Goodell pushes for new Raiders stadium


Commissioner Roger Goodell attended Thursday night’s game in Oakland.  And it sounds like he’s hoping that the Raiders’ home stadium will soon be replaced with Black Hole 2.0.

According to the Associated Press, Goodell said that it’s crucial that the Raiders get a new venue.

“It’s our stage,” Goodell said.  “It’s part of where we present our game.  It’s the biggest part.  It’s also really important to the fan experience.  Having full stadiums is critical for us.  We want to have our fans in the stadium, we want to make sure they have the best facilities, we want to make sure the teams can generate enough revenue to be successful and competitive.”

Oakland’s 26-13 loss to the Broncos, televised on NFL Network, had large patches of empty seats in the upper deck.  Though the game was televised locally, the Raiders are one of the handful of franchises who took full advantage of the rule that reduces the minimum threshold for lifting a blackout from 100 percent of all non-premium ticket sales to 85 percent.  The league prefers that every ticket be sold.

“The priority is what the community and the team work out,” Goodell said.  “I think it’s a great benefit that there’s a stadium across the bay that’s going to be a state-of-the-art facility.  That’s terrific.  So that’s an option if this community and the Raiders choose that.  But that’s a decision they have to make.”

Goodell is referring to the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara.  But the Raiders have shown no interest in playing games there, even though it makes plenty of sense to use the place 20 times per year instead of only 10.

The unsettled situation leaves the door open for a return by the Raiders to Los Angeles.  And while Goodell was careful to avoid that topic on Thursday night, the option surely is on the table.

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  1. I don’t get what is so great about new stadiums. The new meadowlands in my opinion worse then the old one. It went from real fans and having a fun experience to being around a bunch of first class business men.

    You wanna get the attendance up, try lowering prices, why doesnt anyone ever think of that? Oh wait,bc the NFL is only about that almighty dollar

  2. One way or another the NFL will be making it’s return to LA. Why not kill two birds with one stone. New stadium for the Raiders and the triumphant return of the NFL to L.A. Sounds like a pretty good win win situation.

  3. If it is so ‘crucial’, maybe he’ll get the Raiders and the NFL to pay for it and leave the taxpayers of California alone.

  4. It’s not the stadium, it’s the 3-10 team and it’s insulting to ask for that kind of horrible product to be rewarded with a new stadium.

    Ask the Miami Marlins what a new stadium does to get people to come see a losing team.

  5. Why must everybody build new stadiums,,,there is nothing wrong with the old one. Nothing a little renovation & polish couldnt fix…..go away Goodell

  6. Raiders and Miami both! Nothing more annoying than seeing a baseball field in the middle of a football game.

  7. The problem is the new NFL stadiums are to sterile and seem like works of art more than a football stadium.
    The worst of it is to build these new atmosphere sapping buildings they raise ticket prices, it’s a 2 for 1 offer on how to turn the regular fan away from wanting to attend games live.
    Throw in the quality of HDTVs, plus the ongoing wussification of the game and it’s just going to get worse in terms of people going to games.

  8. and once again nobody including “fans” in l.a. who did not support the teams they had there before care about a team in l.a. if the nfl wants a team there so bad let them build a stadium and not the taxpayers.

  9. Building new stadiums has nothing to do with making the experience better for the fans.

    It is 100% about revenue generation. In the past, no one envisioned the amount of demand there would be luxury boxes and other premium seating, and stadiums weren’t designed with that many. Oakland’s current stadium, for example, has 90 luxury suites. Jerry World in Dallas has 350. The stadium in LA will probably have more.

    So Goodell can perpetrate the myth that this is all about the common fan, but numbers never lie.

  10. Lower your prices and watch people fill the seats .. People are not going to pay astronomical ticket prices for a team that can’t even hit .500 …

  11. So a new stadium with higher ticket prices in a bad economy will get more people to come. Interesting.

  12. On top of the fact that the ticket prices are way too high and the team is awful…this game was on a Thursday night– unlike those who work in the NFL, MOST people have work to get to early on Friday mornings.

  13. Cereal says:

    Why must everybody build new stadiums,,,there is nothing wrong with the old one. Nothing a little renovation & polish couldnt fix…..go away Goodell

    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Nothing wrong with the old one? I’m guessing you’ve never been there.

    I grew up going to the Oakland Coliseum. I have good memories there, but that place is a toilet. It’s really a terrible place for both football and baseball.

  14. i’m pretty sure the raiders are more worried about building a competitive team than stinking it up in a new stadium

  15. I would think that the Raiders would love a move to LA. A fan base that wouldn’t care if they lost for a few years while the new regime can undo the Al Davis damage. I know the fans in Oakland wouldn’t like it but if your a fan of a visiting team your probably not going to buy a ticket there due to some recent events (and thus will have problems selling out).

  16. LA might have supported one team. The problem was that the city had two teams and both moved out the same time. But why would any city want a franchise like the Raiders, whose history shows that they will move and also move again? Not using the Santa Clara facility for both teams is stupid. They should get that lease done ASAP.

  17. im fine with new stadiums if the billionaire owners want to build them. no tax dollars should subsidize a rich NFL owner’s company (i.e., the team)

  18. Two things.

    First this statements translates to – Lets mug the taxpayers for another billion dollars while the billionaire owners laugh all the way to the bank.

    Second, on Thursday he says he wants to eliminate kickoffs, the on Friday he says “Having full stadiums is critical for us. We want to have our fans in the stadium”. That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one.

  19. Why should Oakland spring for a stadium? Oakland isn’t full of rich people like SF is. Also, they’ve already seen their team moved to LA once.

    I agree that the attendance is low due to poor performance. Of course with that old NFL gun to the head they might get one anyway. Goodell is already saying the league wants two teams in LA (where there currently are none) so I guess it’s just a matter of time before Goodell and Mara show up to “express their concerns in person” like they did in Minnesota.

  20. It should be a straight up taxpayer vote every time an NFL team tries to go after public funds for an unnecessary stadium……especially since these teams don’t know how to keep it modest. It’s ridiculous when the Vikings of all teams are going to build a stadium in the billion dollar range. The Steelers did it right. Just a basic, bare bones football stadium that got done for under 370 million (adjusted for today’s dollar value).

  21. phelbin says: Dec 7, 2012 9:16 AM

    Nothing wrong with the old one? I’m guessing you’ve never been there.

    I grew up going to the Oakland Coliseum. I have good memories there, but that place is a toilet. It’s really a terrible place for both football and baseball.

    I spent years going there for Raiders games, A’s games , Day on the Green concerts, went there before and after B.A.R.T. was built (that walking overpass made things so much better). You sure we’re both talking about the same stadium?

  22. If they were to build a new stadium it would still fill up as fast as the coliseum does… I’m at those blacked out games and they look pretty sold out to me…

    Y’all forget.. We’re raider nation, as bad as we are this year we’ve only been blacked out once… How’s that for fair weather fans???

    Thee most loyal fan base in the world, the greatest fan base in the world!!!

  23. Unless they work out a plan to share the new Niners stadium, I don’t see how they stay in the Bay Area.

  24. Since the NFL has abandoned real fans and has catered to the interests of those people/business that purchase the luxury seats/boxes/suites, why not just ask them for donations? Legislatures are corrupt(ible) and the simple minded fear the loss of revenue. It’s a shame. The owners make plenty of money off the backs of the “common” folk and the money-grabs are disgusting.

  25. Let’s see, The Davis’ are billionaires. The Raiders are worth over a billion. The NFL is worth tens of billions of dollars. The Alameda County residents are STILL paying off the renovations to the Coliseum now known as Mount Davis. Let the Davis family and the NFL, all multibillionaires pay for their own place of work. The taxpayers don’t pay for Wells Fargo or Kaiser Healthcare’s buildings. It should be no different for an NFL stadium. The Raiders have enough collateral to secure a loan.

    NFL- you are GREEDY and don’t care about fans.

  26. build a brand new stadium for the raiders in Oakland,move the rams back to LA,move the jags to st louis.the NFL will go back to the way it was.the NFL never should’ve allowed jacksonville to get a franshise.

  27. The people of Oakland have Jerry Brown for a Governor. They have bigger problems than a new stadium for the Raiders. If Goodell thinks the Raiders need a new stadium, than the NFL should pay for it. I doubt the Riaders have the cash to pick up the tab and the city certainly is in no position to pay for it. And one other thing. Why is the league so focused on putting a team back in LA. Two teams moved away because there was no support. What makes Goodell think it has magically changed since the Rams and Raiders left.

  28. How much would the tickets cost in a new stadium? Currently the Raiders ticket prices are reasonable in comparison to other NFL teams. But they still have trouble selling out. Often times they offer 2 for 1 ticket deals. What makes them think that this fanbase can afford tickets at new stadium?

  29. And BTW, if you really want to go back through the history of the league, Cleveland is actually on their FOURTH franchise (do your own research)

    Anybody think they don’t deserve a team?

  30. Lets get a better product on the field before we think about funding for a new stadium..Mr. Goodell needs to first address if the Davis family is still best at managing this once proud frnchise and overruling the minority stake so the other partners have more say in re-building this once proud new franchise..

  31. dasmol says: Dec 7, 2012 9:33 AM

    Why? Their fairweather fans won’t go unless the team is winning


    find me another fan base as passionate as Raiderfans with what they’ve had to root for as of late….

  32. kennyking33 says: Dec 7, 2012 2:23 PM

    dasmol says: Dec 7, 2012 9:33 AM

    Why? Their fairweather fans won’t go unless the team is winning


    find me another fan base as passionate as Raiderfans with what they’ve had to root for as of late….

    Saint Louis.

  33. dasmol says:
    Dec 7, 2012 9:33 AM
    Why? Their fairweather fans won’t go unless the team is winning


    Fairweather fans? Raider fans are some of the most loyal in the NFL. The team is losing and losing bad. Why would anyone want to spend their hard earned money on watching a bad product on the field. You think that wasting your money on a lost season makes you a better fan? I call it an incredibly stupid financial decision. I try to go to a game a year. I travel from L.A. to Oakland to do so. You think I’m going to spend my money doing so this year? For what? I still support my team… always will. They can have my money when they give me a reason to go. Oh, and this is California… we DO have “fair” weather… and a lot more to do than other parts of the country. I’ll spend my hard earned money on nights out with the wifey or Disneyland for the kid. I’ll return to Oakland when they can at least give me hope.

  34. I know Mark Davis has a lot of pride but if he was smart he would rent the 49ers new stadium and share it with them for a few years. By renting the stadium the Raiders might actually stop hemorrhaging money.

  35. kennyking33 says:
    Dec 7, 2012 2:23 PM

    find me another fan base as passionate as Raiderfans with what they’ve had to root for as of late….


  36. The Stadium could be updated as soon as the A’s leave. We are the only Team in the NFL who shares with a Baseball Team.

    Next use some leverage and take some of the neighborhood down.
    You want Fan Experience and City revenues? Then clean up the surrounding areas and build restaurants and services adjacent to the stadium.
    The Warriors are leaving and that old building could come down and become the new Baseball Park! Add hotels, food and parking and you have the money and atmosphere to fill the house!

  37. i still like the camp parks location in dublin that mark davis mentioned previously. It would make sense for the a’s as well.

  38. That stadium is trash and anyone who says it isn’t is delusional. BUT it does fit the neighborhood, which isn’t exactly what one would consider a great place to live. The whole area surrounding the or whatever it’s called now is undergoing a renovation on both sides of the 880 freeway. I actually wouldn’t mind a new stadium as an entertainment complex which gave which would give East Oakland a jolt in the arm economically like the new Walmart did and give the local residents a sense of pride. I would support this if they were willing to give Oaklanders 1st shot at jobs in the new stadium/entertainment complex as well as the construction jobs building it.

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