Report: Terrell Suggs was required to surrender several firearms last month


As part of ongoing domestic disputes involving Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs and the mother of his two children, Suggs was required last month to surrender several firearms, according to Justin Fenton and Jeff Zriebiec of the Baltimore Sun.

“The guns were surrendered over to police pursuant to the court order, and they [Suggs and Candace Williams] are resolving their issues,” Suggs’ lawyer, Warren Alperstein, told the Sun.  “All I can tell you is that he’s in rightful and lawful possession of the guns but turned them over pursuant to the requirements of the law.”

The catalyst for the recent order isn’t clear; however, the Sun reports that two 911 calls were made from Suggs’ address on November 21.

In 2009, Williams claimed in an application for a protective order that Suggs “threw a soap dispenser at her head, hit her in the chest with his hand, and held a bottle of bleach over her and their 1-year-old son.”  The allegations were not investigated by the authorities.

52 responses to “Report: Terrell Suggs was required to surrender several firearms last month

  1. What is the story here?!?!?! He lawfully surrenderred firearms when asked to by the authorities. So what?!?! And Steel420, the steelers didn’t put anyone out of commission. Our loss to Charlie batch still isn’t as bad as your loss to Tim Tebow in the PLAYOFFS! We’re still two games up on you in the division and still have a better division and conference record than you. No one cares that the rapist is back.

  2. “All I can tell you is that he’s in rightful and lawful possession of the guns but turned them over pursuant to the requirements of the law.”

    So, he lawfully owns the guns, but he was forced by law to give them up? Doesn’t compute.

  3. Perfect example of what the Ravens stand for. Que all the excuses why this retched behaior is acceptable in any way. You are not asked to give up legally owned weopons without a reason.

  4. How could this have happened? A soap dispenser? According to Bob Costas, he would have shot them with those guns. You can’t use other tools to cause physical

  5. Ravensdominate, the Steelers totally embarrassed the Ravens AT HOME last week. Last year is over. This year, Ravens got Vick-timized and Batch-slapped. If you want to talk about prior years, we can talk about the Ravens devastating loss in the playoffs last year or the Steelers 6 actual Super Bowl wins. You pick.

  6. requirements of the law? To me its only ignorance of the law that could have let him hand them over. All you obedient slaves out there will be thumbing that down if it even gets through

  7. Losing to timbo still isn’t as bad as losing a AFC championship game with a touchdown pass threw the hands and a shanked 26 yard field goal… R2D2 is going to kill you guys this week….

  8. @2
    I believe it’s common practice in some areas if you have restraining order from your ex or are facing domestic violence charges one of your bail restrictions is the handing over of your firearms

  9. “So, he lawfully owns the guns, but he was forced by law to give them up? Doesn’t compute.”


    I am willing to bet that he was required to give up the firearms temporarily because the mother filed a restraining order or protection order against Suggs. Many states require that during the length of a RO that an individual surrender firearms.

  10. It must be difficult for Ravens fans to cheer for this guy knowing how he treats his wife and children. Damn! At least that torn biceps given to him by the Steelers will limit his ability to throw soap dispensers and poor bleach on his loved ones.

  11. Is anybody really that surprised? Considering who we’re dealing with here I’m not. I mean his mentor has sort of been there and done that already if you know what I mean.

    In related news Bob Costas wants more bleach and soap control so tune in to the halftime show Sunday night to hear all about it!

  12. This sounds serious, but the Baltimore reporters who broke this story will get an earful from the fans.

    I’m not saying it’s justified for fans to do this. I just know this will happen because the hometown paper revealed a possibly damning story about a hometown star.

  13. Not a Ravens fan by any means, nor do I care particularly about Suggs, but I find it disgusting that a sports news outlet is jumping on a non-story, demonizing the guy without due-process.

    The allegations are horrifying, but if I am reading the story right, the police chose not to investigate. Most likely means there is nothing to them, and his weapons should be returned to him very shortly.

  14. You are all idiots!!! You should know the biased family laws in MD for making retarded statements. This is standard procedure and has no weight on the character of the individual. Just because some douche bag in KC thought it was a good idea to off his GF we are quick to judge and even more quick to report a non-story that is suddenly a story….

  15. jdmcmill, so the child’s mother just made up some random story about bleach being held over her and her son? Where there’s smoke there is usually fire, Suggs is just another bully who thinks the rules don’t apply to him and can dominate and control a woman into doing what he wants. You are pathetic.

  16. FYI, in the state of MD, any domestic dispute allegation requires ALL parties to turnover all weapons. It’s not because of who he is, or that he is a danger to his wife and children, it’s just state law. My brother-in-law had to do the same thing last year.

  17. Law Enforcement stepped in & did the right thing…if & when the couple resolve their issues,he’ll be able to request his firearms to be returned to him….

  18. Cereal says:
    Dec 6, 2012 9:16 PM
    Did he pour the bleach or just hold it over them ??

    Does it matter? The threat of abuse is still abuse.

  19. Everything’s ok now. He’ll become totally non-violent now that he’s surrendered the evil guns.

  20. “All I can tell you is that he’s in rightful and lawful possession of the guns but turned them over pursuant to the requirements of the law.”

    Please explain.

  21. I’m pretty sure that anytime anyone is accused of domestic violence they must surrender all firearms until the case is decided. If he is actually convicted of a violent crime he will never get them back. I give Suggs credit for surrendering the firearms as he is supposed to.

  22. I would hope that any charge of domestic violence against any player on the Ravens is grounds for cutting that player immediately.

    Proof is important, but if proven, there’s no room, I would hope, on the team that I love, for any man that would raise a finger against a woman or child (disciplining a child is something different and a fine line separates the two).

    Cmon Ravens fans! Domestic violence isn’t some football statistic we can spin for our tribal purposes.

  23. Read the linked article. You will discover it is over a recent custody dispute filed in November. Custody, as is who gets the kids. The alleged bleach incident was in a 2009 court order than was rescinded one month later by the woman, along with her $70M lawsuit against Suggs while they tried to work out their issues.

    Clearly there is a relationship issue here but I think this is a case where we are trying to make more out of it.

  24. Where is Suggs’ suspension from the league? Other players have been disciplined based on allegations and unfounded accusations, so why not Suggs?

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