Chad Greenway: I should have been more responsible


Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway now says he regrets saying fans should get “super, duper drunk” on Sunday.

Greenway, who has taken some criticism for saying he wanted to hear the home fans drunk, loud and raucous for Sunday’s game against the Bears, told ESPN 1000 in Chicago on Thursday that he “went a little far.”

Obviously, I could have used some more responsible words,” Greenway said. “I think the people that know me, the beat writers included, know that I said that sort of tongue-in-cheek. I just wanted the fans at home to be loud like they always are. I think just trying to drive that point home I probably got a little loose with my words. Obviously, I should have been a little more responsible with it. It was said, so what do you do?”

Now it’s up to Greenway and his teammates not to play the way they have the last two weeks, which might lead fans to drown their sorrows after the game.

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  1. Have always been a fan of Chad Greenway’s, ever since his days at Iowa. His comment was juvenile, should have been worded better but he admitted that he shouldn’t have said it so shouldn’t be any issues. Tom Brady made similar comments last season, just a funny way for players to reach out to the fans.

  2. Chad Greenway seems like a level headed guy. He got caught up in reaching for a way to inspire his fan base and forgot to think. I have sold beer at the Plaza outside the MOA Dome and believe me, the fans don’t need any encouragement to drink more beer.

  3. Still don’t see what he did wrong. He suggested that the fans do what the majority of them are going to do anyway.

    In my opinion he has nothing to apologize for.

    Now had he suggested that everyone get drunk and drive 100 mph on the wrong side of the highway, then I could understand everyone being butthurt.

    The NFL sells overpriced piss-water beer and alcohol INSIDE the stadium. If anything he just added more revenue from increased sales.

  4. He probably should have just said that he was super, duper drunk at the time he made the comment…

  5. ????? what was so wrong with what he said???? ppl who to be offended by his comment are jokes!!!!

    he didn’t tell underage persons to go out and drink nor did he say to drive drunk!!!! Every adult that isn’t in rehab drinks!!!! nite a big deal!!! the nation has certain holidays that are marketed to get drunk!!!! don’t hate the comment hate the nation, it only says what America is!!!

    lmao binge drinking isn’t even a major nor minor problem!!!!


  6. Anyone who seriously got offended by his comments are probably the same tools who got offended by the Atlanta airport workers throwing eggs at the Saints’s team bus.

    You’re the same people that cry about how football has become too sissified and how Goodell has added too many rules to protect players…but then you get bent out of shape by a comment like THIS? Some of you need to get in touch with the real world if this was seriously something you were offended by.

  7. He said get drunk at the game…not drive home impaired and kill someone.

    He should be able to say that while everyone else takes responsibility for their own actions…take a D/D with you to the game!!!

  8. Too late to back out now. Sorry Chad. My plans are already in place. I’ll be checking the scores Monday morning, because I won’t remember what happens on Sunday!

  9. The last time I checked they do sell alcohol at the games right ?? And alcohol still gets people drunk right ?? Who is offended again ??

  10. As a Viking for life since 1968 I can honestly say watching this Minnesota Viking “offense” (or lack thereof) has made all of us Viking fans feel Super Duper Drunk. If this offense were Adam (of Adam and Eve) there would be no human race-they can’t score!

  11. The ONLY thing wrong with what Greenway said is that Ponder is taking his advice and getting super duper drunk with the fans during games.

  12. This was not a dumb statement because
    A: Chad Greenway does not have control over anything the fans say or do. heck he barely has influence over anybody, or his words barely register in most people’s ears.
    B: To think that any kids will drink or adults will drink and drive because of what Greenway is ridiculous.
    overall this “outrage” is completely stupid and is more of society always looking to blame others for their own actions and those that aren’t harmed by his statement yet still think it was a dumb thing to say or WAY to caught up in the hype of oversensitivity. Greenway has NOTHING to apologize for.

  13. All I can say is that if anyone was offended by Greenway’s off the cuff comment, they seriously need to grow up……..including any reporters that make a big deal out of it. I can’t believe this has become newsworthy. On any given Sundy, every stadium in the league has a high percentage of drunks. It’s ridiculous to think that the league allows the sale of alcohol that causes fans to “get drunk” but yet it’s taboo to talk about the elephant in the room.

  14. Getting drunk at an NFL stadium will cost the average fan about $200 given the price of the watered down beer.

  15. Who really cares?? He was just stating the obvious, as in obviously they’re going to be drunk, just get more drunk and support the economy by buying more expensive liquor.

  16. Of course it was meant as a joke since, the stop serving alcohol after the second quarter in Minnesota.
    In reality the players should be the ones drinking.
    Minnesota has the dumbest liquor laws. You cannot buy booze on Sunday and grocery stores cannot sell booze at all. You can get a beer or drink on Sunday if the establishment also sells food.

  17. Sheesh. He obvously is just trying to say that the fans need to get fired up for the game. Lighten up. Although in all honesty, it’s kind of hard to sit through this season without getting drunk.

  18. dude, don’t apologize, blow it up even more!

    the morons who don’t get it need it rubbed in their faces, and everybody else can laugh all the better at them

    damn uptight people take themselves way too seriously

  19. So should the General Manager at KFAN!
    What is Brad Childress running the joint that you fire the Super Star Mike Morris just weeks before Christmas?

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