Chiefs establish trust fund for Zoey Belcher

The Chiefs have announced that a trust fund has been established a trust fund for Zoey Michelle Belcher, the three-month-old orphan of linebacker Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins.

On December 1, Belcher murdered Perkins before committing suicide in the parking lot of the team’s facility.

“Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families and everyone affected by the heartbreaking events of last Saturday,” Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said in a team-issued release.  “As we continue to struggle with the emotional pain from the tragedy, the Chiefs family is focused on helping 3-month-old Zoey Michelle Belcher as she faces the challenge of growing up without the support of her parents.  Zoey will always be a part of the Chiefs family, and we hope that this trust will help to ensure she has the resources necessary as she grows up.”

The trust will include contributions from the Hunt family and Chiefs players, coaches, and staff.

Private contributions also can be made.  Checks should be made payable to UMB Bank, N.A., Trustee of the Zoey Michelle Belcher Irrevocable Trust, and they should be mailed to “Zoey Belcher Trust, UMB Bank – Attn: Trust Division, P.O. Box 419226, Kansas City, MO 64179.”

15 responses to “Chiefs establish trust fund for Zoey Belcher

  1. Nice job by the NFL/NFLPA/Chiefs… This little girl is going to have a hard life emotionally. At least she souldn’t have to worry about financial aspects. Hopefully there is a trustworthy person put in charge of the money so it isn’t squandered.

  2. I wonder if they can pay her the remainder of her fathers contract in trust? Would certainly be a class move by a real class organization.

  3. She will know nothing of her parents, which to me is a tear-jerker. I wish her nothing but the best.

  4. Such a beautiful baby. It’s great to see the league and the team really take charge and get something done for this child and the people who will be caring for her.

  5. Absolutely great job by the Chiefs and the NFL. Money cannot replace her parents but at least she will be taken care of finacially. I hope the trusts are set up so no deadbeats can take any of it.

  6. I know everyone is going to hate on this, but why would anyone give money to this trust? I would never want to trade places with this poor girl, but she already has more than enough money. Giving her more money isn’t the answer. She already has a reported $1.7 million. She deserves sympathy, but there are far more worthy causes for your money.

  7. Why would someone give a thumbs down to the idea of establishing a trust fund for a little girl who was orphaned by violence especially under the circumstances in this situation?

  8. i concur with a few people.why are people giving “thumbs down” on these comments? this baby did nothing wrong and deserves a good life just like every other child brought into this world.Her mother didnt deserve to die the way she did,and we will probably never know why this baby’s did what he did.I as well as many other people in this country,feel for this child who will never know her mother or father but will be financially secure when she become 18.I just hope her trust fund is well taken care of until she is of age to take care of it herself one day.The NFL and the Chiefs are doing the right thing by doing this for this little girl,she deserves it.

  9. The events that happened are sad. But they are labeling this baby for life. Everyone she knows, will know her life story.

    She will not be as emotional sad as some of you think. She will not know her parents at all.
    She will have the love of others, just like a adopted child.

    I understand setting up some sort of trust. But the money is getting way out of hand.

    Is there any proof that she is even his child? Maybe that is what the whole fight was about.

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