Vince Young vows to “fight hard” for another chance in the NFL


It sounds unlikely: A 29-year-old two-time Pro Bowl quarterback is openly begging for another chance in the NFL, and all 32 NFL teams are saying, “No. thanks.” But that’s exactly the situation Vince Young is in right now.

Young, who has been a free agent since the Bills cut him during the preseason, said in an interview with ESPN for Sunday’s Outside the Lines that he just wants some team to consider him, and any team that does will find out that he’s willing to put in all the necessary work.

“I made some mistakes. And when you have the type of mistakes that I have, being quarterback in the NFL, it can ruin your career. So right now, I’m trying to fight hard to give it another go, another shot,” Young said.

Part of the reason that Young so badly wants to get back into the NFL is that he needs the money: Despite making tens of millions of dollars from the Titans as the third overall pick in the 2006 draft (before the NFL dramatically reduced the money teams pay to highly drafted rookies), Young has reportedly gone broke. Young is suing a former agent whom he accuses of defrauding him out of money, and a financial adviser Young hired told Outside the Lines that Young’s personal financial situation is “shocking.” (And not as in, “It’s shocking how responsibly this young man has invested his millions.)

But it’s fair to wonder if any team will ever give him that shot. Much like Tim Tebow, Young can be effective in certain situations but isn’t a great fit in most NFL offenses. And unlike Tebow, Young’s work ethic has often been called into question.

If Young says and does all the right things and shows a willingness to work hard for whatever team will take him, there’s a reasonably good chance he’ll get an opportunity with another team this offseason. But there’s also a good chance that opportunity will end the same way Young’s opportunity with the Bills ended: With Young unemployed.

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  1. It must be tough to be thrust into the spotlight at that age and expect to act like a well-balanced, wise person. Tough lesson to learn.

  2. I love VY. Been a fan since Texas and even more so when he came to my beloved tennessee titans. I stood beside him at his worst and even rooted for him when he was in Philly and Buffalo.

    That being said VY is without a doubt, done in the NFL.

  3. Pretty sad. But he does have a winning record (by a fair margin) as a starter. There are certainly worse QBs currently on NFL rosters. Maybe if he’s willing to sign for veteran minimum someone will give him another shot.

  4. It was a shocker when I heard Buffalo released Young. No he hasn’t been the smartest of QB’s, but he was making big strides every practice. I for one thought he would have surely beaten out Tyler Thigpen for the Back-up QB position. Young is no where as good as Ryan Fitzpatrick, but is much better than Thigpen. After being released over Tyler Thigpen, I’m sure many teams put him in the opportunity trash. I don’t expect to see him play in the NFL again.

  5. I can’t believe the cards havnt called this guy. I would give him 6 to 7 plays and let him go. Atleast he could make something happen if nothing is open. After seeing that offensive display by the Cards, I’m surprise anyone on the offensive coaching staff still has a job.

  6. I think someone will give this kid a second chance. I just don’t think he is as bad as his reputation. No way he could have won that many games, sitting on his butt. Praying that he get another chance.

  7. I don’t feel sorry for these athletes who go broke anymore. I live in Austin, TX. I met Vince Young. He was an arse. Who charges kids money for an autograph? Vince Young. They are pampered through their high school and college careers, made to be Gods, fizzle out at he highest level, and then start looking for people to blame. Give me a third of that money and I never go broke!

  8. “…two-time Pro Bowl quarterback…” <- If the Pro Bowl had not already lost all legitimacy, this sentence should be entered into evidence.

    This guy has all the physical talent in the world, and apparently is willing to put in the hard work, but if he can't read a defense, he can't be a productive NFL QB.

  9. Maybe when Los Angles get the expansion team they can sign, Young, T.O., and Chad Johnson with a back up QB in McNabb.

  10. I used this guy to take the Vikings to the playoffs…on Madden 😛

    But seriously the Vikings might as well bring him in for a workout. I mean if he gets there and he’s visibly better than Ponder, then maybe they start to seriously think twice about Ponder. If he’s not better at all, Ponder gets a confidence boost and we feel better about sticking with him.

    It seems like whenever you see this confidence-boosting delicacy in the NFL, the situations don’t really improve, like Sanchez for example. Coaches of winning teams appear to be constantly encouraging and causing competition for starting positions because they know that you’re either going to push your starter to be better, or you’re going to find out they can’t perform under pressure. Plus you find out more about more guys which is why they also always seem to have such great depth like the Packers and Patriots.

    Seriously bring the guy in for a workout if for no other reason than to give up this babying nonsense and light a fire under Ponder’s butt.

    Teams shouldn’t have to reassure and confidence-boost their players. Players should be proving they’re worth the money by performing at a high level on an acceptably consistent basis.

  11. Young would be a great backup to Carson Palmer…..Carson’s best day are in the rear view mirror. To bad Al Davis isn’t around anymore!

  12. Arizona would have been perfect for him. They had plenty of room for a QB above Skelton/Lindley and an outside chance to make the playoffs. Young has talent, he just needs the right mentor and coaches.

  13. As somebody who thinks football is a team game and that many QBs get too much credit for wins while playing with great defenses etc., I wonder where the “all he does is win” crowd is with a guy like Vince Young. He put up a 31-19 record as a starter in the NFL and we know that wasn’t because he was on good teams, because when other QBs started the Titans were 0-3 in 2006, 0-6 in 2009 and 0-6 in 2010. Surely there’s something to be said for a guy who can put up a winning record as QB on a team that literally cannot win a game without him?

  14. I feel bad for Vince Young. The reason he is not in the NFL is not because he lacks the talent or doesn’t fit into certain offenses. It is because he is legitimately not smart enough to be an NFL QB. He showed some flashes of brilliance in his career, but he just doesn’t have the mental capacity to pick up and efficiently run an offense. When the Titans cut him, it was over for him.

    Backup QBs get 1-2 year deals, and that’s not enough time for him to learn a system. Not to mention the role of a backup QB is to step in and play without having to alter the offense too much. Because he can’t run an offense, he has no place as a backup QB in the league.

  15. You don’t think he could improve the QB situation in Kansas City, Arizona, or with the Jets?


  16. Now the cheese cake factory is going to go out of buisness. Don’t feel sorry for anyone who squanders 10’s of million of dollars. All that money wasn’t stolen the rest was him trying to be a big shot which he was not on the field or off.

  17. Why does he want back in the NFL? I’m sure Mack Brown would hire him in some form or fashion at UT. He’s a legend on that campus…Seems like bad decisions are still being made.

  18. VY has done a lot of dumb things. I honestly don’t understand how a human being can spend that much money in a lifetime, let alone in a couple years.

    I mean I seriously doubt he lost his cash as a venture capitalist, if you know what I mean.

    But it still confuses the hell out of me why he isn’t on an NFL roster. He can play. There’s a reason he was paid that much money. Yeah he was a bust, but not in that Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russel kind of way. More of a Knowshon Moreno type bust– would be considered a good pick up if he’d been drafted in the 5th, but has to deal with being a 1st round draft choice for the rest of his career.

    I would think he’d be an upgrade for the Cardinals or Jets, and a definite upgrade at backup for teams like Jacksonville or Oakland.

    I’d give him another shot.

  19. I suggest a pay per view spectacular-schedule it for May 2013.

    Vince Young, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, and DeMarcus Russell get two hours to land a spot on the Arizona Cardinals. Put them thru the drills. the throws, etc. Interview the receivers about their thoughts.

    At the end of the show we hold a vote among the coaches, the receivers, and the viewers at home. The first candidate to get 2 out of those 3 votes wins the starter spot on opening day.

  20. franklamar says:
    Dec 6, 2012 2:53 PM
    im a steeler fan and i would love to have vince as back up.He is better than charlie and byron.He is all so better than most back up QB in nfl.

    No worries, next year you’ll have the “original” Vince Young…Michael Vick.

    Vick WILL be a Steeler next year, bet the house on it.

  21. I fell sorry for Young. However, the last time I saw him play a full game at quarterback was in Seattle. He was worse than terrible. I do remember his earlier years when he flashed potential greatness while still being very productive. I have no idea what happened but I don’t think he is worth a look at this point in his career. He is obviously not a coaching prospect.

  22. If Vince “fights hard” for another opportunity it will be the first time in his life he has fought hard for anything. Gifted athlete, coasted through Texas, frittered away his chances in Tenn, Phila and Buffalo. Really, it’s just a sad, sad story. What a waste.

  23. He’s already won more games than a lot of QB’s on a lot of rosters. Sure, he has baggage and doesn’t always follow the playbook by some of these idiot coaches, but he wins. Do you want a winner or a QB that follows the playbook and losses?

  24. Why do coaches insist on playing shotgun qtr backs from an under the center position? He can still play! Just let him do it from a shotgun position and I will bet you you will see him in a Pro Bowl in two years or less! And you will get him at a bargin price. Throw a few work ethic incentives in and look out.

  25. bigbwoy000 says: Dec 6, 2012 3:20 PM

    franklamar says:
    Dec 6, 2012 2:53 PM
    im a steeler fan and i would love to have vince as back up.He is better than charlie and byron.He is all so better than most back up QB in nfl.

    No worries, next year you’ll have the “original” Vince Young…Michael Vick.

    Vick WILL be a Steeler next year, bet the house on it.


    I was just thinking the same thing!!

  26. It seemed like he had the talent to play QB, but his attitude and mental fortitude was another story. He had a great record with the Titans but his exit was a bizarre falling-out.

  27. He was never good. I understand he went to Pro Bowls, which just highlights how that doesn’t matter if you’re good or not, it only matters if you’re well known.

  28. It’s no wonder these athletes go broke. They rarely paid attention in classes and never learned or took the time to learn finances. Vince got a 6 on his Wonderlic, which tells you something about his lack of intellectual capacity. It’s not surprising that he wasn’t able to control his spending or was so easily taken advantage of by others.

  29. Does anyone remember that he was a Pro Bowl alternate and had the 2nd lowest QB rating in the league in 2006?
    He was also the 3rd alternate in his second Pro Bowl year.
    Let’s not get carried away with Pro Bowl appearances being the measure of the player.

    He won games in Tennessee on the back of their great defense back then. He was never accurate and was most successful when running out of the pocket.

    He’s had multiple opportunities and has thrown them away. Evidently that 6 (allegedly) on the Wonderlic doesn’t lead to good decisions.

  30. He didn’t deserve either pro-bowl he went to. The probowl is a popularity contest not a merit of skill.

    He’s done and he should be, he was horrible.

  31. its amazing how being broke makes u more humble and wanna work harder, and when u come out of college and are giving a big deal, u become lazy and complacent, huh vince

  32. Some team will definitely give him a chance. With so many teams struggling at quarterback (I am looking at you, Vikings, Chiefs, Raiders, Jets) it would be folly not to kick Young’s tires.
    The guy is one of the most physically talented players to ever come out of college. Can still remember that Bowl game against USC. In the ultimate team sport, that was the one time that I could say that a player almost-single handedly defeated another team.
    He was fun player to watch. Like Michael Vick, but better at avoiding the big hits.
    His record with the Titans was very good, but he ran himself out of town because of his lousy attitude.
    If he has truly matured (big if there) then you have to bring him in and give him a shot.

  33. you’re telling me Arizona couldn’t use him right now? Any quarterback out there looking for a job, my first response would be “look to Arizona – they should take anyone with a pulse and a throwing arm”

  34. I look at the offense that RG3 is running, and I can’t help but think that Vince could run that same offense for another team in the NFL (or even be a valuable backup to RG3 if/when he gets injured).

  35. With his work ethic and lack of skills what can he possible do now? Denny’s won’t even touch this guy

  36. No tears of sadness here. This guy had all of the physical ability in the world and was given everything on a platter since an early young age.
    Money, opportunity, women, and he blew it at an astronomical rate.
    Another footnote in the history of talented players that didn’t take things seriously till it was far too late.

  37. VY can play QB if you don’t have a complex playbook and if you allow him to free lance. Just don’t expect him to be a pocket QB. His arm is accurate and he is a great athlete.

    Not a good backup as he can’t step in for a pocket QB.

  38. (or even be a valuable backup to RG3 if/when he gets injured).

    theres no If, its will be when!!! option will get him killed!!! just wait

  39. is this the same guy that called out reggie bush all the time?

    is this the same guy that always referred to himself as a winner over reggie bush?

    ha ha ha… Reggie says hello to you, Vince!!!

  40. Vince Young & JaMarcus Russell in a two-QB set. Which one’s gonna get the snap? Young takes off, while Russell throws.

    I can’t believe no one else has thought of this.

  41. With some of these stiffs playing behind center there is absolutely no reason he should be out of the league. Anybody watch that QB clinic between the Jets and the Cardinals?

  42. maybe he could invest the last 20 bucks he has left and create a USFL team and call it the dream team. oxymoron name full of washed up hacks like him might draw an audience and save the USFL

  43. Talk with the man for about five minutes and you’ll get an idea why he’s not employed in the NFL presently as well as why he has no money left.

    Loopy dude.

  44. A couple jokes about the Cards QB’s, and the possbility of Young. OK, fair enough. It is deserved.

    I worry instead, about the Cards getting Alex Smith next year in desperation, then Harbaugh carving us up twice a year against him. Just had that thought today.

    Don’t take the bait please.

  45. Let’s look at the bum QBs being given a shot: Skelton, Lindley, Henne, McElroy, and Quinn. Everyone one of them is a travesty to the game. And yet they are playing. Young has a career winning record, none of these bums do. They are all white, and young is black. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?

  46. Vince Young is another University of Texas bust. Go all the way back to the 1980 draft (Texas’ receiver Johnny “Lam” Jones), 1982 draft (first overall pick Texas’ DL Kenneth Sims) and until now. Bust after bust in first round. Longhorns frequently too soft mentally/physically for the NFL. And not coached well at Texas.

    Nothing new about University of Texas superstars being broke, Earl Campbell has had a make-work “non-job” in the UT athletic dept for more than twenty yrs to pay his bills. Earl was the anti-Vince Young, always prepared, worked hard,committing career suicide by intentionally running over all defenders, played like a linebacker. Earl was almost a cripple before age 40.

    Vince is good at a few plays, once a defense figures him out he cannot adapt (Cam Newton will be Vince Young, part 2). Pray that ur team drafts very few Longhorns.

  47. Vince Young is out there, When he is in a game , defenses fear him … Bring him in and take a look at him…. the price would be LOW, the reward could be super (as in SuperBowl)…
    Can some tell me, What does it cost a Club to bring a player in for a tryout?…. I really want to know…Because Vince Young is a “good” guy…

  48. When has Vince Young given any evidence of being able to absorb the details of any offense other than “ballin” or “doing his own thing” ? When blessed with overwhelming talent and cursed with underwhelming intellect /judgement you must work on the latter, because the former can carry you only so far.

  49. What alot of you Viking fans need to realize is, Ponder actually looked decent at the beginning of the season. But when the only and I mean ONLY Wideout that would make the squad on any team , Harvin, got sidelined, the Vikes passing game died. There is not 1 other player on the team that can get seperattion, other than maybe Jarius Wright! That is the fault of Speilman, for not giving Ponder any weapons, if the team was serious about competing this year, they would have signed another Wideout!

  50. Say what you want about Vince Young, (he can’t do this – He can’t do that). But facts don’t lie,… His NFL won/loss record right now is 31-19… He has taken his team to the playoffs… He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He’s the 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year and in 2010 Vince had a quarterback rating of 98.6… It.s the undeniable TRUTH….
    The last time I checked, the NFL was all about “WINS and LOSSES”….
    ANY quarterback in the NFL with a 31-19 record would easily be given, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5… but as many chances as he wanted to play in the N.F.L…… Come on man!!!!! Is something wrong with this or what???????

  51. The NFL isn’t just overflowing with great QBs. I was shocked that Buffalo cut him. I don’t think he’s the worst backup QB prospect out there. I think Curtis Painter is still in the league for instance. There are a lot of others that can’t come off the bench and play as well as Young IMO.

  52. I think its clear that VY has the athleticism and skills to be 2nd or 3rd QB on most teams. I don’t buy that the 6 or the mental breakdown is the only reason he’s not playing. I’d bet there’s something else that we don’t know about that’s driving it.

  53. I am not Vince Young’s agent and I’m not related to him….I am simply trying to show that Vince Young is a viable option at quarterback to any team that need one…………………………..
    Say what you want about Vince Young, (he can’t do this – He can’t do that). But facts don’t lie,… His NFL won/loss record right now is 31-19… He has taken his team to the playoffs… He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He’s the 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year and in 2010 Vince had a quarterback rating of 98.6… It’s the undeniable TRUTH….
    The last time I checked, the NFL was all about “WINS and LOSSES”….
    ANY quarterback in the NFL with a 31-19 record would easily be given, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5… but as many chances as he wanted to play in the N.F.L…… Come on man!!!!! Is something wrong with this or what?????? Give the man a chance…. He’s 29 years old…..

  54. Maybe Vince can work at my grocery store for a year in the produce section. I’ll get a ton of business it doesn’t pay like he’s used to but someday in a few years he can be assistant manager.

  55. Would you rather have Terrelle Pryor or Vince Young?… You have to pick one.


    No I dont. I dont have to pick one.

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