news for Charger fans. Not to rain on your parade or anything, but the guy that hired Smith and Turner is the guy that will hire the next coach and GM.

  10. chargerdillon: Andy Reid is drooling over Cam.

    As far as San Diego, maybe Ken Whisenhunt or Josh McDaniels?

    Irony would be if they give the job to Brian Schottenheimer.

  11. That’s great news for the chargers their fans and san diego.maybe now fans can start showing up to games.drum up support for a new stadium to stay in for the coach maybe Andy reid,russ grim,or just maybe Brian shaw from stanford.

  12. Jimmy Raye comes in and who is the new #2? John Spanos! Oh the horror! Jerry Jones minus the stadium and money just daddys little boy.

  13. Now it’s happened will AJ’s assistant make the short list?

    Dean failed big time when he chose Bulter’s assistant to be GM and that failure was compounded with the hiring of Norv.

  14. I guess the more a lie/myth is repeated the more it becomes recognized as fact. Such as: ‘ “Norv” Turner is a good/great OC’.

    Well the fact is that Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, Michael Irvin were HOFers who were excellent well after “Norv” left the Cowboys. The fact is that as the OC in Miami the Dolphins’ offense regressed under “Norv”. “Norv” was the playcaller as HC in Oakland and the Raiders’ offense became even more anemic.

    And if “Norv” is a good/great offensive mind, then why did Rivers go from being a Pro Bowl level QB (before Turner arrived) to being a lower-tier QB?

  15. The recent success of teams firing the head coach and GM should help the Chargers with this decision. Seattle are Atlanta are good examples of this. Get in coaches and management that are on the same page and not be afraid to shake up the roster. Build the team from the ground up.

  16. I don’t understand the AFC West and firing coaches who have things going the right direction. Schottenheimer should have never been fired, and neither should have Hue Jackson. Norv Turner may have walked in to a better situation than any coach has ever been hired in to.

  17. You can have him. Remeber, Norv was a “Offensive Genius” in Dallas with a team full of Pro Bowlers and future Hall of Famers. He has forgotten how to run the football and manage the clock. If he were the OC of the Vikings, AD would have stat lines like: 11 carries, 36 yards; 7 rec. 65 yards.

    If you want to see that, you’re welcome to him.

  18. Spanos was an idiot to hire Turner as a head coach to begin with. He already had failed as a head coach twice before including six years with the Redskins. I couldn’t understand why anyone would hire him as a head coach. I knew he’s fail again and get canned eventualy.

  19. John Spanos is to officially take over the GM reins in 2014, while Jimmy Raye handles the duties in 2013.

    John Spanos will have full input immediately though.

    This should be great, lol.

  20. I can only hope they replace him with Wade Phillips or some other equally inane coach.


  21. huskersrock1 says:

    Norval shouls have never been hired in the first place. How did Spanos become a billioniare with decision making like this
    Didn’t he inherit it? If not, he sure acts like an idiot who inherited a team.

  22. This seems to have taken f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Real estate and football are vastly different businesses.

  23. So does this mean that the Chargers will no longer be the development league for the rest of the NFL?

  24. They should hire Rex Ryan after he gets fired from New York…you know, so he can win a few more championships for SD.

  25. bamj6 says:
    Dec 6, 2012 5:45 PM
    On the Chargers side, is Jimmy Raye part of the Smith/Turner poison or is he highly thought of as a personnel guy

    On the Giants side, if any of the FO people under Reese gets a GM job somewhere, AJ Smith could have a landing spot.
    DO NOT start giving ppl the idea he could go to NYG.. i want him nowhere around my hometown SB champs lol

  26. Wow … really didn’t think Spanos had it in him. Maybe if Norv had gone 14-2 with the best record in the league he would have been fired sooner “in the best interest of the entire Charger organization.”

  27. Hire Jimmy Raye?! The guy with the goofy sun hats and slept through 49er games as their OC?! Now that would be a huge mistake….
    That’s his father who’s in Tampa.

  28. As an Eagle Fan I really hope to feel this way soon. It will be a great breath of fresh air to see Andy go. I mean the guy is a good coach. When he was at his best he was great. But through time, family tragedies, never finding a DC to replace Jim Johnson, his skills and team have diminished.

    I think a new position somewhere else with a great QB (I think Reid would love Rivers) would do him wonders to re-invigorate himself and get back to the super bowl…

    Unfortunately he just cant do it in Philly.

  29. Smith is a great talent evaluator, however, he’s a horrible GM. He should be hired to evaluate talent, however, never allowed to negotiate contracts. He treats players like crap and this de-motivates the entire team.

  30. Wouldn’t it be funny/awkward if the Chargers miraculously made the playoffs and then won the Super Bowl?

  31. Nooooo!!!!! This is terrible news!! Give them another couple of years–they deserve it.

    Please reconsider, Dean. They’ve done nothing but good…for the Broncos!

  32. Let’s hope they replace them with Art Shell and Tom “bed and breakfast” Walsh.

    Better yet, Greg Knapp should be available next season.

  33. congrats guys, when the redskins got rid of vinny cerrato and jim zorn i was just as elated! vinny screwed my team over, he was in charge of SO many bad decisions and look where we are now, in the playoff mix, franchise QB and our team is being run correctly now. i know how you feel right now, good luck!

  34. I will never understand how Schottenheimer could be canned after losing two games, but Norv can hang on for so long. Mind-boggling.

  35. Don’t fire Turner. We need to continue to lose so that we get a high draft choice for our new coach. But I see no reason to keep AJ around. Remember AJ, your a charger untill your not a charger. It is what it is.

  36. Aj Smith had 2 draft classes to his name – 03 & 05 … since then, The guy passed up on awesome players (Clay Matthews/Geno Atkins) for guys like… Antwan Appleton & ….some Cam Thomas kid.

  37. Disappointing news. I was hoping that Norv and AJ could secure a lifetime contract, but all good things must come to an end.

    At least the RAIDERS have a head start on the rebuild- look for the chargers to be “without SB rings” for the next decade and beyond- as it has always been.

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