David Boston gets six months in jail, concussions cited at sentencing

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Former NFL wide receiver David Boston was sentenced to six months in prison today for punching a woman last year, but the sentence could have been much more severe, as prosecutors were seeking to put Boston behind bars for four years.

So why did the judge give Boston a more lenient sentence? In part, because Boston blamed concussions suffered in football for his actions off the field, and the judge found Boston’s claims convincing.

According to the Sun Sentinel, a psychiatrist testified at Friday’s sentencing hearing that Boston had at least four concussions from playing football, and Circuit Judge Charles Burton said he agreed to impose less jail time than prosecutors were seeking because of evidence that Boston suffers from a brain disorder. Boston said in court that he is suing the NFL over head trauma he suffered on the field.

With thousands of former players now suing the NFL for brain damage they say they suffered during their playing days, this surely won’t be the last time we hear of a player blaming brain damage after being convicted of a crime. The 34-year-old Boston, a once-promising Pro Bowler who has had several off-field problems, pleaded guilty last month to felony aggravated battery in connection with last year’s incident.

56 responses to “David Boston gets six months in jail, concussions cited at sentencing

  1. Maybe it was the judge who was suffering from a concussion.

    But I doubt the judge bought that. The jails/prisons are overcrowded and he probably pretended to buy the excuse so the prosecutor wouldn’t throw a fit about giving him a lesser sentence.

  2. Hitting women is terrible and I dont know the ins and outs of the situation, but the prosecutors trying to lock a guy up for 4 yrs for that is ridiculous.

    maybe if he viciously assaulted her continuously, but a single punch does not warrant 4 yrs behind bars.

  3. Talk about opening up a new can of worms. So if Dez Bryant should get caught with drugs or dealing drugs etc. he uses the excuse that his mama was a crackhead and he’s a crackbaby so it isn’t his fault. Or the average Joe-bag-a-donuts stops for a few beers, leaves and gets an accident driving and kills someone……”oh by the way your honor, my ole’ man was a drunk and it wasn’t my fault I got drunk”. It’s called accountability.

  4. I’m sure the juice also messed with his chemical balance in his brain. My guess is that some combination of concussions and PED use is what causes so many athletes to go off the deep end.

  5. My GOD, no amount of fame, riches or power is worth the price paid by these pro football players! With few exceptions, they leave as absolute physical wrecks. Add to that, they have little to no job skills due to their “student athlete” days and of course, lastly, they have squandered their fortune on slow horses and fast women. It is not a pretty picture and sadly, there is a never-ending supply of young men willingly and aggressively volunteering to jump into the meat grinder/ blood sport year after year.

  6. Boston was acting up when he was with the Chargers. Did he have all his concussions in his first couple of years in the league, or was he just a turd from Day 1?

  7. b00lsheit!!!

    this gives every NFL’er an excuse for whatever crime they commit.

    ryan leaf now has a legal excuse for the breaking&entering and robberies he commited!?!?

    i call b00l!!!

  8. I’ve had a few concussions in my life. Doubt if i punched a lady I’d only get 6 months. Being a former pro athlete once again helps when it comes time for sentencing.

  9. David Boston also was suspended from the NFL for steroid and cocaine use. All you have to do is look at him on the cover of SI when he was at Ohio State, and then look at pics of him at San Diego. Steroids and cocaine have both been known to cause extreme mood swings. They can permanently alter the chemistry of your brain. The concusion excuse just seems like a cop out…

  10. Hey i had a concussion once. Is it ok for me to beat up women too? I wish Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock were in charge of the country so nobody would ever be able to hurt women again.

  11. I’m sure the steroids had something to do with it. But drug dealers don’t have as much money as the NFL does.

  12. Liberal (social worker) judges are so soft. Just imagine after 4 more years of Vladimir Ilyich Obama appointing judges it is only going to get worse. We are all so screwed.

  13. Yeah, he gets only 6 months because he though he was punching Zimmerman. Too bad his little head is his big head, it got battered by Kim Kardashian (according to David)

  14. Last time i check jail generally is one year or less and prison is generally one year or greater for first timers , so which is it?

  15. orakpocalypse says:
    Dec 7, 2012 11:19 PM
    I wish Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock were in charge of the country so nobody would ever be able to hurt women again.

    Uh what? Seems to me if a guy knows a woman could have a 45 nearby, even the biggest idiot would think twice before hauling off and hitting her.

  16. Steroids…drugs……..no problem, just blame it all on “concussions”. This has to be one of the dumbest damn judges, must be related to judge judy down in weese-ana.

  17. So concussions caused Bolton’s violent off field behavior? I didn’t see anything in the article suggesting that Bolton was seeking treatment to remedy his problems or that treatment would even make a difference. If this is true, then he remains a danger to repeat offend. Why not give him a four year sentence so that he can punch inmates instead of women?

  18. Wonder if his head gets its own jail cell?

    No way that huge melon’s fitting in a normal size cell.

  19. Somewhere in a prison in Nevada, O.J. Simpson is giving his legal team a call with a great new idea for an appeal of his sentence. “You know, Alan, I suffered a LOT of concussions in my day …”

  20. Yeah, because Mr. David is in no way responsible for the fact that he played football. Perhaps he’d have us believe he never knew you could get concussions from football. Next, Elmer Fudd.

  21. A long dark path some athletes are following. At an increasing pace their side grows. Cry “havoc,” and let slip the dogs of war.

  22. How quickly we forget: Wasn’t there just an NFL campaign against domestic (male on female) violence after the Jovan Belcher incident?

    Didn’t David Boston get busted in Tampa for driving under the influence of a substance that turned out to be GHB? Now he only gets six months because of concussions?

    There is something wrong with our society, the light bulb is getting dim.

  23. As much as I admire our soldiers that come home from war SOME of them have PTSD. Not all NFL players have disorders caused by playing football. And further more I have never heard of this guy! Loser looking for an easy out

  24. Wow! It reminds me of South Park where they were shooting deer and in order to get around the law they had to yell out “The deer is attacking me! Shoot em in self defense!” Guess we are gonna see more NFL players potentially using this as a defense which is terrible. Boston is a former player who was involved in steroids. Isn’t it possible that his prolonged use of steroids contributed to this. Either way, he CHOSE to hit a woman and should be punished accordingly.

  25. Plan is to go hooker beating tonight, I have had 6 concussions, so I should be fine. I’m gonna also try it on every officer who pulls me over, “sorry officer, the concussions made me speed.”

  26. Huh, I’ve had 4 concussions from football & 2 not football related. I’ve never felt the urge to punch a woman in the face.

  27. What David Boston did was terribly wrong. But let be honest. If you were in his shoes facing 4 years, and it was revealed to you that you could blame it on concussions as take 3.5 years off your sentence, what would you do?

  28. When tOSU signed this son of a Texas judge we were all so excited. Were the concussions to blame when he was buying, pot, x and blow at age 19, allegedly, the Friday before games in college? I hate to say it but he is like a mini Jerremy Stevens.

  29. It’s not just the players who are claiming head trauma. As a Lions fan, I’ve suffered numerous concussions from banging my head against the wall.

  30. Some of the posters on here think 6 months in jail is too much. 6 months would not be long enough if it was your daughter or wife would it. Any man big enough and strong enough to be playing in the NFL and punching a woman in the face should be locked up for a long time. Any man for that matter.

  31. I guess this could be the case I won’t judge that but addiction is a brain disorder also but inthe end we are all responsible for our behavior. This could be a slippery slope that ends up stigmatizing those who really need medical help. 🏉 @footballady52

  32. QUOTE:

    the prosecutors trying to lock a guy up for 4 yrs for that is ridiculous.


    What kind of people are we raising in this society that can’t see the justification for a prison sentence when you engage in violence against women??

    How much prison time would be justified if Boston had beat the blazes out of your mother? Your sister? Your wife? Your daughter? He didn’t *just* punch her in the face, dude. He beat the living tar out of her by punching her in the face…go read the case summary.

    I think there should be mandatory sentences for violence against women and children. Six months is a joke.

  33. Lol the concussions and not the prolific steroid use has scrambled his brains. These players anymore are so lame. I’m sure concussions don’t help te brain even more so when you have used steroids for a period of time in your life.

  34. @lifelongbrownsfan….. Absolutely correct! I’m getting sick of reading stories like this and then comments about how he didn’t “beat” her, just “punched” her. Ridiculous! No man EVER hits a woman EVER. This society becomes more sickening everyday.

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