Prior to tragic news breaking, Cowboys made roster move


In a stark reminder that they Cowboys are still trying to do business in the face of a tragedy, they turned in a transaction this afternoon before word got out about the death of practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown in the accident nose tackle Josh Brent was arrested for.

The Cowboys already knew they were going to be without Jay Ratliff, out for a third week with a groin strain. And with Brent in custody, they knew they needed another big body.

So they promoted nose tackle Robert Callaway from their practice squad so they’d have a healthy interior lineman tomorrow at Cincinnati, according to

Callaway was on Detroit’s practice squad last year. He’ll almost certainly be active tomorrow, since they have just four other defensive linemen on the roster, all ends.

They put cornerback Orlando Scandrick on injured reserve to make room for Callaway.

It’s a footnote to the larger story that’s happening today, but it also shows how cold the business can be sometimes.

10 responses to “Prior to tragic news breaking, Cowboys made roster move

  1. I know that the game goes on and moves need to be made, but could Jerry Jones have handled this any more callously than to make the move BEFORE Brown’s death was even announced?


    Very impersonal.

  2. Dont drink and drive. Think of how many lives have been ruined by this one incident, not to mention the tragic loss of a young man full of promise.

  3. Really what do you expect, does anyone care about anyone any more. You can’t hardly get someone to look you in the eye or say hello when you pass them. Does not surprise me at all.

  4. What did you expect them to do? The game is tomorrow for crying out loud. They are still in the middle of a playoff push and they do need someone to play nose tackle. This was a necessary move even though it is a tragedy that happened.

  5. garret u better open up that basic playbook n go to work u need put sum numbers up for that boy give his family every td ball n rob Ryan u best get that defense in the backfield all day share ur pain n put every one in a striped jersey on their back rip brown

  6. Might see, cold but life and business does go on. Had Callaway been claimed off the Cowboy’s squad by another team then they would have no interior linemen to play basically, and getting anyone else would be useless as only Callaway would have any shot at remotely knowing the playbook and game plan.

    Had to be done, and in a hurry. Sad but true.

  7. I agree jc327 and with the others defending Jerry Jones on this one (and you have no idea how hard it is to type that). Take care of business first, worry and grieve later. Waiting would have done zero good for the team and possibly some harm.

    That said, if the Bengals are smart tomorrow (something I rarely accuse the Bagels of being), they’ll do a lot of up-the-gut power running, followed by play-action.

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