Polamalu says he could have handled calf injury better


Troy Polamalu sounds contemplative about his future, but he sounds certain he could have missed less time if he and the Steelers had handled his calf injury differently.

After injuring his calf in the opener, he came back prior to the Oct. 7 game against the Eagles by practicing fully for three days the week before. He reinjured himself, though he said it was a different muscle, and missed the next seven games.

This time, he’s taking plenty of time. He hasn’t practiced yet this week, but will today and is expected to start Sunday against the Chargers.

I think it was a better game plan going into the last game than it was going into the Philadelphia game where I injured myself,” Polamalu said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Polamalu was listed as a full participant last week, but didn’t necessarily take all the snaps. He was also in and out of the Ravens game.

“I was limited in a way in terms of repetitions and the game plan as far as practice was concerned throughout the week,” Polamalu said.

He also said missing so much time has given him a new view of the game, saying it “just kind of reinforces the perspective that maybe I didn’t appreciate as much as I used to.

“My plans are always the same. When you live day to day you can’t talk years, you can’t talk weeks, you can’t talk months. I just try to deal with the present.”

Of course, if he and the team had handled the past differently, he might be present on the field a little more in the future.

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  1. One thing that has always bothered me is the manner in which the Steelers have always handled Troy. I understand he a very unique and special talent that comes around once every 20 years. That being said they grant him creative license to do as he pleases when it comes to his injuries and training. Sometimes you have to protect a player from himself and the fact that troy plays the way he does (some would say reckless) the team should make sure that he is completely healthy before they let him near a football.

  2. @myroncopesflask

    Troy used to train in the offseason on his own in California… but the past few seasons has done it in Pittsburgh… So I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  3. Actually this year is the only time he trained with the team in a while. Some say his workout regime is the reason for most of his injuries.

  4. He was in pittsburgh when the steelers worked out but he used his own training methods. There is no difference if he is in PA or CA. He trains in a completely different way than other football players. I understand his ways of training have allowed him to a physical speciman but they are well documented as not being very good for preparing the body for the physical contact that comes with football.

  5. Ravens can’t beat the Steelers or Patriots in the playoffs… Fact

    The best QB in Ravens history is Trent Dilfer… Fact

  6. An NFL player’s body is a multi-million-dollar asset that belongs to him but has been licensed to a team. Since his livelihood depends on it, he should be able to devise his own nutrition and workout regimen. Jerry Rice’s notorious workouts kept him at the top of the game for years. But … since an NFL team has contracted for the exclusive use of that body, their doctors and trainers should be able to sign off on a player’s program. I have a friend who wound up getting an organ transplant because of his bizarre diet. Just because a player thinks his way is healthy doesn’t mean that’s the case.

    With Terrell Suggs returning in record time from a torn Achilles, it does seem Troy has been recovering very slowly from a calf injury that didn’t involve a tear.

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