Stephen Jones: Ownership never wavered on Romo


During the team’s 3-4 start, when Tony Romo was on the wrong side of the touchdown-interception ratio (9-13), many people doubted the Cowboys quarterback.

Now that things have turned around (10 touchdowns and two picks in the last five games), more people are coming around, but any doubts that existed weren’t within the Cowboys administration, according to Cowboys administration.

I know everybody was critical and Tony was critical of himself,” team vice president and son-of-owner Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “He wants to do better and not have those turnovers. It’s not a good recipe for winning But we have never doubted — not Jerry [Jones] or myself have ever doubted Tony Romo. There has been no one in the organization at the ownership level that has doubted Tony Romo even in games where we have struggled.”

The younger Jones said the reason the Cowboys have won so many comeback games is that they’ve taken on Romo’s personality.

“He is a battler,” Jones said. “There have been other quarterbacks where their championship success has come later in their careers. I think that is probably what is going to happen with Tony because he has all the skills and all the ability in the world to win championships.

“I think it will happen to him like Brett Favre and John Elway who won their championships in the twilight of their careers.”

The Cowboys keep trotting out such lofty comparisons, but Romo needs to win a second playoff game before anyone starts assuming a first championship, much less multiples.

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  1. He does realize that Favre was drafted in ’91 and won a Super Bowl in the ’95-’96 season? That would seem to hardly count as “the twilight of [his] career.”

  2. “I think it will happen to him like Brett Favre and John Elway who won their championships in the twilight of their careers.”

    Favre was 27 when he won his lone championship. That was hardly the twilight of his career.

  3. Favre won his ring early in his career, not in his twilight. There is literally no similarity at all between the Elway and Favre with regard to their titles. In fact, Favre’s back-breaking turnovers are what killed his teams’ chances of winning titles in the twilight of his career.

  4. Enjoy 3rd or 4th place in the NFC East for the next decade Dallas. In the meantime, the Redskins will surpass your 5 trophies in the next 5 years or so and become the center of the football world.

  5. Everybody that the Cowboys ownership backs fails to win playoff games. Jerry and his son patting themselves on the back for putting together a team that will end up with a .500 record is about as par for the course in Big “D” as it gets. Pathetic & laughable how delusional they are…….

  6. Brett Favre won Super Bowl XXXI in his sixth NFL season. I don’t see how that is considered “in the twilight of his career”.

  7. 60+ pass attempts without a run game single handedly kept us in the game against redskins.
    Less than 30 pass attempts with a run game 10-10 with 3 TD in the second half against sheagles. If there’s anyone holding this team together it’s Tony.
    Haters your opinion is irrelevant.

  8. Well said. Just win one game that counts, any game in the post season, and he just might join the conversation. Maybe.

  9. Guy is a 50/50 QB, nothing new, this is how he is every season, Why do people start the Romo bandwagon back up everytime he is on the good side of 50/50. ROMO = NO SUPER BOWL RING that simple, DFW for the end of Romo 2013
    Please Please retire PLEASE !!!!!! Great stats go out on stats top !!

  10. Everyone rips Romo, but given where the Cowboys have drafted over recent years and the limited availability of good free agent QBs, I dont really see how they could have moved on to someone else considering there hasnt been many good options available to the cowboys… Unless im missing something

  11. Here’s hoping that the Jones’ confidence never wavers. I need ten more years’ worth of Romo. He is my favorite Cowboy of all-time. Also, I need Stephen Jones for decades with his remarkable attention to detail in all things football. Brett was lucky to win the Super Bowl in the “twilight” of his 6th year and then wrap it up with zero titles over the next 14 years – the longest twilight in NFL history. Easy to get confused given that Stephen watched the flickering twilight of his father’s football career fade to black in 1995. Hail!

  12. “Stephen Jones: Ownership never wavered on Romo”

    Thats why the cowboys are a threat to no one! Keep romo…we love it! (garrett helps too!)

  13. Romo stinks. I just don’t get why these people who support him are trying their DARNDEST to make everyone blinded to how bad this guy is.

  14. @truthfactory…..

    list of decent QBs DAL has had the chance to draft over the last two years that they’ve passed up

    Ryan Tannehill
    Brandon Weeden
    Russell Wilson
    Blaine Gabbert
    Christian Ponder
    Andy Dalton
    Colin Kaepernick

  15. Romo is a good QB, very productive at times. Unfortunately he is nowhere near a upper echelon QB, too many mistakes…

  16. Well maybe they should. the guy is a choke machine, king of the garbage time stats. Have fun fighting over the scraps that the skins allow you to have for the next 12-15 years. This is Rg3’s league now. You’re just allowed to hang out here.

  17. Romo is a good starting QB, especially considering the guy was an undrafted free agent. He’s got a bit of a gunslinger mentality, and is willing to toss a bad pick. However, with nothing in the way of a running game or offensive line, and a constant lack of defense it is kind of tough to pin all of Dallas’ playoff woes on him.

  18. dezbryant says:
    Dec 7, 2012 12:59 PM
    Unless you get RG3 you must build up a half-way decent offensive line and a running game before you can start judging how good Tony Romo truly is.

    Maybe – then again, Green Bay is ranked 21 in rushing – not all that great 3.9 YPC to Dallas’s 3.6

    Tony’s been sacked 28 times.

    Compared to Rodger’s being sacked 39 times.

    Too often I see fan’s looking to throw the line under the bus stating “No one could play behind that line” – I’d guess Aaron would love to have 10 less sacks to see what’s what when it comes to winning.

    There’s nothing wrong in admitting that your QB isn’t the guy he needs to be. Only so many CAN be elite.

  19. I’m a die hard Cowboys fan, but even I know that there isn’t a QB alive that could consistently win behind that O Line


    Big Ben has been winning for years behind a line that’s been far worse than anything Dallas has ever seen.

  20. I love the Romocoaster. Just enough talent to tease with his potential so that he won’t be replaced, but not enough consistency to ever make a playoff run. Perfect for keeping them at .500, where they are in no danger of having a few good drafts back to back that could bring them into contention. Guaranteed mediocracy and continued irrelevance — a perfect fate for them. Please resign Romo to a lengthy contract so it can continue as long as possible.

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