Bernie Kosar surprised by reaction to his radio interview


Bernie Kosar did a radio interview with WKNR in Cleveland on Wednesday that went viral because of the way he sounded while on the air.

Kosar was incoherent during the interview, which ended abruptly when the hosts of the show appeared to cut it off because of how Kosar sounded on the air. People have opined that Kosar sounded like he was intoxicated or medicated while on the air and brought up his previous discussions about the toll concussions suffered during his career have taken, two notions Kosar dismissed on Thursday.

Kosar spoke to Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and said he was surprised that the interview generated so much reaction, although he understands why people were concerned. He said he did the interview while riding in a car with his daughter and that he wasn’t under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication while it was going on. He also said he was caught off guard by a question regarding his appearance on a new reality show about the Browns airing on the Travel Channel and became emotional while talking about the experience, which featured Kosar on the field at Browns stadium with the family of an Ohio-born soldier who died in Iraq.

Let’s hope that’s all it was and that Kosar’s next radio interview is a less troubling one.

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  1. You can take cheap shots at Bernie if you want to get a quick laugh and a few “thumbs up,” but everyone has demons and I hope you never have to go through anything that Bernie went through.

    He was a role model to millions of Browns fans and one of the classiest professional athletes that has ever lived. Just watch him put his arm around an inconsolable Earnest Byner after “The Fumble” and tell me you don’t get a tear in your eye.

  2. I understand Bernie… I really do.
    There have been so many times during my youth that i woke up the next day after a long night of snake bites and yeager bombs and I was complete surprised by the slampig laying next to me.

  3. In that interview, Kosar was obviously chemically impaired. Alcohol or drugs. That didn’t sound like someone with a medical issue (concussions or dementia) to me. I don’t believe a word of his explanation.

  4. If that’s the way he normally sounds then he has some serious dain bramage.

    If he wasn’t impaired by drugs or alcohol, then he needs to be the the prime case study for traumatic brain injury.

  5. Bernie really does sound pretty bad all of the time.

    I used to listen to him at least once a week down here in South Florida for the “Bernie Kosar Show” with Armando Salguero. He sounds so bad that the first couple of times I heard him I thought it was some stupid radio joke.

    Sadly, I don’t think his speech is “chemically altered.”

  6. That’s just the way Bernie talks. If you listen to him in any other interview, he’s the same way. He was just emotional at that point, and it just made him more difficult to understand. But really, if you listen/watch any other interview, you’d know that’s just the way he is. It has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol.

  7. I dont know man. He sounds rough to begin with. What ever the reason, did sound like a mess. Hope he’s well though.

  8. He sounds like that all the time. It made news this time, but he’s done other interviews in South Florida where he sounded messed up.

  9. I’m not a Browns fan but I’m a Bernie Kosar fan. I know he has been going through a ton of personal issues and I hope someday soon he gets back on track. He’s always been an upstanding guy. My best wishes to him and his family.

  10. That’s how he always sounds though. He’s just passionate about what he speaks of.

    Plus the man has been through alot in his life and having to take care of his family. He’s probably exhausted.

  11. I find it hard to believe that’s just how he talks. He was a mess. He was emotional for no reason. He wasn’t making sense. The hosts tried to get him off the air. No way this is normal.

  12. As a bartender I observe the many states of intoxication and sometimes the effects of cross medication. That being said Kosar is at least under the influence of alcohol and more likely a mixture of a few things. I feel bad for the guy, he certainly needs some help and guidance.

  13. Anyone that has followed Bernie, expects him to sound out of sorts.

    He doesn’t sound any different when on TV, but at least you get the visual and know that he is not impaired at all. Radio, you don’t get that perspective, but he definitely sounds impaired normally and without being under the influence of anything.

    It is just a well known speech impediment.

  14. I really like Bernie and will always think of him fondly as a Browns great, however, I believe he was impaired in that interview.

    If you listen to it again, he sounds very intoxicated. Listen to the way he said “Kansas City” when they finally got him back to a football discussion.

    I think the host of the show did a good job trying to get the interview to sound good. He even tried to give Bernie an out mid way through the call.

    It is clear that Bernie has had some tough times but really seems like he is working to get things together. Perhaps he had a rough day and made a poor decision.

    Also, I don’t buy that he was in a car. Listen closely as there is background noise in the call. It sounded to me more like he was in a crowded location.

    I for one support Bernie and wish him the best. If he needs help, I hope he gets it. None of us are perfect.

  15. “Let’s hope that’s all it was and that Kosar’s next radio interview is a less troubling one.”

    Yeah let’s just stick our heads in the sand, nothing to see here. This guy needs help. Those posting saying he wasn’t impaired are in denial. I truly believe he is a great guy going through a lot of bad stuff. That’s why he needs help.

  16. I am a huge Browns fan, Kosar is one of my favorite Browns, I am a retirted law enforcement officer, and ive heard Kosar do many interviews, and if you been around cleveland Kosar has a history with alcohol. yes he had road bumps in his life but so have most of us in life…. if he wants help he needs to stop making excusess for his self, I would repect him so much more, if he would say I had a rough day and im human, and realize i need help.

  17. tommyhammond says:

    “Whoa.. Hold on now. When did the Browns ever have millions of fans?”

    …says someone who know very little about the league. Despite being pretty awful for the last decade-plus, the Cleveland Browns boast one of the largest fanbases in the world. I’ve personally found Browns Backers bars in 5 different countries, excluding the US.

  18. When Bernie is on the radio or calling a pre-season game he always sounds like he is drunk, I have never heard him speak clearly without slurs, duhs, stammers and a volume drop at the end of a sentence.srdgf

  19. I love the Browns and Bernie was my hero as a kid. I was an obsessive supporter during his career and I have watched Bernie do color commentary during Browns’ preseason games for the last decade. I know him as well as any fan can, and I think he was absolutely plastered during that interview.

    Some are claiming that “Bernie always sounds like this”. Ah, no. They are right in that Bernie often sounds off, but during last weeks radio spot, he sounds far worse than usual.

    Bernie has – at the least – a severe problem with alcohol, and probably something else too. I’ve watched the man slowly decline into a self-parody. He’s in trouble, and right now the absolute worst thing his fans can do is pretend everything is OK. It’s not. Bernie is in big trouble. He’s one of the good guys, but he’s fallen hard. I hope he gets the help he needs.

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