Terrell Suggs returns to practice


Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs said Wednesday that he would be a game-time decision for Sunday’s game against the Redskins and he took a step toward making that decision a positive one on Thursday.

Suggs took part in practice as a limited participant after sitting out on Wednesday. That doesn’t tell us much about Suggs’ chances of playing as players practice in limited fashion without playing all the time, but it sets Suggs and the Ravens up to find out how his torn biceps responds to the work.

That’s an essential part of any decision that Baltimore makes in regard to Suggs. With a clock ticking on the possibility of surgery to repair the injury, the Ravens need to find out if the fact that Suggs could play translates into him actually being able to play.

“Hopefully, I can play,” Suggs said, via the team’s website. “I really believe if everything [works] out with how I am feeling, and we do a good job throughout the week, I will be lining up. If not, then I miss the Washington game and hopefully I can be back for the Denver one.”

Suggs said he doesn’t plan to wear a brace of a harness if he does play, a decision we might not know until just before Sunday’s game gets underway.

12 responses to “Terrell Suggs returns to practice

  1. Keep on hating haters. Never knew first place in the division was a bad spot to be in. Silly Steeler fans.

  2. Thank God! Now we can all watch him try to catch up to RG3 on Sunday. Problem is, that wheel is still REALLY gimpy. t-fizzle couldn’t even catch up to a 38-year old 3rd string quarterback last week. And now a bum wing to go with it??

    Of course, the ratbirds could have never gotten by without his whopping two tackles in 3 quarters of stellar play!

    It got so bad, he went to the locker room before the game ended to avoid the embarrassment of walking off the field with his head held low in shame.

    As the Nest Burns….


  3. It will be fun watching the ravens lose the next 4 games. You know the old saying “if you can’t beat a 38 year old 3rd string quarterback at home……your team stinks”.

  4. Definitely nor the toughest player in the league, I think that would go to Ironman London Fletcher. But I don’t see the news for him to play, your already in the playoffs, what if he isn’t ok, and injuries it further and is out for the playoffs. It’s an unnecessary risk in ky opinion

  5. Suggs might as well sit out the rest of the season. Ravens aren’t going anywhere. The demoralizing humiliating loss last week to the Steelers and complete lack of any offense by Elite Joe Flacco in that game shows the downward spiral for the Ravens. It’s over folks. Steelers are the better team right now by a wide margin. Enjoy the division win, Steeler fans prefer celebrating actual Super Bowl wins, you know, the main reason they play the football season?

  6. bengalskuta82 says:
    Dec 6, 2012 7:50 PM
    Steelers are going down and so is #7..Count your days..week 16 is the day you go home..Our psycho D-Line will chase #7 around like a dog

    Aww look at the Bungles fan trying to talk smack!!!
    Your franchise is under .500 ALL TIME!!!
    And the Steelers already beat them once.
    Run along now

  7. He’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t touch anybody.

    Last week he only had 2 tackles the whole game so that shouldn’t be a problem for him.

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