Dennis Allen plans to get Terrelle Pryor some playing time

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In one of the few developments that could make the Oakland Raiders an interesting team to watch in the final weeks of the season, coach Dennis Allen says he’s planning to get backup quarterback Terrelle Pryor some playing time.

Allen stressed that he is not considering benching Carson Palmer, but he said on Friday that he believes the Raiders would be well served to put Pryor on the field and see what he can do.

“I think the biggest thing is to start getting him in a game, a little bit of game action,” Allen said, via “I’m not ready to say that he would be a starter. I think that Carson, obviously, he’s made a couple of mistakes the last couple of weeks but yet, Carson’s been one of the reasons why, specifically, earlier in the year, why we had a chance in certain games. So I’m not down on Carson at all. Obviously, we want to see some of these younger guys play.”

At this point, there’s no reason not to give a shot to Pryor, the former Ohio State star whom the Raiders acquired with a third-round pick in last year’s supplemental draft. The only question is whether they’d give him a series to play quarterback in their base offense, or whether they’d use him as a wildcat quarterback or at another position. Pryor is a good athlete who was as likely to make plays with his feet as with his arm in college.

Pryor hasn’t been on the field for a single play this season and was only on the field for one play last year, a trick play that was botched before Pryor could get the ball. With the Raiders at 3-10 and eliminated from playoff contention, Pryor ought to see some extended playing time in the Raiders’ final three games.

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  1. Other than fear of “hurting Palmer’s feeling”, why not play Pryor? We’ll probably lose out anyway, might as well enhance that pick.

    I would rather see if they can check “QB of the future” off the the lists of needs that contains every position except for “Fullback, Kicker and Punter.”

  2. Raiders without Pryor = Losers anyway

    IO have no idea why Pryor hasn’t been given at least a few perfunctory snaps or series this year. I don’t understand the “logic” of playing your first-string QB when the game is long since decided, whether you’re winning (Brady, Manning) or losing (Palmer). In particular for the Raiders, when they played at Cincinnati a few weeks ago, why NOT let Pryor play at the end of the game?

  3. It,s about time –that decision has very little if any downside. If nothing else they have to get an idea as to where they stand with their QB situation —-let’s hope that maybe–just maybe –TP could be the guy–certainly has all the physical tools but as we learned with Jamarcus that only goes so far. Looking forward to seeing what he can do.

  4. I’m a Bengals fan but I am also a huge Carson Palmer fan as well. Having watched most of the Raiders games this season (and the last 9-10 last year) I think that the Raiders should definitely use Pryor a little bit in their system. Carson doesn’t fit Knapp’s offense by any means. Carson has never been much of a bootleg passer. He isn’t good throwing the ball outside the pocket when he doesn’t get a chance to set his feet. Pryor would honestly probably do pretty well in this system.

  5. they may as well give the kid a chance and see what he can do. You can only see so much from practice

  6. Somebody fire Dennis Allen now! This has been the consenses 3 consecutive losses ago…Mark please fire Reggie and Dennis…you tried and they suck at making football decisions!

  7. Raiders + Pryor = Losers!
    Raiders aren’t losers, Al Davis was just an idiot who needed to be replaced in the end. He ruined the raiders by picking players with MAJOR character issues and they turned out to be huge busts. Jerry Jones is doing the same thing with the Cowboys he needs to hire a real GM. As for the raiders another rebuilding process must be very annoying for fans, they had some many chances over the last few years with alot of high picks to build a franchise but they couldn’t and now it will be a while until we see them in the playoffs.

  8. another thing…if Matt is that bad why sign him in the first palce? Stupid if Pryor doesn’t get the start…I know Dennis let’s be down by 4 scores first…Clown!

  9. This team needs a lot if help. Might as well throw the last games for a higher draft position. Reminds me of what Matt Millen did in Detroit. It will take a few years to get back to .500. Glad I am not a Raiders fan.

  10. I got the opportunity to see Pryor play back when he was in high school. His senior year he led both his football team and basketball team to PA state titles. It was amazing how much better he was than every other player on the field/court. In football they enacted the mercy rule in every game they played all year, even the state championship. No one could challenge him.

    He was good, but wasn’t quite as sensational in college. Then his career there ended on a bad note. Still, I say play him. I’ve always wondered what he could bring to the NFL.

  11. As a Raider fan an OSU fan, TP is a great athlete, but he can not pass the football. He had his moments. Unless he has made leaps forward, passing the football will be interesting. With that being said, this the right move. Carson is never going to be the answer at QB. Let TP play and see if Reggie can get us some players.

  12. I don’t know why teams don’t do this more.

    I know that you are often paying your starters alot of money, but what is the point of running people out who’ve already proven they can’t win, while all of your young players sit on the sideline getting zero game experience.

    I mean, I can see why the coaches do it- they are trying to save their jobs and/or pad their resumes with meaningless wins. This is the best and only argument for firing coaches during the season.

    Any team that has 4 wins or less at this point and ISN’T giving their younger players playing time is only setting themselves up for continued future failure.

  13. Keeping in mind that, depending on what the have him do, the net result could be that his trade value drops with more film on him.
    He’s likely worth more as a mystery.

  14. it’s about time…..need to see what you have with this kid now…this season is a complete joke, and waste….after you lite the stick of dynamite and blow this team up in the off season, you can at least determine whose a casualty and who is staying……..

    With that said Allen does nothing to sell tickets…shows no emotion after being blown out every game, same ol stuff in the press conference. If he is back next year, knapp better be gone, or zero chance of me renewing my season tickets….at least gruden would create a sense of “hope” , fill the house, and get rocking again…I mean if you are a freee agent, are you going to want to sign here?

  15. zurnvs says:
    Dec 8, 2012 2:48 PM
    As a Raider fan an OSU fan, TP is a great athlete, but he can not pass the football.
    funny I could have sworn he passed for almost 3000 yards his junior and final year at OSH. just fyi he threw for more yards than collin klien who is up for the heisman this year.

  16. Again, I’m just checking on that “upgrade” from Hue Jackson that I heard so much of from Raider fans that this guy would be on the eve of the season.

    Kind of funny that just as I predicted, Pryor would be warming up in the bullpen by mid-season because this new coach would be a disaster.

  17. Pryor was a typical Al Davis waste of a 3rd round draft pick. I doubt that he can be even a marginally decent QB in this league. And Pryor refuses to let the team utilize his non-QB athletic talent by switching positions.

    But I actually think that it would be a good thing to give him some series so that he can confirm to Allen & McKenzie that he’s not a viable backup. That way the team can focus on obtaining a decent #2 QB in the offseason.

    (I wish we still had Campbell or even Gradkowski)

  18. Hue Jackson? You mean Cincinnati’s assitant defensive backs coach? The team went 1-4 to end the season and choked away a playoff berth. He’s got no one else to blame but himself for the tank job and claiming he’s gonna have a hand in hiring a GM.

    With that said, Raiders aren’t trying out Pryor to start. They want to see if he’s even worth 2nd or 3rd spot at QB. I’d like to see him succeed but he had 2 good plays in the preseason and had monster problems just getting plays off in the huddle.

  19. Yes … please get this Pryor experiment started … start him and let him show the NFL why he can’t play QB …. you need a brain.

  20. Unless T Pry tucks the ball under his arm and runs, he will not be successful. When he runs he becomes BEYOND dangerous as the whole D must change to keep him from running wild. I wish him well.

  21. Not only will Pryor silence all you critics… When all is said and done, he WILL in fact have had a better career than Tim Teebow!!!

    Give the kid a chance on the field before you kill his dreams…

  22. Well said WestcoastRaider. I think AL may have gotten this one right. Dont we all wish we had an ounce of this kids resume or physical skills.
    Neither you nor I nor any of the critics on here will know until we give him a chance –which is really all we are asking for. He is an exciting prospect.
    Iv’e been around a long time and can remember in the mid 80s another physically gifted athlete who it seems EVERYONE said was a wasted pick by Al. He turned out to be maybe the most exciting Raider ever. I’m hoping in his last act Al did it again.

  23. Let’s get the QB position out of mind with Pryor. He may be better suited at WR or maybe a RB. Has any considered these positions besides QB? Give him some playing time and see what he can to and what position suites him better. Don’t let Prior dictate where he’s going to play. How many players came in the league to only be in a different playing position.

  24. As for all of the idiots bashing the Hue Jackson trade for Palmer, the price was high but Palmer is not the problem. If you’d watch the games, you’d see that Palmer’s receivers cannot catch even the best thrown ball. Palmer’s O-Line is constantly flagged for offsides and holding, leading to many 3rd and longs. Knapp’s system screwed the running game over by running a scheme that doesn’t fit the personnel. Throw in a defense that can’t stop anyone, and the pressure all falls on Palmer to bail them out. Truth is, there is little to no talent on the Raiders because of Davis’ mismanagement of the cap and poor drafting. Given Palmer’s #’s this season, he would be going to the Pro Bowl if he were on a team with a better record and supporting cast. End of story.

  25. Gregg “I want to take a” Knapp is much to boring to hike the ball to dmc, who hands it off to Marcel “XFActor” Reece, who hits Terrell over the middle with a pass….nope instead we will get a first down handoff to the right side where the player runs all east and brings us to a second and ten, where we hand off on second down and go clear to the left side where the RB runs out of bounds running west, which leads us to a 3 rd down and 10 where carsons has either the pass deflected, a pass dropped, gets sacked, gets pick off, or throws a 6 yard completion to bring up a 4th down and 4 to go …..same thing every week . wake me when this “Knapp” is over.

  26. While the Raiders have nothing to lose, I will be very surprised if Pryor can play QB in the NFL. Unless he is in an offense where passing is not important and he plays in the Wildcat. He sure can run with the football.

  27. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!

    Do I think Pryor is better than Palmer? Who knows, we havent seen Pryor on the field in a regular season game yet… Really cant be much worse… Plus a mobile QB can make up a little for a porous O-line.. Palmer stands in the pocket too long and NEVER runs with it…

    Lets see what the boy has!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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