Tramon Williams whacked with fine for whacking Toby Gerhart


Cornerback Tramon Williams is the latest member of the Packers to get hit with a hefty fine for a hit during a game.

The NFL has confirmed that Williams has been fined $21,000 for a hit on Vikings running back Toby Gerhart that was deemed unnecessary roughness. Williams was penalized for the hit in the Packers’ 23-14 victory, which occurred when Gerhart was trying to catch a pass down the sideline and Williams delivered a blow that made contact with Gerhart’s helmet. Coach Mike McCarthy went nuts about the call on the sideline and Williams said earlier this week that he would appeal a fine if the NFL issued one because he doesn’t know what to do differently.

Four Packers players have been fined $78,000 for hits this season and we’ve heard similar complaints from them after the previous fines. Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wrote a piece this week quoting several Packers expressing their dismay at the system in place in the NFL. One of the beefs Dunne mentions is that the team believes refs are too quick to throw flags on hits that look bad without being illegal.

They aren’t the only team making complaints along those lines, which doesn’t make it any more likely that they’ll be changing any time soon.

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  1. I’d rather see Tramon play more aggressive than passive. He’s been really up and down for like the last…18+ games? If he catches the occasional flag I’d rather that than giving up the easy cheap receptions all afternoon.

  2. I saw that game and was surprised with McCarthy’s reaction. The replay clearly showed helmet to helmet contact. You can complain but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow the rules. I was even more shocked with the crowd reaction AFTER seeing the replay. I can understand booing before seeing it…

  3. His helmet made contact with Gerhart’s helmet. That’s all it takes these days. He wasn’t using his helmet as a weapon. But just like probably 50 other players this year, he’s gonna have to pay a fine for simply trying.

  4. I’m a huge Packers fan and I knew that the flag and a fine were both coming the second I saw the hit. Was clearly helmet to helmet.

  5. What he should do differently to avoid the penalty and the fine is not hit the receiver in the head with his head… complicated it isn’t…

  6. That’s crap. I’m a Vikings fan too. Ponder lofted that ball like a girl and Toby adjusted to catch it. If ponder would have put nfl caliber velocity on that ball his wide open receiver wouldn’t have had to make an awkward catch. He was about 10 yards open when the ball was thrown. Fine Ponder instead.

  7. When will the refs start calling RBs for blows to the head when RBs lower their heads to plow thru defenders? Why no flag for using a stiff arm? Hard to argue thats not a blow to the head.

  8. Are the Packers the whiniest team in football? I think so. They need to put on their big boy pants, accept the consequences for their actions and quit the incessant whining about EVERYTHING.

  9. Its to the point the the NFL just sees this as added revenue. The players just just have a added fund for fines in their contracts to balance out the fines. Some of this I understand… their are some crooked players out there however they are fining good players as well as bad just for the revenue. If its truly for players saftey they give the money to the injured players, or a chartiy thats worth giving.

  10. The team is officially changing its name to the Green Bay Choirboys — and their colors to white and white.

    Then try to fine ’em!

  11. Where did my previous comment go? In any event, the NFL doesn’t see a penny of it’s fine money. It actually goes back to former players and other charities thru NFL Charities. That being said, the hit was bad. My immediate reaction was “that’s gonna be a huge fine!” and thought McCarthy’s reaction was foolish at best…the fans as well. Ponder should have thrown the ball like he has a pair though. Could’ve been a nice catch and run if the ball was placed better and had some velocity.

  12. rgledz says:
    Dec 7, 2012 7:14 PM
    “Dirty team with a crybaby coach. Plain and simple.”
    whiny commentor with nothing to add to the conversation.

  13. manilovethepftcensors says:
    Dec 7, 2012 6:57 PM
    The only important question is what does thetokyosandbuster think about this? I’m sure he’ll be around to complain and whine any minute.


    I complain and whine as frequently as the Lions and Vikings win Super Bowls.

    Glad to see you know what you’re talking about!

  14. all i know is reggie white and all the old school football players are rolling over in there graves at the display of what they call football anymore…

  15. So now all of the other teams are suddenly on board with the fact that refs are throwing flags simply because a hit looks too hard, or because a player lays on the ground a little longer, and they also think the fine system is unfair? Sounds like exactly the same thing the steelers said 3 years ago but everyone said the steelers were dirty and deserved those fines, and suspensions. It was only a matter of time before those penalties and fines got around to your favorite team and your favorite players. I could almost live with the new safety rules if they were administered consistently, but they are all over the map with what’s called, how much the fines are, and who gets suspended. The worst part is every time a player gets find, it’s ammunition for the band wagoners to claim that player is “dirty”.

  16. I am a huge Pack fan, and while watching this play with friends, I said “watch for the flag…here it comes,” and it came. Great call. By the standards they are trying to establish, these guys have to be trained how to hit. It isn’t the “old days” anymore. These players have melons that need to be left intact. It was an illegal hit, plain and simple. I guarantee you any player or coach that watches that play will concur…”don’t hit by leading with your head.” Got it? REMEMBER IT.

  17. Hey TW, next time don’t lead with your helmet, that’s what you can do different. I don’t see Griffen cryin’ about he BS call that took away the ball and cost him $21k

  18. this is a league wide issue… every team has had a problem with the way these calls are being made… much like the issues with disputed calls, we hear more about these issues with and/or from the Packers than other team… this has more to the fact that the Packers are relevant than Packer players complaining any more than other teams players… I say keep talking about the Packers America!!! GO PACK GO!!!

  19. So if Gerhart takes a handoff and he gets hit in the head, it is legal. But because he caught a pass, there is a flag and a fine?? Sounds illogical.

  20. At this rate , the Packers total fines will equal James Harrision’s fines for last year. They should call Rodney Harrision. At lease he was a man and admitted that every year he would put $ 50,000 aside for fines as part of doing business. Want real news, go to the Police Blotter.

  21. I’m a Packer fan and while it didn’t look like their was ill intent, his helmet did hit Gerharts.

    Plus there’s not much room for complaint after the moronic roughing call on the Vikes that overturned a key INT.

  22. The funny thing is it was probably 50/50 that he was going to catch it.
    And if I remember correctly, I believe the ref described the penalty as hitting a defenseless receiver, not a helmet to helmet hit….which is even more mindblowing.

  23. A guy leaping into the air to try to break up a pass going to a larger player probably doesn’t have “Now is my helmet going to hit his helmet?” at the top of his thought process that very moment.

  24. Personally I hate the packers BUT I give them credit for playing the ONLY game the dirt bag Lions know how to play. the Lions always play dirty and when the packers play the Loins they play dirty with them. Truthfully I wish Chicago would do the same but they dont.

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