Brandon Jacobs mad he’s not playing, rips fans who criticize him

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San Francisco running back Brandon Jacobs is angry that he’s not getting much playing time with the 49ers, and he doesn’t care if you criticize the way he goes about expressing that.

Jacobs, who previously tweeted about hating his boss but then claimed he wasn’t actually talking about coach Jim Harbaugh or anyone else with the 49ers, returned to Twitter on Saturday and acknowledged that he’s mad that his playing time in San Francisco has consisted of just five carries for seven yards in two games. And Jacobs also ripped fans who have criticized him for complaining about his playing time.

“I don’t understand why people are angry at me because I wanna do what I am paid to do, I am a competitive person, I think people should be mad if I didn’t wanna play, but I forgot the people that’s pissed they don’t have a athletic bone and their body,” Jacobs wrote.

Jacobs also addressed a comment he made on Instagram, where he posted a picture of himself celebrating winning the Super Bowl last season with the Giants. Asked by a fan why he didn’t post any 49ers pictures on Instagram, Jacobs responded that he has had a terrible year in San Francisco and therefore has nothing to celebrate.

“I am on this team rotting away so why would I wanna put any pics up of anything that say niners this is by far the worst year I ever had, I’ll tell you like I told plenty others,” Jacobs wrote on Instagram.

Jacobs sure doesn’t sound like he wants to be a 49er. Given how little he has contributed to the team this season, and how well the 49ers have played without him on the field, it wouldn’t be surprising if the 49ers decide to oblige Jacobs and cut him.

72 responses to “Brandon Jacobs mad he’s not playing, rips fans who criticize him

  1. Hey stupid did you really think you were gonna start over Gore? Bet the 49ers cant wait to part ways with you either.

  2. 1) Shut the F*$& up
    2) Be happy you are still collecting a big pay check
    3) You may actually get another SB ring this year (and if you were actually a team player, you may get a few snaps in the playoffs)

  3. “but I forgot the people that’s pissed they don’t have a athletic bone and their body,” Jacobs wrote.

    By the same token, sounds like he doesn’t have a literary cell in his brain.

    How do some of these guys even get into college? Wow.

  4. I don’t know what he was expecting to begin with. Between Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter you’re not going to get too many carries, unless your name is Adrian Peterson.

  5. I can see why Jacobs is angry, but this reaks of being a bad teammate. It was his choice to sign with a team that he probably didn’t like and already had Gore, Hunter. He’s got to stop from turning into Shaun Alexander(Soft), tip toeing around the LOS and starting running hard again. He can try to revive his career next year, and I hope he does. It’s fun watching this beast run angry

  6. He was obviously signed as insurance. It’s surprising he didn’t or doesn’t realize that and unfortunate that he’s being such a bitch about it while getting paid well. Randy Moss has gotten a lot fewer reps than expected as well and you don’t hear him bitching. The team is very deep and he should know that Harbaugh will accept absolutely no behavior which isn’t team oriented. He needs to get a hold of himself or Harbaugh will just cut him just like he cut Braylon Edwards last year.

  7. “but I forgot the people that’s pissed they don’t have a athletic bone and their body.”

    Maybe he’s not playing because you have to be kinda smart too.

  8. I can’t say I totally disagree with him but this is pretty poor timing with hunter hurt and gore getting banged I would have thought this would have been a good opportunity to try Jacobs out. I Havent really heard anything about the reason for not using him more but it seems foolish but this is definitely not the way to get your self more play time.

  9. I don’t like Brandon Jacobs but this is one of the things I hate about the NFL. Teams sign players and literally let them rot away and now his career is pretty much done, because who would want a late 20’s slow RB who hasn’t played in a season?

    Baseball has a 25 man roster where they keep everyone involved and they actually trade players at the trade deadline, something that NFL teams badly need to do. Surprised he even made it out of camp as they had 5 RB’s but after how things went the first few weeks or so, why not trade him and show a little class?

    Then again, Denver could have gotten rid of Moreno but after he rotted away for weeks, they needed him to be a workhorse and he was. Still, I don’t get it.

  10. He’s always been outspoken but hpnestly. He wants to contribute and that’s better than someone who just collects a payday to sit on the bench and not play.

  11. Funny but I bet this guy would be back-up to atelast a half dozen or so RB’s…Just off the top of my head….Gore, Lynch, Peterson, Foster, Johnson, Richardson…and more.

    Too bad Harblow wasn;t smart enough to trade him to GB before the deadline. Might’ve gotten a 7th rounder for him.

  12. I’m not a fan about Jacobs but he wants to play. I don’t agree with the way hes handling the situation but I give him props for actually wanting to play instead of saying I have 2 SB rings and i have plenty of money so why not just sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

  13. Brandon was a good back for the Giants. Truth is that this year he hasn’t so much failed as he’s just not been used. He’s a heavy back that can yield good returns, especially late in the game against a tired defense.

  14. They won’t cut him because the Giants would pick him up in two seconds. The Giants are hurting for a goal line running back, and Jacobs could provide a LIMITED amount of inside info on SF’s offense in the event of a playoff matchup. He may not be great, but the Giants know he’s still better than Kregg Lumpkin and Ryan Torain. I don’t see an upside for SF letting him walk back to NY and play against them in January.

  15. Niners won’t cut him… Based on the fact they’re currently relying on Kregg Lumpkin as a 3rd down back, I would think the Giants would definitely bring Jacobs back if he were cut loose. I’m sure the Niners don’t want to do the Giants any favors this late in the season.

  16. I mean I can see why Jacobs is frustrated. He was saying a lot of great things about the 49ers and especially Harbaugh when he first signed here, about how he has a coach who “understands” him. Clearly Harbaugh sold him on a role he would be happy with. Obviously things changed when he got injured, but he’s been healthy for awhile now and you’d figure he’d have some type of role. Even with Hunter out for the season it still doesn’t appear like he’s in Harbaugh’s plans. You can say he sucks however much you want but the 49ers wanted his services. And now until the last couple games he wasn’t even suiting up. I’m a Niner fan but Harbaugh should have known that wasn’t going to fly with Jacobs ego. Like who didn’t see this coming?

  17. More importantly I don’t know why grown men react like utter children when they hear another man respond honestly to a question. Just brings more up evidence to conclude that the league and people in general now are soft.

  18. When they signed Jacobs, they said it was for his short-yardage ability. Remember last year they had so much trouble in the red zone and on the third downs? I remember being really impressed that they went out and got something they needed as a complement to Gore’s big play ability. You can’t really say he “sucks” or he’s “washed up” when he hasn’t been allowed to play at all (two games, five carries).

    It’s a bummer this is coming out now like this when they’ve lost Hunter and are short-handed. I want to see LaMichael James, but a rookie RB in Week 13 to go with the inexperienced QB and maybe a rookie WR, too–yikes. We’ve gone in three weeks from “Super Bowl contender” to “rebuilding year.” How did that happen?

  19. What a dumbass. You have a great chance at getting a ring, the team your on is super run heavy, and your the backup RB. Your an ankle sprain, hammy pull etc. from being the lead back on a team primed for a SB run. Not to mention you get PAID. People like him make pro athletes look bad….

  20. I’m surprised they have such a vet playing so little and inactive on the roster. Generally that’s the role of the young guys and if they are activated, people that could play special teams. That’s why these WRs like T.O., Chad, for a long time Plax and now Braylon couldn’t find jobs… If they can’t start, they’re not worth much as a backup who won’t play special teams.

  21. I can understand his irritation with not playing, it would suck just sitting on the sideline watching everyone else make big plays.

    But as an Oregon fan, I hope they play LaMichael over him.

  22. Dixon > Jacobs too. They both tap dance behind the line but at least when Boobie does hit the hole he has explosiveness.

  23. He needs to take a look at how Smith is handling his situation. A much larger injustice. Jacobs is an idiot for signing with a yam that already has a star running back.

  24. He should be cursing out his agent. He is the idiot that signed with a team with 5million runningbacks. When he signed with them it never made sense to me. What an idiot!!

  25. Guy’s a football player who wants to play football. You show me a running back who doesn’t want to run the ball. I’d be frustrated too, so would all of you.

  26. Jacobs is one of those clowns who just can’t help himself. He has to yap, especially when he’s pissed off. He always comes off as the total idiot that he is.

  27. Wasnt he hurt most of the year? This guy is a rotten joke. He should be happy the team is winning. TEAM. Selfish sack of crap.
    They should cut him the day before the super bowl, if they make it.

  28. I understand the criticism of his remarks/attitude, of course. However, if he weren’t complaining about not playing, then I’m sure a lot of people would be complaining about how he’s lazy and just wants to get paid $1.5 million to sit and collect his check. he gets paid like a guy who should be contributing. Some UDFA rookie could have his seat on the bench for 1/4 the price.

  29. He would be 3rd string on the worst teams this year. Chiefs have Charles and Hillis, Jags have a couple studs. Even the Brownies wouldn’t need or want his services. I hope this is a scheme to make teams think they are divided. Otherwise, use the cry baby or deactivate him for the season. Put him on ir and give Glenn Coffee a call.

  30. Jacobs stopped being good a few seasons ago. Problem started when Bradshaw went down and they started using Jacobs on Bradshaw type runs (sweeps and what not). Seems Brandon got it in his head he was a bigger version of Bradshaw. He’s not. He is a north/south runner who needs a few steps to get going.
    But hey, he went to the money and deserves what he has gotten.

  31. I mean, I’m sure it is hard, as a RB you only have so many good years. A wasted year is a big deal. It’s what? at least one tenth of your career pretty much? Even if he is earning money….he’s right, it is good to see it’s about more than just being on a roster for him.

  32. I think we all understand his frustration but that’s no excuse to make it public. If he ever wants another shot, this isn’t helping.

  33. I’ll take him back on the Giants. The guy is all heart and intensity. Plus he’ll be useful in NY.

  34. This sheds a bit of light on Baalke’s comments on Lamichael James. Jacobs, come to terms with the fact that you are GORE insurance, not Hunter insurance. Gore is healthy, you are not playing. Period.

  35. Once again the Giants and Jerry Reese prove to know exactly when to let a player walk. How’s Manningham working out for that money? Instead of just staying with a championship team in a defined role, these guys went for the dollars. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but sometimes it’s better to stay somewhere and build on success.

  36. Brandon is a Giant,in his heart and I hope they bring him back,he was the mustard to a hamburger and brought toughness to the running game.

  37. Brandon
    We still love you in the house of Champions

    Hamburger signed you to get the insite on the team that beat him and won it all.

    I remember a younger Brandon who would send D players to the side lines

    You will always be a Giant Brandon and you will also have what no one under the age of 50 has
    Two Super Bowl Rings

  38. Jacob’s style is to put his head down and bawl over tacklers as oppose to trying to avoid hits usually is a recipe for a short NFL career. Jacobs should be happy because his not playing should extends his career. Opening his mouth and sprouting foolish statements as he has done for years may also shorten his career.

  39. Don’t know why people fault him for feeling that way and how he expresses it.

    He’s a football PLAYer, not a speech writer.

  40. how about you be mad at yourself for not earning your playing time? or the fact that no other contender wanted you including the giants? you got hurt and maybe thats why you dont get playing time…. its apart of the game you big softy…you got a christian okoye body but reggie bush runs harder between the tackles than you. hell kendall hunters better between the tackles on the bad ankle… jacobs sucks they should cut him and prepare lamichael james to play.

  41. Its hard to fault him 100% – but why did he come to SF when they had Gore?? If he wanted playing time then picking another team who needed a RB would have been wise.

    Blame your agent a bit.

  42. Hey BJ – ever think that the Niners considered NYG to be one of the biggest threats to the 2012 season and decided to pay you a salary to ride their pine instead of be choice 2 or 3 with NYG – knowing that Bradshaw gets shelfed with injuries this time of year like it’s pre-printed on the calendar? Come on, you REALLY thought you were going to come in and conquer the backfield – HA! I had so much hope for you wih the G-Men, but you didn’t know how to get low and run downhill most of the time. So if/when the two teams meet in the post you might just be watching it from your couch instead of dressed in Giant blue trying to run over people. Sad.

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