After saying he’d draft franchise QB, Nix says he might not


After getting Bills fans all excited by telling them he intends to draft a franchise quarterback, Bills general manager Buddy Nix is now taking great pains to tell them it might not happen.

During his weekly radio show on WGR (which he apparently didn’t threaten to hang up on this week), Nix stepped back from his earlier comments.

“I know we’ve discussed the quarterback position many times, and on this show a few weeks ago I was asked about drafting a quarterback, and I said the same thing I’ve been saying,” Nix said, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “But the fans are so eager for us to make something happen — and they aren’t any more eager than I am. I mean, we all are. So they got the idea, I think, that we were automatically going to draft a quarterback in the first round.

“That’s not necessarily true. I mean, we’re going to always stay with the integrity of the [draft] board. But we’re going to try to find a quarterback. If one’s there, and he’s rated at the right spot, we’re going to take him whenever that is.

“I just don’t want to get people expecting that no matter who’s there in the first round we’re going to take a quarterback because that’s no true. We’ll still take the best player.”

What Nix is doing is trying to manage expectations, in case they don’t fall to a spot where one is available, or whether next year’s class of quarterbacks isn’t deemed franchise-label worthy.

It’s an obvious need for a team that has some nice parts, but vastly overpaid Ryan Fitzpatrick. Maybe Nix is thinking he can go find a free agent this offseason who will be better than anyone he could draft.

But at the end of the day, if he’s frustrated with the continued talking about the topic, he should be reminded that he has only himself to blame.

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  1. It wouldn’t be wise to give away your draft expectations. So, I do see the reasoning behind trying to hide draft expectations. It’s frustrating for Bills fans to hear this from Nix, but being 100% transparent with everyone would be a foolish business tactic as it can hurt which players you get in the draft.

    Nix will not reach for a QB that the Bills scouting team feels is not worthy especially in a weak pool of QBs.

    The Bills need a franchise QB. But, there are also other big needs such as WR, LB, and possibly CB. So, if a great prospect is available [i.e. Manti Te’o], then the Bills would go after him rather than a sluggish prospect like Matt Barkley.

  2. There is no need for a complete overhaul. A better QB, #2 WR, 2nd CB and a couple of linebackers make this a playoff team. As for the statement that the BILLS “vastly overpaid” for Fitz as QB – he is 17th in QB rating and 9th in the league in TDs and his $9.8 million per year salary ranks 15th in the league. It sounds like they paid him just right….

  3. Just because you draft a quarterback in the top ten of the draft does not mean he is a franchise quarterback. Christian Ponder and Jake Locker are prime examples.
    Just because you give a guy a contract like a franchise quarterback would receive does not prove that guy will be a franchise quarterback. Carson Palmer and Kevin Kolb are prime examples.
    Instead of wasting more money on an average quarterback, keep upgrading the talent around Ryan Fitzpatrick until you can get a real franchise quarterback.

  4. it sounds like he’s saying barkley sucks. don’t expect the bills to leinhert him. look for a qb in round 2.

  5. I don’t know where he would get a franchise QB in the draft or in FA. There might be one there, but not one that’s obvious. I think the Seahawks will hang onto Flynn. If they trade him then it will be for some serious draft picks and Buffalo can’t rebuild and give away a lot of draft picks at the same time.

  6. There will be about a dozen QBs coming out in the draft who would be instant upgrades over Fitzpatrick. They might not be immediate starters like Luck, Griffin, or Newton, but they need to draft *someone*. The longer they ignore the QB position, the longer the extend their playoff drought. They had a choice between Nick Foles, Russell Wilson, and Kirk Cousins, and they decided to pick TJ Graham instead??? Most scouts had him rated several rounds lower, and he has made a negligible impact this year — mostly because he’s so fast that Fitzpatrick can’t figure out how to time his throws to him.

  7. Sounds like he’s just clearing it up for those that heard what they wanted to hear not what was said.

    Who wouldn’t want to draft a franchise QB if they need one but no GM is going to say WE WILL draft a franchise QB in the 1st round. There is simply too much that can backfire, for starters there doesn’t look to be a franchise QB in this next batch of QBs, even if there was you have to be in the right place to pick them and the Bills have done just well enough to miss out on that while still being considered a really bad team.

  8. Winning does not require an elite QB. Fitzpatrick is decent. He is what he is. A lot of it depends on the composition of the roster, how good the D is, etc. Teams with D and a running game ( even in this era of the QB) can go far and even win with a “game manager” or at least decent QB. You need a guy to not throw the game away and lead winning drives when needed. Not saying Fitzpatrick fits that bill, either- just that there is a lot more to it than having a franchise QB.

  9. Like everyone else is saying, upgrade the talent around Fitz. He isn’t a failure. Once his contract is up the o-line will be solid and the QB’s targets will be like a playground for whoever steps in. Fitz might even stabilize by then.

  10. I want the Bills to be a legit team again in the worst way… not as a Bills fan, but just as a fan of the NFL. I think they’re doing OK. They just need to not overreach in hopes that they find the right guy. Wait until it’s right and they’re sure, and things will fall into place. We all saw what happened with Jacksonville and Gabbert (it’s still up in the air, but it’s clearly falling down).

  11. @KWick

    I’m with you 100%. I like the Georgia kid, could be had in rounds 2-4 depending on his combine. Overall, they just need to draft a reputable QB, that’s all. He doesn’t need to come with the “Franchise QB” label, because a lot of kids can’t handle that pressure. What the Bills need is another option. If they go 9-7 or 8-8 even, it’s hard to imagine a roster next season that doesn’t include Ryan Fitzpatrick. It will be a let down, however, if they don’t bring in either a young guy with true talent (Not another Levi Brown) or another QB who has legitamte starting expierience, that way you can still start the season with Fitz and pull the plug, or if the other guy struggles you have some relief. Buddy said recently in a QB Club luncheon that he wants a QB, LB and WR (In no particular order) That is exactly what this team needs. It’s good to see that he can identify the trouble areas, now he just needs to get the right guys to fill them. Howver, again just speculation, but I think it’s hard to imagine this team being where it is if the defense we have now showed up against Tenesee, New England and even the Jets.

  12. Fitzpatrick is not a failure? He can’t throw anything with precision over 15 yards? He is to small and weak for the nfl. Btw, he is way overpaid. From the number one bills hater.

  13. Fitzpatrick is not a good QB but he is not terrible. He has problems consistently making accurate throws and finding open receivers.

    For the Bills to contend with him they would need a great defense to complement their great running backs. They also need better o line play particularly in pass protection.

    All that would take a lot though so they’d probably be better off trying to find a good quarterback.

  14. dgoens3109 says: Dec 7, 2012 9:23 AM

    It doesn’t matter. The Bills will be losers until there is a COMPLETE overhaul. There is talent on this roster but no one to lead them.

    Wait…this doesn’t make any sense. “There is talent” so you’re pining for a “COMPLETE overhaul?”

    Good thing you’re not making decisions.

  15. Hopefully he won’t be the GM when the draft comes along. Ralph………bring Bill Polian back. Get over your resentment and just DO IT!!!!!🏉 @footballadt52. BTW take your has been coach with you Buddy.

  16. whatjusthapped says: Dec 7, 2012 10:55 AM

    What? You mean Vince Young does not qualify as a franchise QB?

    Try telling that to the Titans. Oh wait, I think they figured it out on their own.

    Tell me that the Titans are doing so much better without him???? Not! Fitz record is better than VY…Not! Exhale dude…let it go!!!

  17. flyerguy73 says:Dec 7, 2012 11:00 AM

    Fitzpatrick is not a failure? He can’t throw anything with precision over 15 yards? He is to small and weak for the nfl. Btw, he is way overpaid. From the number one bills hater.

    Yes, I’ve noticed you are a very strong Bills hater. Did one of them steal your gf or something?

    I hate the Pats, but that’s because they’ve beaten the heck outta my team twice a year every year for over a decade. I’m curious as to your reasons…

  18. Teams will reach for a QB. Ex. Ponder, locker, tannehill, weeden, gabbert. Don’t expect Murray or bray or Wilson to be around in round 2. If the Bills want a QB they may have to reach for one in the first round which they won’t which means we will probably sign vick which also means no playoffs again.

    And forget trading for a Matt flynn or Alex smith. Nix refuses to give up his “precious” 2nd and 3rd day picks. He says they are vital to building a franchise eventhough he had been terrible at using those picks on valuable players

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