Memories of Saints beatings haven’t faded for Giants


Last year’s loss to the Saints wasn’t the last one before they went on their Super Bowl run.

It was just the worst.

Giants players winced this week recalling last year’s 49-24 thrashing at the hands of the Saints.

It was definitely embarrassing,” wide receiver Victor Cruz said, via Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger. “Whenever you get beat like that it’s never a good feeling. You never get a good taste in your mouth. But we knew we just had to keep pressing forward. We couldn’t dwell on it too much and we had to keep going. Look at the tape, correct our mistakes and keep pushing forward.

“So it definitely wasn’t a good feeling. Hopefully we can do something to change that this year.”

Defensive end Osi Umenyiora recalled going to get X-rays on his ankle, and coming back to find out the Saints scored “like four or five touchdowns in that span.”

Guard Chris Snee said he hadn’t even broken a sweat before the Saints had rolled to a huge lead.

That’s why motivation won’t be a problem this time through, such that they don’t develop a convenient case of amnesia beforehand.

“I want to forget about that game because they kicked the [crap] out of us,” defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said.

Considering their previous trip to the Superdome also resulted in a beatdown — a 48-27 loss which snapped their five game win streak to start the season in 2009 — the Giants are glad to be hosting this one in hopes of a new result.

7 responses to “Memories of Saints beatings haven’t faded for Giants

  1. The final score in this one will be much closer than the previous two games results. Last possession decider, the field goal kickers better be ready.

  2. I’m waiting to see what giants are gonna be at MetLife.if its the giants from san fransisco game or green bay game then I don’t care who we are playing! When we are at our best we are better than anyone else’s best! Problem is you never know! That’s the problem with being a giants fan! But if there’s anything I’ve learned is to never sell them short this is a team to play up to and that makes us as dangerous as anyone!!!

  3. No fast track, Saints are a completely different team. Plus it will be raining. I am not worried about the Giants. They know they are at risk of missing the playoffs entirely if they lose this game. Fewell will dial up his classic big game schemes.

  4. Clearly we don’t have the Lbs to match up with Sproles and Graham this week and Brees seems to have our number.

  5. I don’t think that it’s as cut and dry that we don’t have the lb’s to match up.mto me it’s more about the fact that the guys we have haven’t stayed healthy! Jaquan Williams is as fast as a lb as you could need! He’s actually a hybrid lb/safety and can cover te’s well but he has missed so much time! I think mr.wright is right! Fewell will dial up back against the wall d and I believe gilbride will be far less pedestrian with his play calling! However Hakeem nicks is a huge factor! If he can be ready he can be x factor against this highly suspect saints defense! In my opinion this will more than likely be a shoot out ! Hopefully our defense can do just enough to give Eli the edge! We need the offense we know we have! The one that assassinated the packers 2 weeks ago!

  6. saints win over the giants as usual…giants secondary and LBs cant match up with the saints skill position players…because of this that front four usually dont have the chance to pressure brees…and if u dont pressure brees, he get 400 yards and a 50 burger pretty quickly..just ask the pats

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