ProFootballTalk: Should NFL eliminate kickoffs?

People are causing an uproar due to Roger Goodell’s crusade to eliminate kickoffs. Peter King tells those doubters they’re wrong and here’s why.

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1 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Should NFL eliminate kickoffs?

  1. (1) The NFL is being sued for gargantuan sums of money for its alleged concealment of the risks.

    (2) So now that the NFL’s backside is on the line, it goes without saying that the NFL is very concerned about the adverse monetary impact at stake.

    (3) So Goodell (i.e., the NFL) is assuming a reactionary posture, and going to the other extreme to portray the League as having the primary concern of player health and welfare — when really, the NFL’s primary concern is their own health and welfare.

    (4) So by levying heavy fines and suspensions on the players themselves for real or perceived violations — they are building a body of evidence that will deflect blame from themselves and instead, will point to player on player crime as the culprit for immediate and long-term health consequences.

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