Report: Cards fine Dockett $200,000

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Whatever Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett did to safety Kerry Rhodes, it was enough to result in a very significant sanction from the organization.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the team has fined Dockett $200,000 for conduct detrimental to the team.

Though that’s still more than $60,000 less than a single game check for Dockett, it’s an incredibly significant punishment.

Breer and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (should we now call them Rapopobreer?) also report that the NFLPA already has filed a grievance challenging the punishment.  Which means that the thing Dockett allegedly (or actually) did to merit the fine eventually will become known.

So far, the Cards have kept the specific misconduct under wraps.  We’ve reported that Dockett spit/spat/whatever in Rhodes’ face.  Rhodes has denied that Dockett supplied any saliva, but the magnitude of the fine suggests that something heinous (or, as the prosecutor in My Cousin Vinny would say, high-a-nus) went down after Dockett objected to the plan to let the Jets score late in Sunday’s game in the hopes of giving the Cardinals a chance at tying the game.  (In Dockett’s defense, there was no way in hell that Ryan Lindley was going to lead the Cards on a touchdown drive.)

Dockett’s Twitter page indicates that he strongly disagrees with the fine, even though he previously has apologized to Rhodes.  Based on the messages from others that Dockett has opted to “retweet,” it can be inferred that he is confirming indirectly that Dockett was accused of spitting at Rhodes, along with the amount of the fine.

Regardless of how this all plays out, it’s possible that Dockett’s relationship with the Cardinals has been permanently fractured.  He remains under contract to the team through 2014.

43 responses to “Report: Cards fine Dockett $200,000

  1. Anybody wanna bet that this goof doesn’t learn his lesson and still can’t get it through his thick skull that there are plans that need to be followed?

    Outside of the fact that spitting in another man’s face {especially a team mate who you go to war with} is just down right as low as you can go.

  2. I believe that the point is being missed here.

    Spitting on your own team mate is not the worst of what Dockett did – It was his blatant refusal to follow the teams expressed game plan .
    What if a running back refused to run out of bounds at the end of a game to preserve the clock – expressing that he didn’t want to hurt his per carry avg. ?

    Team mates fight amongst each other all the time in the NFL – and it’s almost always handled internally – w/o fines .

    Dockett is being fined for insubordination – not spitting.

  3. The Cardinals should have fined him whatever the max is they legally can, and then trade this loser.

    And to the rest of the teams that need a potential decent player, they should trade for him at a discounted price, and then teach him how to be a winner!

    But he still needs to be put on a realistic contract because he is way overpaid and can’t justify his current salary level.

  4. The fine isn’t so much for spitting, the fine is because he deliberately didn’t do what the coaches told the defense to do. At the end of the game, they were told to let the Jets score a TD, so the Cardinals could get the ball back and possibly go down and tie the game. Dockett refused to do it.

    In the end, the Jets didn’t score and just ran out the clock, Arizona never got a chance to go tie it up.

    Not that they would have been able to, but a 1% chance beats a 0% chance.

  5. Wouldn’t a penalty this big create more bad blood between franchise and player? Seems kind of heavy handed (unless they were planning to cut him anyway.) Ouch.

  6. He would probably be better off accepting the fine than let his name continue to get dragged through the mud and exposing what he did to deserve the fine. This could potentially alter his next contract and no amount of money will change the perception of him as this lingers on…

  7. Although I don’t agree with him spitting in his own teammates face, I do agree with him not wanting to let the Jets score. Their Defense was the only chance they had, that offense is atrocious.

  8. and he singlehandedly stopped them from scoring. Needs a raise not a fine.

    if they didn’t need him they would suspend him a game. Whole league is fine fine fine. someone spits in a teammates face, stay home next week.

  9. He’s a moron who thinks he is playing a game and that anyone cares about his pride.

    You’re an employee you idiot, and you do what you’re told.

  10. Wow.. 4-0 start has transformed into a dumpster fire. Probably too many wins for Geno, and I’m not sure fans would be excited about another 1st round USC QB who may not be worthy of a top 12 pick.

  11. I don’t know how big Kerry Rhodes is, but I sure didn’t see a report about DD’s nose being broken…. I don’t care how much bigger, some guy spits in your face, you punch that guys lights out… That’s one of the most disrespectful things you can possibly do…. just sayin….

  12. $200k does sound a bit much but I would bet this isn’t his first time he’s been a problem. For him to treat another person as he did says a lot about the kind of person he is or is not. Serves him right.

  13. Good thing he didn’t throw his gum at him.
    Then he would have been charged with assault and then a lawsuit would have followed.

  14. Wow. A kick to the cranberries on Thanksgiving is worth only 30k. I can’t imagine what would cause a 200k fine.

  15. 200 Large ! BOOM !!

    The Whizenator layeth the smacketh down ! For a guy that makes millions , that’s almost enough to piss him off . Now he can sit on the bench this Sunday and enjoy watching his team get their butts kicked in the feezing cold rain in Seattle .

    Yes Virginia , there is a Santa Claus ..

  16. Dockett was trying to WIN the game! The Cards are a joke. They are laying down. He ain’t no ‘goof” — he’s a mean, nasty Pro Football player and he’s killed my Seahawks over the years, especially Matty H. Hope he’s suspended for this Sunday!


  17. He must have watched how great that “let them score” strategy went for my team in SB 46 😦
    I believe that all great defenses do need some “crazy” in them, but Dockett takes it too far.

  18. Docket is a beast and he plays the game the way it should be played!!! 100% for 60 min not just for 58 min and then give up!! I think the Cardinals players should fine the organization for giving the players and fans such a terrible offensive line!!! #teamnine-oh #firewhiz

  19. thestrategyexpert says:

    “The Cardinals should have fined him whatever the max is they legally can, and then trade this loser.”

    Please trade him to the Texans, then. They need a stud DT who plays all 3 downs and can get to the QB.

  20. This clown has also been accussed by opponents of spitting in their faces. I recall Chris Samuels had an issue of it a couple of seasons ago and for lack of proof nothing was done, atleast off the field.

    Good to see that the issue surfaced in such an ugly way. $200k is nothing to what this guy has lost in free agency value.

  21. Cards front office trying to divert attention away from their inept management. Dockett is the heart and soul of their defense. He’s just frustrated with the losing and that godawful offense. No way in hell Lindley mounts a comeback. Outside of Fitz and Wilson he’s been their best player for the last 10 years. Way to go Cardinals you are who we thought you were. Fire Rod Graves and every coach associated with the offense. The offense looks pretty bland without Boldin and Todd Haley kicking butt. On second thought Whiz needs to be drop kicked also. Promote Ray Horton before he leaves. Our defense hasn’t looked this good in the last 40 years. The only positive to all of this is the Cardinals will get a top 5 draft pick. We just need a G.M. that knows what he’s doing!

  22. How can you say they want to win more than send a message, when they yanked Skelton in favor of the worst QB I’ve ever seen, in three games they could have/should have won? There has to be more to the story than what has been reported.

  23. As a Cardinals fan, I am offended by this outrageously large fine levied against Darnell Dockett. What more is management going to do to alienate the players? Is Whisenhunt’s ego so fantastically large that to complain about his coaching buys you an absurdly-high fine?

    Let’s just get rid of Whisenhunt and Graves and start over with Horton.

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