Jaguars’ Jason Babin fined $21,000


Jason Babin’s first game with the Jaguars earned him a substantial fine.

Babin, the defensive end who was waived by the Eagles and claimed by the Jaguars, picked up a roughing the passer penalty in his first game with the Jaguars for a hit on Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The NFL has now confirmed that it fined Babin $21,000 for unnecessarily striking Fitzpatrick in the head area.

The penalty was costly for the Jaguars, as it moved the Bills from third-and-10 at the 17-yard line to first-and-goal at the 8-yard line. Buffalo scored a touchdown two plays later.

This is Babin’s third fine of the season: He was fined $15,750 in Week Three for a horse-collar tackle, and fined $15,750 in Week One for roughing Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Babin has long been a critic of the way the NFL hands out fines. Last year, after he was fined for a hit on 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, he posted on Twitter: “Attn:Guy at the NFL that decides on who and how much players get fined. Stop being a puppet, if you want to protect QB’s, get better linemen.”

If Babin isn’t careful, he may stop complaining about NFL fines, and start complaining about NFL suspensions.

25 responses to “Jaguars’ Jason Babin fined $21,000

  1. He should also be fined for the intentional elbow to the head of Fred Jackson. Jackson was tackled properly by a Jaguar and Babin came in with a full head of steam only to have his elbow crack Fred in the back of the head. He also did one of those head turns looking for a flag afterwards. The announcers caught it on replay. Fred just came back from a concussion, it was dirty.

  2. The best news is that Babin “wanted” to be signed to a GOOD team….now he’s with the Jags…going nowhere…getting fined…and with a ROTTEN team with “empty” seats as fans.

  3. Big surprise Babin is still playing like a goddamn moron. The sacks are great until he racks up a couple personal foul penalties and jumps offsides half a dozen times

  4. “if you want to protect QB’s, get better linemen”

    the eagles tried that, that’s why you’re in jacksonville… one trick pony

  5. Hey NFL. You are as pathetic as the Federal Govt.
    If you really want to stop this maiming of players, suspend them. A measly fine just adds money to the coffers of the NFL and does little to stop these hits from occurring.
    Like the Federal Government’s raisin taxes on smokes. This is a good money maker for the Federal Govt. and does litle to stop people from smoking.’

  6. What on earth is the head “area”? Von Miller gets fined for hitting Josh Freeman below the knee “area”; Babin gets fined for hitting Ryan Fitzpatrick in the head “area.” C’mon, now. You either hit these guys in the head or knees, or you don’t.

    I think eventually the knee “area” will eventually include anything below the waistline, the head “area” will include everything above the waistline, and any contact whatsoever with a quarterback will result in a fine and suspension. I’m tellin’ ya, the game is turning into women’s lacrosse, one game at a time.

  7. Doesn’t even attempt to play the run and sacks are way down from last year…just not a good d-end

  8. Blabin will soon be out the league. Blabin is a one trick pony playing in the wide nine which to me represents one of the worst schemes ever invented.

  9. I’m sure at some point now blabin will complain that the Philly fans are critical. Hence another cheap shot

  10. This is ridiculous…..He plays the game the way it has been played for years! Guys like LT, Ronnie Lott, Jack Lambert, and Dick Butkus are probably laughing at how girly this game has become.

  11. “Babin has long been a critic of the way the NFL hands out fines.”

    I’ve long been a critic of the way Babin plays in the NFL.

  12. I hate to be a repeat but, that shot to the head of Freddy Jackson… man was that wrong. Jackson just came back from a concussion and you blatantly hit him in the head? Don’t be surprised when Cordy Glenn, Andy Levitre or Eric Wood seek you out the next time Jacksonville plays Buffalo and Jacks you up.

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