Spanos denies report that Smith and Turner will be fired

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In response to the report from Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego that Chargers coach Norv Turner and G.M. A.J. Smith will get the boot, the man who would do the booting says the boot has not yet been broken out.

The Chargers have issued a statement from owner Dean Spanos denying the report.

“There is only one person in this organization who will make those decisions and that’s me, and I haven’t shared my thoughts with anyone,” Spanos says.  “I will make my evaluations at the end of the season.  Anything coming out now — from sources or otherwise — is pure speculation.”

In response to the response to his report, Acee has expressed skepticism, Twitter style:  “Do I really need to say don’t put much stock in Dean Spanos’ statement about no decisions having been made/him not sharing his thoughts?”

No, you don’t.  Smith already has made it clear that, if the team doesn’t make it to the playoffs, it will be time for a “new era in Chargers football.”  Spanos said nothing at the time to correct the record.It’s now too late to put the termination notices back in the tube.

37 responses to “Spanos denies report that Smith and Turner will be fired

  1. Acee is TERRIBLE! Obviously the firing will come sooner or later(Spanos would be nuts not to get rid of them). But Acee basically reported the same thing last year around this time.

  2. Well, you cannot put the scent back in the bottle now. Spanos is either going to have to commit to them or might as well just fire them now and get it over with.

  3. I’d fire them on Sunday after the Steelers game.

    Hire an interim coach and let him finish the season.

    Begin a g.m. and coach search immediately.

  4. Spanos also said in the same interview “we are thinking long and hard about whether or not to move the team to Los Angeles. The benefits are many…” This is an interesting statement obviously.

  5. The poor Chargers really just need new ownership. The Spanos family is over their heads in running an NFL franchise. Adding the son to run football operations will just continue the demise of a once exciting franchise.

  6. Norv Turner seems to be a likeable guy, so it’s not personal. He’s just a terrible head coach … with more lives than a cat. I was convinced Spanos would fire him last year. Now … I’ll believe it when he’s cleaned out his office and the new guy moves in.

  7. Andy Reid, who lives in southern California, will be hired to replace Norv Turner, who will be someone’s offensive coordinator next season. Norv’s a good coordinator, but rose just above his level of competence. Andy needs a change of scenery and he’s a good fit with Philip Rivers. Good luck to Andy and Norv. I’ll withhold comment on Smith.

  8. Something tells me this could actually be the “good ole days” for the Chargers, with John Spanos ready to take over.

    Imagine that, longing for AJ and Norval. 🙂

  9. Maybe the new GM can land us an exciting coach like Chip Kelly. I am definitely frustrated with the Chargers have played under Norv. I wish they’d just fire him, let Pagano be the interim, and look for a GM. Main item of business is fire them so us fans can feel good talking about who our favorite team is. Reid might be a good hire if he becomes available in the off season. He can coach up a QB like no one else in the business.

  10. joetoronto:

    Nothing Spanos does will be half as bad as what Spawn of Al is already doing. Your Raiderettes are already doing worse than in many of the past seasons, and nothing indicates that will improve until Spawn is gone.

  11. Norv may have disappointed as a head coach, but there’s no denying his incredible résumé as an O. Coordinator. If there’s any truth to the speculation that Darrell Bevell will take the open Wisconsin job (his alma mater), I’d gladly have Norv running the Seahawks offense.

  12. The Spanos brothers are a joke. Their only qualification to run an NFL team is having a rich daddy and it shows in the ineptitude throughout the Chargers organization – from their medical staff, game day operations, PR, marketing, to the product they put on the field. There is no way anyone smart enough to get a stadium built in LA will be dumb enough to put a team run by these two in it.

  13. I don’t understand the interest some Chargers’ fans have in Chip Kelly. Yes, he has a brilliant offensive mind. So does Norv. But you need defense to win championships. That’s why Oregon doesn’t have one.

  14. – Does anyone even realize (we all know Acee is on the Dolts payroll) that A.J. Smith was never officially hired as GM? With the news that Jimmy Raye may assume the GM job, John Butler will remain the last official Chargers GM hired over 10 plus years ago.

    – Smith inherited the job after John Butler passed away then forced out Butler’s team of Buddy Nix and Billy Devaney to gain total control.

    – When John Butler hired Marty Schottenheimer, Cam Cameron and Wade Phillips, his assistant A.J. Smith wanted him to hire Norv. Butler ignored him.

    – When Butler drafted LT and Brees, assistant A.J. Smith begged Butler to draft Michael Vick. Butler ignored him.

    – A.J. Smith is so pathetic that he even wanted Butler to hire Norv instead of keeping Marv Levy when they were in Buffalo. Butler ignored him.

  15. I know he can’t really confirm the rumors yet, but is there really any chance of Smith & Turner surviving another underwhelming season? Really?

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