LeSean McCoy stuck at stage four of concussion protocol


The Eagles have already announced that Nick Foles will be their starting quarterback for the rest of the season and they could wind up with Bryce Brown playing out the string as a member of the starting lineup as well.

LeSean McCoy has not been able to progress past the fourth stage of the five-stage concussion protocol he must pass in order to return to the field. Eagles head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder said, via the Philadelphia Daily News, that McCoy is still fatigued after physical activity and exhibiting other symptoms of a concussion. Burkholder said that the lingering symptoms — McCoy was injured in Week 11 — caused him to send McCoy to be examined by concussion experts in Pittsburgh this week.

With McCoy out this week and the Eagles playing again next Thursday night, it seems likely that he’ll head into Week 16 with four weeks of inactivity behind him. The Eagles don’t have much to play for this season, so it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if they decide its not worth the risk of further injury to bring McCoy back again this year.

Michael Vick would be on the bench whether or not he was healthy, but, like McCoy, he’s still struggling to pass the necessary tests that would allow him back onto the field. He’s been able to partake in physical activity, but his reaction time is still causing him to fall short in the testing arena.

8 responses to “LeSean McCoy stuck at stage four of concussion protocol

  1. Hate to hear he’s still struggling with it…Hopefully he gets cleared so he can continue his career…However, I feel guilty…I was semi happy to read this title because I have Bryce Brown on my Fantasy Football Team…

  2. Why in the world would they even think about playing McCoy at this point? What do they have to gain? One or two wins that will do nothing but hurt their draft position.

  3. As a realistic eagle fan, shut him down. No need to risk him in a lost season. Let us fantasy owners enjoy Bryce. I know next year ill think twice about drafting him, especially with a new coach who’ll prob pound the ball with both backs. Get better Shady, u still the man!

  4. Until the o-line is right you really won’t get an honest evaluation of Foles anyway, unless he puts really good numbers in front of the makeshift line he has now.

  5. Love the last line about Vick:

    “but his reaction time is still causing him to fall short in the testing arena.”

    Based on the way he has been reading defenses all year, this may not be a symptom of his concussion.

  6. One more reason to give Andy the boot. Leaving LeSean in the game to get that concussion was absurd. Especially with his reasoning of trying to win the game with a little over 2 minutes left and a 25 point deficit to make up.

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